FINALS! - Bloodsport 15- Guild of Golems
Hello everyone! This is my studies and final piece!

Awesome stuff here, I'm really impressed! Glad I could be part of this

LODSTONE MAGNETITE - Golem and Sorcerer

[Image: 52836052.jpg]
[Image: 68867871.jpg]
[Image: 84460288.jpg]
[Image: 30834918.jpg]
[Image: 60393893.jpg]
[Image: 31989581.jpg]


First ever bloodsports entry. Thanks for the challenge
[Image: guild_of_gollems__gollem_of_fire_by_iste...62bdpr.jpg]

Finito, it was fun =D
Studies and final for my water golem and sorceress.

Teneea Edison - Lightning Mage and Electro-magenetic Engineer
Alset - Electric Entity

My entry for this Bloodsport :-) It didn't come out quite the way I had wanted, but it's ok, I learned soooo many new ways of using photoshop while painting this, very happy about that!

Good work everyone!

The illustration:

The designs and all the other stuff:

Hey. Here is my final image + some sketches that I did.

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Finally finished, well at least as finished as it's going to be for now. I'm sick of looking at it haha. This challenge was a great one, hope you guys like my piece.

Ice/Frost Sorcerer & Golem

Sketches, studies, and refs below.

And, here's my final illustration.

Alright guys, amazing work, I've had a great time with this. I learned so much, it was truly an amazing experience.

[Image: pg6_zpsf026a2e0.jpg]
[Image: pg4_zpsd38ec6ba.jpg]
[Image: pg3_zps65069db9.jpg]
[Image: pg2_zpseecfa015.jpg]
[Image: pg1_zpsbb32a8b1.jpg]
[Image: pg5_zps806b197b.jpg]

wow some really cool entrys so far!
Been fighting with mine for ages now, i still have loads to learn :S Fun challenge, bring on the next one!
[Image: process_zps71f4d92b.jpg]

[Image: guildofgolemsfinal_zps5aa244a2.jpg]

wow, so many awesome pieces and interpretations. congrats to everyone on the good work!

big huge thanks to dave and dan for putting this on again, and giving everyone the chance to get crits from industry pros. too much love to put into words.

anyway, here's my entry. unfortunately didn't leave enough time to fully render it :( but i still will

thanks for looking, and any crits or comments.


i always loved the new phyrexia set from magic. so much cool design, and everything looked kinda like some weird mash-up of cyborb/fantasy/horror.. so that and the stuff you can see from the studies (borg, dark city, etc.) were the inspiration for the piece and design.

any crits or comments are very welcome!

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Great challenge. Big thanks to Dan and Dave for giving up their time to host this (as ever). It's amazing.

Really pushed myself, tried lots of new things. Some good, some not good. It's all learning.

Anyway, I give you....

'Acies', the self proclaimed 'King of the Battlefield'. But known amongst foes as the 'Scourge of the Battlefield', or if they're absolutely sure he can't hear.. 'The Pirate of the Field'.

His garb, a mismatch of pieces of armour taken from the dead, hung over his sorcerers robes. His Golem, created from all the dead matter on the battlefield. Acies swoops in when a battle seems at it's end, mopping up the spent spears, trebuchets, siege towers, swords , even bodies, and through his magic binds them into his own monstrous form. The Golems head even comprises of a tower brought down through fire, the crenelations striking a similarity to Acies' salvaged crown, and the billowing smoke seemingly echoing his unkempt beard. The more death and destruction Acies sees, the bigger his Golem grows, and the more the people fear his power.

[Edit: Basically castle golem attacking castle. Durp.]

