I took some pictures of myself the other day in the beach, hope you can use them as reference. Here's my Crimson Daggers References Pack 3 :)

I had the chance to put on a plate armor and make some photos.
i put the photos as stock references in a new DA account i made
Hopefully i can get that armor and some others as well as swords and shields in summer to make more references.
Have fun!

Hey guys,
Studying hands today and took some reference pics of my own hands. There's 25 in the pack hope someone finds it useful =)

Other peoples references pages might be useful for some of you. I highly reccomend

He is also good at art, so look at his stuff. Sycra also has a good resource page, just navigate to it.

Sycra is also good at the art

I was on the trip to the mountains yesterday. I took some photos of rocks, trees and landscapes. Maybe you can use it as reference.

Hi, it's me again. This time I'm posting some winter photos I took somewhere in mountains. You can find here some architecture, misty/moody places and open sunny landscapes. Hope some of you find it useful


A collection of Loomis PDF books for free use :).

Two other sides for screen caps:

Just found this... don't know if this has been posted. if so sorry
bruce lees top 7 fundamentals for getting your life in shape
this site is helping me a TON to learn anatomy, Turntable photo models

just scroll down abit and theres a list
Found this pretty handy, it's Dota 2's Character Art Guide -

Neat how they had the over arching palette with desaturated/devalued blues and kept the warms more vibrant.
Mainly architecture stuff, but you can find some old rooms and ladscapes. Hope it helps.

Ramalooke: Out of curiosity (assuming you took these), where were they taken?

Those pics were taken during my trip to Dresden

Posting some more pics. This time you can find a lot of landscapes and forest stuff. Plus some cool old statues and ruined castle inside the forest. Hope they'll come in handy.

wonderful article about composition rules

heyy daggers. Here's some more stuff, hopefully again these are all new links:

Huge Ilya Repin gallery

More russian art, I have no idea who any of the artists are, but some seriously awesome drawings.

Huge Mucha thread on Conceptart!

Less huge but still cool gallery of J.C. Leyendecker

Frazetta Drawings: (here) and (here)

Planes/other military stuff (a lot of the images are pretty high quality)

SketchWiki I think this is a resource for some industrial design class at Art Center, but very excellent resource for industrial design foundations if you can understand the diagrams.

Hi guys. I was watching Daves Knight sketch tut and he was talking about the golden rule and differ comps that cs6 has. But I found a cropping tool/masking with some if not all of the comps like the golder rule and 3rds cs6 has and could be used the same way. Here is a link to it. It works in cs2 and 3 and up I believe.
It's me again with more forest, ladscape stuff. Rocks, architecture (but not much) and small water stream also included ;p. Pics were taken on sunny day.

Btw. If some of you may also want to check out comp shapes.

f%c$! the number of resources to go through. It's really not a useful way of archiving resource links, but then again no forum based thread could ever get this right. Anyway putting my bitching and laziness aside here's my little addition:

Detailed photos of master can see the texture in all it's glory!

 YouTube free learnin! | DeviantArt | Old Folio | Insta

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