awesome work so far guys keep it up!

here is a quick thumbnale I chose the Song Abduction

and also a moviestudy from Close encounters of the Third kind.

took me about 4 hours.

[Image: 84472774.png]

[Image: closeencountersofthethi.png]

Pushing forward with great difficulty:

Hey guys,

great work everybody, here's mine studies so far.
They are pretty ruff, i just wanted to learn more about light, mood and composition and not the render part :)

[Image: 37.jpg]
[Image: 38.jpg]
[Image: 39.jpg]

Thanks for watching and good luck everybody.

Compositional Sketches and studies

Heeey pumped for this, got round to figuring a rough comp after sketching. Turbolover!


im a bit late to the party, tablet broke last week so i started analogue mode!
everyone's work looks great so far, here are a few of the studies i've done
[Image: Princess%20Mononoke%20study.png]
[Image: Nausicaa%20study.png]
[Image: Game%20of%20thrones%20study.png]
[Image: 7.png]
[Image: 8.png]

trying to do something different than i usually paint with this challenge ;

here is a study from Evil dead 2 :


[Image: evildeadii.png]

Todays studies:
Starman (oh man! I forgot how great that film is), Karate Kid and some very quick greyscale studies from bladerunner..just concentrating on interesting compositions.

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(05-12-2013, 04:42 AM)mindwrack Wrote: im a bit late to the party, tablet broke last week so i started analogue mode!
everyone's work looks great so far, here are a few of the studies i've done
[Image: Princess%20Mononoke%20study.png]
[Image: Nausicaa%20study.png]
[Image: Game%20of%20thrones%20study.png]
[Image: 7.png]
[Image: 8.png]

I hope you are doing a Princess Mononoke inspired piece like myself because it would be really cool to see your view of it :)
some quick thumbs [Image: thumbsbig.jpg] just get myself into idea

Awesome work so far. Thomas, those studies look nom nom delicious, and Dek, great thumbz but you should have numbered themmmm. I like the motion in the 8th one. The one with red.

I had this chase scene as a rough idea in my head for a while and i thought this is a good time for it. The focal point should be the girl and she's doing a gun pew pew gesture to the policeman from behind. Im hoping i will get that to read as she's kinda small in the frame, but i did wanna get some cityscape in it too.

Edit: just changed the hosting of the pics.

[Image: TheBigRigcopy.jpg]

Meanwhile i did some studies.
[Image: bigrigstudy1duck.jpg]
[Image: bigrigstudy3bikecopy.jpg]
For some blue lighting that id like to get on a side
[Image: Bigrigstudy4promcopy.jpg]
And Blade Runner city
[Image: Bigrigstudy2bladerunnercitycopy.jpg]

here some composition sketches I chose the titel song Abducted,

I also chose the one with the child i gave the most mood and story, also did some color tests still not sure about the last one!

[Image: compositions1.jpg]

[Image: compositionscolortest.jpg]

Nice studies guys! Been a while since i've done one.

from Blade Runner

[Image: blade_runner_study1_zpsd17e595d.png]
A lot of ppl did studies like crazy, before hoping into the actual painting, its really sweet to see that going on. haha maybe i should copy from a couple movies i like too.

I chose the song titled "The Sentinel" and here's my WIPS so far.

Please lemme know what u think of it so far, id say its about 60% done as of now.

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Really hoping to find some time to do this one. Not sure what I'll do, but I DO know I want to study some Terminiator, Akira, and Black Rain, and use the challenge to tackle something I've always been afraid to paint... motorbikes.

So here's a warm up photo study. Every journey starts witha sinlge step...

[Image: bike_Study_02_resixe_Tag.jpg]

Really cool stuff so far guys.

This is totally out of my comfort zone so it should be loads of fun :P. Gonna do an aliens inspired piece, probably with dark blue lighting. Here's what i've got so far!

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Wow guys you're all doing awesome stuff and studies ! Keep working on it !

Some of my work for the Bloodsport

Movies screenshots studies

Bike quick study

Character portrait, started as a research but I wanted to try things on it so.. ^^

And thumbs/scribbles for illustration ! :D

Some cool studies and ideas on this thread, really liking what I see.
Here are 2 movie studies and two shots. I've chosen "Hellion" as the title for the movie but don't really know where I'm going to go with the theme. I'm movig towards sci-fi because I tend to neglect it quite much. Maybe I'll chose one of the shots I did and finish it or start doing more movie studies and seek for other ideas, not sure.
Either way, great work guys, I'm really curious with what you'll come up with.

ah man! so much aweeeeesum stuff here
and so much alien inspired things! there is no way to go wrong with that!

this is my first time around bloodsports.
here is my wip ( the song is Let us Pray/Call for the priest.)

and a study

hm. im pretty sure my work process right now is the most inefficient thing ever. so much time is wasted on rendering.

I decided to go with "Dying to Meet You" as my theme/title. He just wants to be friends.
Here's my composition greyscale, i've yet to really get in there and render, but the mood is pretty much set with the current values. I prefer to render in color, so I usually don't take my b/w sketches too far.

The guy that posted his final already had some sick work! Seriously, beastly as hell! No movie stills were done today, only bug studies to get the feel for how I would construct the monster's face.

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