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Greetings to everyone! This is my first post and I am very grateful for finding this art forum. I will upload my sketches, studies and unfinished works in here. Currently I'm doing an 30-day-material-challange. Today is day seven. Any critiques are welcome. (P.S.: I am not a native English speaker)

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Nice start to your sketchbook.
The texture studies sound like a great idea.
looking forward for more works.
Welcome to Crimson Daggers! Awesome start to your sketchbook. Looking forward to seeing how you progress with the material. Grin Thumbs_up


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Hi, thanks a lot for your support! Today's material is cotton. I will share it and some other traditional sketches tonight. :)

Today's material challenge and some recent sketches. Again, critiques are always welcome.

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Loving the materials studies :D

Thank you! Yes, they are very improving, and interesting to study :) I will share them daily.

Great work so far man, material studies are coming along nicely!

I noticed your figures are looking a little skewed in places. I recommend, if you haven't already, checking out Figure Drawing for all it's Worth by Andrew Loomis, his book will really help you get all those proportions dead on!

Looking forward to seeing more :) Sketch on!

Hey @Mayenla! Thank you for your comment. I will definetely check that book out, really appreciated. :) 

Here's two of the figure drawings i did yesterday (the 18 of them done in 30 minutes). But the ones with 30 seconds were only stick figures so I will not share them :D The references are from this amazing site: http://artists.pixelovely.com/practice-t...e-drawing/ (I would recommend anyone to check out the site and to try the class mode.)

[Image: 25uimxi.jpg]

And today's material challange; water. It was really hard for me to draw splashing water maybe because I'm so tired. Today was not that productive.

[Image: b9dh3.jpg]

Nice stuff! Your textures studies are pretty interesting and I'm sure they're very helpful. Are you using reference for them? Maybe try doing two paintings of each texture, one referenced and one from memory. That way you don't just mindlessly copy the ref and are forced to try to really learn what's making the material look textured.

Can't wait to see more, keep going!

Thanks a lot! Yes I am using references but while I am studying them I try to understand their structures. But your advice seems really helpful I will try that today.

Today's challange was to draw a diamond but my leg is aching so badly, so I will take the day off. Still I drew some figures. Also, @Mayenla I found the book I will study it tomorrow. Thanks again for the advice. 

[Image: zuj9d1.jpg]

[Image: 2zjfeqd.jpg]

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Thanks for the nice comment on my sb :)

The texture stuff is really cool. The glass of water is well well done.

About the figures you said you found the Loomis book. Very helpful. Take a look at Michael Hampton's and Bridgman's. Amazing content too.

I think Tristan post this site somewhere in the forum:


A lot of knowledge there. Have fun! :D

Yesterday I studied facial features and did a diamond study (below) which is a failure I think. I could not give the reflections and shining effect. I will work on it later. Today's work are gesture drawings and a feather study. I made until the day 11 haha I'm so proud of myself :) Also some animals all of which I drew first time. 

[Image: x1hcut.jpg]

[Image: 5ocubr.jpg]
[Image: 2zxqsyb.jpg]

[Image: 3vg9k.jpg]

[Image: 2m2c0o5.jpg]

Here is the today's material challange and a WIP of the post-apocalyptic  character design I'm currently doing for a contest. Any comment or advice are welcome as I'm kind of stuck about the future of this character, especially about the costume design.

[Image: nga7p3.jpg]

[Image: 2mpj6kp.jpg]

I painted the character's face today. I am hoping to finish the costume tomorrow. I used my face as reference. And the material drawing as usual.

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I like the distinct design of your character's face! Nice use of triangular shapes. For the painting, I think you can push your values further..a little more contrast can make a big difference. Also, the sword's tooth blade looks pretty rad. I dunno about the decorations on the handle though...it might get uncomfortable to grip after awhile?

Thank you for your comment! It's the distorted version of my face haha. I will correct the diamond soon. I tried changing the values but still didn't work out as there must be so much more details. You might be right about the handle. I have never thought of that. I will turned it into a more camfortable weapon :)

I was busy with trying to finish my contest entry. I has finished it. I learned so much while I was doing it. What do you think? (First time drawing a background and first time character design. It was hard but fun.)

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I couldn't win the contest but that's okay. I will try again later :) I am not doing any paintings lately. Just timed studies, arms and overall figure drawings. I want to improve myself on environment paintings.

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