FINALS! - Bloodsport 16- The Big Rig
Bloodsport 16 is here. the last two challenges have been working on your skills with design. this time were going to broaden it out and do a challenge on setting a scene with a lot of emphasis on MOOD and COMPOSITION. for this challenge, you are being asked to set up a scene as if it were a dynamic still from a movie, and composed on the traditional 16: 9 movie frame format. unlike an illustration, movie scenes are about pulling the viewer into the action and making us feel as if we are there, not merely showcasing the characters and designs in the blatant way concept art and fantasy illustration tends to. as always, there will be a lot of freedom in what you are able to do with this challenge. however, there are a few twists to keep it interesting.

imagine it is the high era of 80s movie releases. you have been hired to concept screens for a new blockbuster (can be fantasy, sci fi, horror, anything b-movie related in the 80s. think ridley scott and john carpenter.) it is your job to use the movie title to generate scene ideas with lots of mood and atmosphere to set the tone for the film. the image should encompass everything about the title, as if to sell the concept to the potential viewers.


your scene must not only be designed on the 16:9 horizontal frame format, but it must also push a strong mood or feeling, setting the scene. to achieve this, we are asking you to watch some of your favorite movies, look for ones you really appreciate and want to learn from, and then study / interpret them into your own work. if your scene is dark and foreboding, study a movie that achieves that feeling. on the other hand, if it is bright and uplifting , you will need to study a particular movie and a particular scene to properly convey that as well.


Because of our lovely guest judge (see below), this contests subject matter will be derived from a source material near and dear to our hearts. your scenes subject matter or mood MUST come from one of the titles on the following list: JUDAS PRIEST SONGS

Thats right. your scene, subject matter, and mood must be related to one of the titles of any JUDAS PRIEST song. not the lyrics or the album, just the song title. do anything you want- go as vague or as specific to the title as you see fit!


Hello everyone!

This is my first Bloodsport ever, I hope you like it!

This piece is based on the title "Hell Bent for Leather" by Judas Priest:

Here's my preliminary work:

Blade Runner Studies:

Brainstorming thumbnails:

Color Thumbnail and further brainstorming:


I'm not sure if I'm supposed to choose a title that resembles clearly what appears on the image or just about the story I have thought, but there it goes.


-The title of the movie would be "Savage", and these three witches are the ones who will help the hero (an outcast, an enraged and humiliated warrior) avenge its honor against his own brother, new ruler of the kingdom and murderer of his family.
The only problem is that he is actually a decent king, who ended with the dictatorship of his father, so the people aren't willing to let the other brother (the hero) continue with the legacy of his ruthless father.
The hero is planning to sell his soul to the gods of these three witches to be able to take the throne by the force, a throne he "rightfully" owns. The picture is about the moment he dares to put the conditions of their agreement.-


The middle one is the self-proclaimed leader of the three, beautiful and proud. The left one is the oldest one, grumpy but wise. The right one is the strange one, quiet but unpredictable.

TL;DR: The title is "Savage".

Sorry for the English, I hope is readable at least.


This was allot of fun!!! Nice entries so far this will be tough! :)

I am really excited for this bloodsport because it involves 3 people that changed my art life the most and those are Dan, Dave and Brad (who has really influenced my art and whose tutorial was the BEST EVER!!! PLZ MAKE MOAR!)...

For this bloodsport I decided to bust my ass and make two illustrations, but the second one is just there to complement the first witch is my entry. I got some feedback from Dan on my previous paintings and he pointed out some really good points... All of my stuff looked stiff and there wasn't any distance in terms of rendering... I hope I fixed that problem this time...

The title of my movie is "Come And Get It" and here is my entry:
[Image: Come-and-get-it.-mid.jpg]

Here is the second painting which is a shot of the guy in the room:
[Image: BS-16-PORTRET-BIG.jpg]

Here are the studies and thumbnails:
[Image: bs16-studieas.jpg]
[Image: BS-16-thumbnails.jpg]

Awesome entries so far everyone.

