Typhon derpaintings and drawings
Wow! Great Creatures and animal men! I feel that your portraits are not to the same level as per say your first two illustrations, just an observation, trying to make a helpful critique instead of a bunch of "good games!" Great work though, really love the creatures! I've been wanting to do a lion man or tiger man for a while now!

[Image: fishing_in_the_forest_by_typhonart-d6kpuik.jpg]
[Image: forest_troll_by_typhonart-d6kpvfr.jpg]
[Image: 1273917_455683447878095_960138436_o.jpg]

So... a forest from imagination, no references. Troll the rapist, and Isra & Sandro from HoMM III. What do you think?:P
[Image: 037_skeletal_warriors_by_typhonart-d6kwpuh.png]
Second or third illustration that will be a part of my incomming portfolio:P
Drawing of an Inn. Mrs. Twardowska Inn :P
50x70 cm, 0,1mm Faber Castell Ink Pen.
[Image: mrs__twardowska_inn_by_typhonart-d6meikr.jpg]
Wow! That's hell a lot of work you did with this tavern! Good job!
I agree with Brobossa, that tavern is really sweet :-)

Remake of an old work from 3 months ago. I had way bigger control in this painting, but it lost this "something". I feel like it is dead picture :d
[Image: walking_ent_by_typhonart-d6oybjz.png]
Drew this one in agust. Can you guys give your opinnions, point out strong and weak parts? I started a blog in which I want to write about my works after solid critique. So I would be pleased if you can do it :D
[Image: black_inn_by_typhonart-d6q1a1d.jpg]
First serious attemt at painting humans. I know muscles are kinda missplaced, but I can't do them better at the moment.
[Image: zmniejszone_by_typhonart-d6q7pj9.png]
Dat use of textures. Great stuff.

But I have used textures only on the leg of the Ent. The rest is done with Chalk Brush, only the trees are slighty modified customs.
[Image: tree_dead_by_typhonart-d6udalk.png]
http://typhonart.deviantart.com/art/Livi...-413805800 Description here.
Will be great to hear some advices!

[Image: trollfm_by_typhonart-d6z304q.png]
[Image: flying_knight_by_typhonart-d6xx6w6.png]
[Image: lava_golem_by_typhonart-d6zc17j.png]
Whoa... long time no see :v I decided to dust off my old thread and ask for help :v Recent painting, would be great to hear some critique about pretty much everything. Enter Santman :v
[Image: epic_santa__by_typhonart-d9l6jdo.png]
Hello! Making comeback, time to milk you all from the knowledge!XD I'll post some of my "newer" (the first one is 2 years old) pieces, but really want to know your opinnion on them!

The first one is "The Expulsion". This is the first piece I have ever created as a part of my personal IP that I believe I'm ready to pick up and start developing now. 

The main idea is about the pilgrimage of a some sort of a paladin. The humanity was pushed underground, the above was destroyed, frozen (or did it?), and for centuries the humanity had to develop and adapt to living in giant undeground caverns (like really giant caverns). This is one of the parts of the pilgrimage, when paladin have to expulse the giant skeleton that is roaming some parts of the world. He has to push it away with the faith, that will include a very importaint part in the whole story.

Whats your thoughts?

[Image: eryk-szczygiel-typhonart-eryk-szczygiel-...1472306976]
Very nice dude!

Good perspective, beautifully rendered and very interesting IP.

The paladin looks cool :).

Looking forward to more :)

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CD Sketchbook

I am not surpris if you find sucess there something different without your stuff.I specially like the white and dark piece.You seem to have level up since your older post definitively.

My Sketchbook

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This is a wicked piece, dude. I really like what you did here. First, I truly appreciate the story that goes along with the painting. I love stories. I used to write years ago and one would think I would incorporate more stories into my art, but i haven't really done so, but your painting inspires me to rethink the storytelling aspect of a painting.

I love the lighting effects you implemented. The angle shot is really impactful as well as the composition. I think this is a really strong piece. Nicely done!
I dig your pencil work, the troll and the thug with gold. Your two last pieces are really cool too !
(01-01-1970, 01:36 PM)Tyon Wrote: Remake of an old work from 3 months ago. I had way bigger control in this picture, but it lost this "something". You can find before and after pictures after using phallosan to gain both length and girth.  https://buffaloreport.com/phallosan-fort...w-results/ 

I feel like it is dead picture :d
I wish I could be as good as some folks here... Mean smile Mean smile 

I am filled with joy whenever I see art work.

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