Great variety of poses with 3D models (female and male) You can see the pose without clothes, with clothes and with muscles. You can also rotate the models 360°, and you can zoom in-out.


Tons of tuttorials and explanations. Covering up basic elements of concept art.


A friend of mine started a youtube channel that goes over theory and fundamentals in painting. Wish I had seen these early on and it may help others too.
I focus on figure drawing. I like these sites for classes

I like these sites for practice
I have a passion for Acrylics and am trying to get more people into Acrylic painting!!

Acrylic Painting Resources:

Studying Michael O'Toole's AMAZING Use of Atmosphere:

Watch a Professional Artist Paint LIVE Weekly:

Why Art is Good For Your Soul:

Acrylics vs Oils - Why you will LOVE Painting With Acrylics:

Let me know if y'all have any more questions about Acrylic painting :)

Jed Dorsey - 4th generation Acrylic Artist! Husband, father, lover of rock and roll and Jesus. Founder of Acrylic University

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