Danar - The comp looks sweet man. You've got quite a nice opportunity to split the piece up a bit with the window, I.e have the inside of the room pretty dark, and the outside pretty bright, so the alien's silhouette is a clear focal point. Almost like we look at the piece, see the freaky alien, and only notice the kid afterwards. I dno. Looks good though, looking forward to seeing where you take it :)

Hey all, haven't posted any WIPs yet, but I could really use some feedback if anyone's willing.

Basically, I'd love to know if this "reads" I've been staring at it for too long, and I can't really tell any more. Also, any general things, still got a little while, so I can make some changes if needed.

Oh, and the title is "Tyrant"

[Image: 20-IllustrationwithCoincopy.jpg]

hey JakeB,
My oppinion would be that you should make the coin a bit more clearer not so blurry, just to make it read as a coin from the first glance of the picture. I had a bit of a challenge on recognizing that as a coin.

Hey guys!

Joining a bit late. Here are a few compositions I made.
It's not much but it's a start...

Here are the studies of blade runner... some neon lights, some fog and dust, some wet skin etc...
you will see in my final why I did these... :)
[Image: bs16-studieas.jpg]

thanks jake Ill keep that in mind!

here are some sketches for my Alien and another study from Alien, just to see how 2 lights against eachother reacts

[Image: aliensketches.jpg]

[Image: 92289526032055411299773.png]


keep at it guys!

[Image: evildeadstudy2.jpg]

@ JakeB, I would have to agree with Silviu and his comment. It's not really apparent that it's a coin. As far as the narrative goes, it's somewhat unclear as to what is going on. My guess is that the king, or whoever is flipping the coin is deciding the toss on whether he's going to kill the man on the right. Yes? If anything I think the coin might be taking up too much real-estate in the comp. It took me some time to see the hand he flipped the coin with. From this angle, for me, it's the only bit of information that is telling me he's flipping it, and what is going on. Hope this helps. Otherwise it's looking good. :]

@JakeB, I really enjoy this idea. The story behind the scene may not be the most original but it looks new so I don't think it's a problem at all.

In terms of the coin; I think you should study how objects are moving in photographs and sometimes movies. it is very common for photos to capture a moving object by making that object very detailed and show that it is moving with fading out copies of itself from where it was just a moment ago. Even if it should be blurry, realisticly, you can't have a fussy, blurry object right in the center, I suggest you try like I said to bring out the last frame of the coins details, maybe a symbol of justice inside of it. And use tools instead of manually making it blurry ( is an example you can try around with.
did some comps and studys of the shining. i think a lot of the mood is conveyed through the muted colors.

Attached Files Image(s)

Some really great works so far! Here's a WIP of my image. The song title is "saints in hell" so I took it quite literal.

asking myself if should go for wideangle or distorted 2-vp-perspective

Attached Files Image(s)

Here's my WIP so far, entering color-mode very soon

Here is my early WIP + a study, still have tons of things to work on, edges, atmosphere, rework lights blablabla... It's a very challenging Bloodsport for me because I quite never had done a pic' with multiple characters + environment, atmosphere etc.. So it takes me a loooot of time but hopefully I'll learn from it and then do something better next time :)

heyyy homies. so i realised i forgot to post any wips or anything so heres a study batch i did. I picked the song "heavy duty" and ...well...youll see. its got some ww2 stuff and some evil nazis and its been fun but such a mad dash. doing everything i can to get it done. People are lookin good in here! this is a sick challenge.

Posting some of my studies. I decided to go with the title "On the run". I want to establish a night scene on the street. The atmosphere should be gritty and foggy.

awesome studies guys KEEP AT ITT
well i think im done, maybe tweek some things tomorrow but its all good now,

let me know whatyou guys think about it

[Image: childsleep.png]

[Image: bloodsport16test1.png]


The sentinel.

I didn't have time this week to be done with the details, Next time! but the main concept is here, tried to go for a little more water based- organic enviorment maybe didn't fit the theme perfectly eighter but was what I wanted to paint.

Also, really inspierd by Princess Mononoke :P
And this is how far I got, basic colors added and made the camera more zoomed in. Tons of details and lighting effects that needs to be done, I like where it's going.

Nice work everyone, i started this one a bit too late but this is what i managed to do, the title is "Dead Meat"

[Image: oRn33HA.jpg]

[Image: f7K5Sd6.jpg]

[Image: rnSzPE5.jpg]

[Image: 8ciEvkj.jpg]

[Image: 5e4jI4O.jpg]
this did noooot get finished in time for deadline, so here's what i got changed a lot of stuff last minute but will get this finished up for a portfolio piece i think. Loving the takes on the songs so far guys.


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