Here's the process breakdown:

Acies the Sorcerer Thumbnails sketches:
[Image: Dude_outfit_dsigeins_resizeTag_zps04b092bd.jpg]

Character Final design with mood board/ref/inspiration:
[Image: Sorcerer_Final_design_resizeTag_zps1a635c72.jpg]

Final Character variations and exploration:
[Image: Sorcerer_Final_design_004_ResizeTag_zpsbcbc1779.jpg]


Golem Thumbs:
[Image: Golem_Desing_Ideas_003_resizeTag_zps0b4f4512.jpg]

Final character variations and exploration:
[Image: Golem_Final_designS_002_resizeTag_zps919cd177.jpg]

Studies etc:
[Image: Ref_Studies_comp_resizeTag_zpsa3e8bff9.jpg]
[Image: Castle_Floor_tiles_001_ResizeTag_zpsd696312b.jpg]

Illustration composition thumbs:
[Image: Composition_Thumbs_002_comp_ResizeTag_zps5751591e.jpg]

And final illustration:
[Image: main_golem_illustration_Final_resizeRetag.jpg]

Best of luck to everyone. Really great work, and people have really gone all out. :)

(If you need anything higher rez for judgeing etc... just shout)

This was an awesome challenge, everyone's ideas are so inspiring. Learnt a lot :D

So this is my entry. A Sorceress from the desert who can make the sand into glass to form her golem.

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wooooohaaaaa. great works!! Here's my Steam golem. Although it looks just like a robot o_O
anyway... The wizard dude is able to produce steam from his body (don't ask me how) and he thought to himself: "Hey! What can I do with this power?" So the wizard dude builds a golem and gives it the greatest gift of them all. Life. How poetic is that? :D But he can also control the golem with steam of course. What kind of wizard would he be!? Anyway.. hope you like the work cos my story stinks. xD

[Image: a878c3ba31a8acef70eb2cfef6eb9dad-d62d239.jpg]

Composition thumbs, studies, poses:
[Image: guild_of_golems__wip_001_by_luka87-d62d369.jpg]

Chosen composition thumb, final composition choices and golems. I had to figure out the design of Golem thumb 15 while painting, otherwise I would have ran out of time :/
[Image: guild_of_golems__wip_002_by_luka87-d62d3mt.jpg]

Character design:
[Image: 5cdc41c71314df44d602d43bd18bf5ee-d62d5cq.jpg]

Congratulations for everyone's labor. You guys work very hard.
I suffered a lot on that one, making many mistakes and remaking things over and over before getting to the final step. I learnt a lot of things about my abilities, and the things I gotta do to improve myself, on this one.
So many thanks to Dave and Dan for giving us the opportunity to achieve those goals.

Here's my contribution: a women necromancer that summon the burnt dead bodies of her lovers and creating a massive snake monster lookalike.

The queen of burning flesh...or something like that...

Wow crazy work out there !

Here is mine :p

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Amazing stuff from everyone.

Run out of time on this one, but here are all my bits and bobs anyway:



Golem sketches:

Wizard concepts:

Wizard face concepts:

Golem concepts:

Composition concepts:

Final comp:

Hot damn so much good stuff.

Here is mine.

Sooooo good stuff guys ! I feel very small here ^^"

My stuff ! (I think I should have done much more concept work :( fail !)

Here it is ! Sam Matthews: Bloodsports 15 Entry: Guild Of Golems

This was my first bloodsports so i hope you all like it and i have to say i learnt alot !

The idea behind this is that this dwarven sorcerer whilst out on his travels around the mountains finds a shard that had been chipped off from a golem. He thinks its just a nice rock and so crafts it into a nice hammer for himself. One day again whilst out on his travels around the mountain, he could hear a rumbling like the sound of a giant wherever he layed his foot. A Gigantic titan, a rock and earth golem was following him, the hammer began to glow green like the natural green that was pouring from the golems eyes. Now they traverse the mountains together as two, a glorious companion to behold a dwarf.

[Image: bloodsports_entry_complete_a_great_compa...62dh5a.jpg]

Design Elements of my Painting.
[Image: 904311_10200711654901261_84039407_o.jpg]

These are my references for the dwarf.

Dwarf Thumbnails. Exploration of Ideas.

Finalised Dwarf Thumbnails.

Rough compositional sketches


Weapon Designs for Dwarf

i thought these would attach and show up just like the rest i attached :( sorry i hope it wont matter too much. Thanks ! -Sam
and thanks for hosting this Dave and Dan ! You guys are so inspirational !

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