Final - Went for the song name "Tyrant"

And here's the process, with studies and stuff.
Initial studies and applying the studies. Trying to get used to the format

[Image: 1-studyandappy.jpg]

[Image: 1-StudyandapplyMay9thcopy-2.jpg]

[Image: 2-sketches.jpg]

Character Studies
[Image: 3-characterstudies.jpg]

Character Designs
[Image: 4-characterDesigns.jpg]

Clean Lines and colour roughs
[Image: 5-Linesandcolours.jpg]

Bit more development
[Image: 6-Steps.jpg]

Couple of memory studies, and quick colour studies for the armour
[Image: 7-studies.jpg]

Coin studies and design
[Image: 8-coin.jpg]

And the final
[Image: Final-Illustration.jpg]

hey guys! here's my entry (: didnt have much time to do studies this time, woaaaaaaaaaa but posting anyway

[Image: 954697_566907240015482_2132669372_n.jpg]
Hey there,

Didn't have time to do as many studies as I would have liked, but here it is: a tough,
no-nonsense L.A. cop, with deep-seated hatred for suits, ties and pencil-pushing, cracks down on the vicious, demonic biker gang known as the "Hell Patrol"!


[Image: TheBigRigStudies.jpg~original]

[Image: HellPatrol.jpg~original]
ok, so this is the first time i participate in this thing and it was a real challenge. from picking a title to finding the mood, it was a road uphill. it was a lot of fun relieving some of my favorite movies, specially willow and labyrinth. anyway, ran out of time, but here's what I came up with.

so many wonderful entries from everyone too!

Tons of great work in here! I can tell everyone put a lot of love into their entries and studies. Here's my contribution-- I chose the song "Star Breaker."

This was a lot of fun to work on, and I learned SO much in the process.

Can't wait for the next bloodsports <3.

Studies & Final image:

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

Youtube Channel (Process, Tips on how to get work, etc...)
aw man! sweet entries!

this is my first time around bloodsports.

my piece was based off Judas Priest sond "Let Us Pray / Call for the Priest"

some related studies


and the piece

Hi everyone this was a really great challenge I really enjoyed it.

The song I based it on was 'Starbreaker". The Idea was the there was a long extinct race of aliens who used to harvest the raw power from the stars. One of there ships is discovered and a clone chamber is found. I really tried to push mood for this one.

[Image: starbreaker_zps28cd8466.jpg]

I got a bit carried away and fleshed out some of my other comp ideas

[Image: starbreaker_02c_zpse828f81d.jpg]

[Image: starbreaker_03b_zps7be50db1.jpg]

And my studies

[Image: suitstudy_zps3d3964bf.jpg]

[Image: alienstudy_zps00e676c1.jpg]

[Image: ash_zpse894301d.jpg]


HEY everyone this is --BLOOD STONE.. I barely had time to fit this into my schedule. I'm in the middle of some tight deadlines at moment so I didn't have time to do any studies..But I did watch a bunch of cool movies :)
[Image: BLOODSTONE_Rudy_Rodriguez_BLOODSPORTS_RR...86b078.jpg]

-Rudy Rodriguez
[Image: uh6DdOg.jpg]
[Image: 9Mj8EGk.jpg]

I did just a few studies for this one.

Posting anyway, "Dead Meat"

Wow ! very good stuff guys ! Very challenging Bloodsport, had never done a real full pic' with mood, enironment characterS etc... Learning a lot with it and will try to do better stuff next time :D

So, Here's my Hell Patrol ! (Wanted to get the mood of cyber B-movies with biker gang etc...)

I had made a research that finally ended up as a portrait of one of the bikers (I wanted to try new things etc..)

And the studies + scribble/thumbs

my Entree ! had allot of fun with it, I chose the titel/song : Abductors

[Image: bloodsport16.png]

Studies :

[Image: studiesbloodsport16.jpg]

References :
[Image: reference2bloodsport16.jpg]

[Image: referencebloodsport16.jpg]

Damn!! So much awesome stuff guys, much less entries it seems but they're all so great :)

I didn't get to finish mine but got a bit further than I thought I would with the time I had, though I didn't get to do nearly as much sketching and studies as I had wanted to.

Tried many new things with this and learnt quite a lot too, I want to spend the next week maybe trying to take this one to finish.

My chosen song title was "Love Bites"... and this is my cheesy take on it ^^

Hey guys, cool entries so far, here's mine.
Title: Hellion


Studies and sketches

Very nice stuff guys! Looks like I should have done some more studies. Anxious to do more of these in the future.

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Hey, great work everyone. Decided to join this one to put some ACTION IN MY LIFE!

Breaking the law!

Edit: re-uploaded fixed the persp. to her belly stripe.
[Image: bigrigcopyedit.jpg]

Uploaded with
[Image: bigrigstudz.jpg]

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