Great variety of poses with 3D models (female and male) You can see the pose without clothes, with clothes and with muscles. You can also rotate the models 360°, and you can zoom in-out.


Tons of tuttorials and explanations. Covering up basic elements of concept art.


A friend of mine started a youtube channel that goes over theory and fundamentals in painting. Wish I had seen these early on and it may help others too.
I focus on figure drawing. I like these sites for classes

I like these sites for practice
I have a passion for Acrylics and am trying to get more people into Acrylic painting!!

Acrylic Painting Resources:

Studying Michael O'Toole's AMAZING Use of Atmosphere:

Watch a Professional Artist Paint LIVE Weekly:

Why Art is Good For Your Soul:

Acrylics vs Oils - Why you will LOVE Painting With Acrylics:

Let me know if y'all have any more questions about Acrylic painting :)

Jed Dorsey - 4th generation Acrylic Artist! Husband, father, lover of rock and roll and Jesus. Founder of Acrylic University
(02-01-2012, 06:42 PM)DaveK Wrote: Portrait Lighting reference app: - this is really cool; you can select what light sources you'd like to turn on and off.

Movie stills: (they're low-resolution though; not ideal, I know, but still ok for what it's worth)

Free Tutorials and Custom Brushes

Dan Luvisi's tutorials and custom brushes:

Reid Southen's custom brushes, skintone swatches and tutorials: - retired concept artist Xia Taptara's site, with tons of free videos and a free brush set for download. He also has longer, more comprehensive tutorials, but you have to pay for those. They come with various other resources though, like custom value palettes, etc.
Hello guys...
  For digital artists, these materials are a veritable treasure mine! The brushes and lessons by Dan Luvisi give insightful information, while Reid Southen's products—which include skintone swatches and bespoke brushes—are indispensable. Xia Taptara's is an immense resource that combines paid courses and resources with free videos. Extremely helpful for artists of all abilities! Party

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