FINALS! - Bloodsport 15- Guild of Golems
Great job everyone!

awesome work everyone!
Thanks for this challenge, I tried some new things, gained some xp and really enjoyed working on this. Good luck guys!

final character concepts

concept sketches

sketches for final illustration,studies and refs

Awesome stuff guys!

I didn't end up having the time to finish mine, but here's the work in progress anyway :)

I'm still planning to take it to a finish and really try to get it the way I intended it to look. Sketches and very few studies (will be doing some more before finishing this!) attached too.

Good luck all you mighty people! :)

Lookin good everybody. Here's my entry

[Image: qiawn7Z.jpg]
[Image: 3ongR9m.jpg]
[Image: U8bVusF.jpg]


great job everyone.

This is my entry for Guild of Golems.

Final Image.




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I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.
Nice work everyone!

Here is mine

[Image: BqiqVkS.jpg]

[Image: PTmjucL.jpg]

[Image: znmxuIl.jpg]

[Image: TI814M5.jpg]

[Image: CPMLC8J.jpg]
First bloodsports ever aaand it's done! Very badly done and done in a rush, also barely finished...but it's done.

I'm quite disappointed with myself to be honest, but I did work and I did try so that's something. Gotta make mistakes to learn something!

My sorceress - called Fo - is some kind of forest elf being but she lives in a 'civilized culture'. She may even be some kind of student in some kind of School of Magic.
She created her golem with bits and pieces of forests, things she can control at her will. Her power works like a glue that pieces everything together. The golem is called Orest (and he sweeps stuff with his broom arm).
Fo & Orest, yep! XD

References and brainstorming

Character ideas and development



Golem - Orest

Studies and Compositions

And awesome job everyone, there's so many pretty things! :D
Cheers :)

Eleonor P.

Hey, good works everybody!

Even I didnt finish my final for this bs, i could learn pretty alot stuff so it was good to try it .
So im just gonna post here as far as I could go with this bloodsports

My characters are based in some kind of corrosive acid spell


Characters studies

diferent studies


Great stuff GUYS! first time here, next one ill do more :D

Hey here's what i got, ive put the bugs marking on seperate layer not really sure whether to keep them or not. Cant wait for the next one

Tough one to complete. Well done to all!

My First attempt at a bloodsport. Thank you for these! Insane, ecstatic

Andromeda's Judgement (no greek affiliation)

James Wu

My bloodsport and studies,
Galena, The forest Priestess And Guilut, the Golem

Studies, designs, and sketches

Final Illustration

So many good entries!

Here's my attempt. I did some more composition sketches, but kept changing them constantly and forgot to save. Hope this amount of sketches is enough to be able to participate

just added the final bits to it and with only 2 mintues to spare haha xD

[Image: bs15final_new.png]

[Image: bs15studies.png]

this is going to sound dumb but how do i post a picture? am i going to be eliminated because i cant figure it out in time :(
Internet was slow, was afraid i wouldn't make it. Awesome work everyone, really liked this challenge!

Wanted to make an elemental golem but couldnt decide on which element. So decided to go with all 4 and fire element is the one currently activated.

(04-21-2013, 06:59 AM)billyblue Wrote: this is going to sound dumb but how do i post a picture? am i going to be eliminated because i cant figure it out in time :(
when you reply under the text box where u reply there should be a button that says add attachment.
congratulations everyone :) great entries :)

my first participation in bloodsport, lots of fun :) good luck everyone :)

a tailor with his golem on the hunt for their next victim

i only have two buttons: post reply and preview post
the final

studies and comps and sketches


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