FINALS! - Bloodsport 15- Guild of Golems
finals for 15 go here!
Here are my thumbnails, Character designs, and material studies... I found that this way of studying is better for me because I can concentrate more on how the materials work and apply it to my lighting... Plus it is just a sphere so I can overpaint it a couple of times very quickly before I get it right...
[Image: BS-15-rec.jpg]

And here is my final illustration... She is a puppet mistress and her golem the two-headed, four-armed puppet made out of different toys, puppets, manikins etc...
[Image: BS-15.jpg]

Hey people!
First participation in Bloodsports for me. Hope to be able to spend more time on the concept and studies in the next challenge.
I get more and more comfortable incorporating textures in my workflow. But it´s still a miracle that I finished an illustration. :D

Thanks for this awesome challenge!

[Image: bloodsport_15__guild_of_golems_by_maddagone-d61ufhm.jpg] Toothless
In my project it is about an alien planet, located in a solar system that facilitates life. Planet in its center consists mercury and iron, so its position close to the sun favored the development of life, (swamps).
The main character is a deity god mage who has the ability to give life to creatures, similar environment in which they are. These creatures are often imperfect.

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Hey guys first bloodsport here

The idea behind this is my sorcerer is able to control lightning with his will. the golem and sorcerer both have cyborg attachments which the sorcerer is able to project his lightning power through the golem. They can also see what the other is seeing and communicate with each other telepathically. had to resize coz original was too big :p

Here is the final stuff. It's a magma attribute mage and his magma/dragon golemn.

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First bloodsports I actually completed! I feel like thats an accomplishment, wish I would have had time for more studies. Sorry for the excessive files, I wasn't sure what I needed to upload and what I could have left out.

Ideation process and character sketches
[Image: 1%20-%20Ideation.jpg]

Compositional Thumbails
[Image: 2%20-%20Compositional%20Thumbnails.jpg]

Final choice between my two favorite ideas
[Image: 3%20-%20Final%20Decision.jpg]

Mood Board
[Image: 4%20-%20Final%20Decision.jpg]

[Image: 5%20-%20Studies.jpg]

Further Exploration for the Golem
[Image: 6%20-%20Further%20Exploration.jpg]


I thought the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil was a cool concept, that the sorceress had a partner/lover who helped guard the gates to Hell who was killed, and that the golem was like a dear pet to the both of them, and maybe they go off in search of revenge and fairy bread to fill the hole in their heart.. Iunno..

[Image: 7%20-%20Final.jpg]

Hi Daggers! this is my final image and my messy sketches and the refs for the brass mask of the sorcerer and her stone-golem. Hope you like it!

[Image: guildofgolemsrefs.jpg]

[Image: guildofgolems15.jpg]

Below HD version:

Good luck everyone!

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Thanks for this awesome challenge!

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Hello guys !

Here are my chara design and studies for this challenge. I did most of it on my ipad but erase them by mistake so there's not a lot of them. I hope this doesn't disqualify me...


And here is my final work.

Hope you guys like it !

did more of a sci fi alien world take this time. went to the bm to draw some african ritual things to use in the designs.

[Image: Scan%202.jpg]

[Image: jkk.jpg]

[Image: Open.jpg]

[Image: characterfinal2_905.jpg]

[Image: final2_905.jpg]

[Image: final.jpg]

Hey :)

I've chosen a witch summoning a blood golem. She has the power to control people's blood, but that consumes too much energy, so from time to time she summons the blood golem, who does the job for her.

I think I'll take a break for the next contest to focus on studying things I want for a long time.

[Image: 09_04_13_witch_sillhouetes_by_mateusrocha-d6119g7.jpg]

[Image: 10_04_13_witches_design_by_mateusrocha-d61cktg.jpg]

[Image: 12_04_13_allbloodgolemstudies_by_mateusr...61h224.jpg]

[Image: 13_04_13_golem_silhouetes_by_mateusrocha-d6298y9.jpg]

[Image: 16_04_13_golem_design_by_mateusrocha-d6298wu.jpg]

[Image: 15_04_13_witch_by_mateusrocha-d6298x3.jpg]

[Image: 15_04_13_golem_comps_by_mateusrocha-d6298xj.jpg]

Final piece:

[Image: guild_of_golems_by_mateusrocha-d62999i.jpg]

Comp, Poses and Sketches:

[Image: gxcWIGD.jpg]


[Image: k1wQOld.jpg]


[Image: rtZtEIs.jpg]
Was very low on time, still struggled through the work to take the challenge to an end. The concept is about a knight-mage with a charmed sword of fire, which allows him to cast the whole might of a battlefield into the monstrous golem-fortress, who is able to carry his master and abominate all his foes.

Studies/sketches/some reference:

I ended up not really having enough time to work on this but I really loved my idea and the subject matter was really outside of my comfort zone so I wanted to break that and branch out. I like what I came up with it just isn't as polished as I would have wanted. It definitely changed from the sketch.
Hope you guys like it!

[quote='Moba Fett' pid='31153' dateline='1366404314']
I ended up not really having enough time to work on this but I really loved my idea and the subject matter was really outside of my comfort zone so I wanted to break that and branch out. I like what I came up with it just isn't as polished as I would have wanted. It definitely changed from the sketch.
Hope you guys like it!

Hmm, pretty sure this is the CMYK version. Crap. Thought he super saturated colors do work to some degree.

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Hello everyone. It’s my first bloodsport and i like it a lot. Participating in those bloodsports it’s great opportunity to draw something new and out of comfort zone, and to see all people’s works and ideas is very inspiring also :]

My idea was that some man in India finds an ancient book on a rubbish pit and thanks to it he is able to create a golem made of rubbish and garbage.

I’m not very happy with the final result but I have learned something from it and that’s the most important:]

Wow! I'm very impressed by the turn out so far! Can't wait for the next one, hope I do a bit better then.
[Image: BS_15.png]
[Image: BS15_Studies.png]

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wheeew, everyones look pretty dang awesome i gotta say! couldn't think of anything else to do on this one so im callin' it for now, gave it my best shot and I'll hopefully do better next time. kinda sick of looking at spiders anyways :P

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Hi, it was a very good decision for me to participate in this challenge. Doing studies with purpose is sooo useful. It´s awesome to see how all the people work.
I wanted to design a royal looking sorcerer with lava element who did some kind of contract with hell creatures. I´m very weak with design, but strive forward to become better at it!

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