Ron's Sketchbook ( some occasional naked people )
Watching everyone's progress is the most encouraging ever. Everyone had to start somewhere so here is mine.

Hey man great start here.

Are those some Scott Robertson studies i see? Awesome!

I'd really like to see some pieces which you have taken more time on and pushed as far as you can. Sketching is great, but you also need to work out your limits for when you put the effort in.

Keep it up bud!
Really really cool work here, lots of personality in your drawings and its great to see your studies there too, kind of negates what I was going to suggest which is primarily work on capturing form. Good work!

Thanks for checking out my stuff and commenting. All is Welcome.

Yea, I was just working on the most basic forms in perspective. I do rush to fast and give up quick on a piece because I know it will be flat and wrong. At this point it's all about getting use to drawing again. It's been a long time.

Yes - Form and proportion and learning to see instead of drawing symbols.

This is a bunch of gesture/figures and loomis stuff I'm trying.

Want to say hi to mike086. I was watching your loomis studies on youtube while I did mine.

Loomis studies. Nice. Keep up the good work!

Not a very productive day, but I had a busy weekend of home repairs to recover from.


Great studies you are pretty productive artist :D looking forward to seeing more!

For today some more gesture. These were done after watching Stan Prokopenko's first figure videos.

The gesture drawing on this post were critiqued. Learn from my mistakes.

I also worked on a flyer illustration idea I'm designing for a nonprofit I volunteer at. If that looks okay I'll post that later.

Madzia - Thanks for looking. I'm not that productive. A lot of stuff I posted above is from the last couple months while I was working and studying part time. I didn't save a lot of that work because it was so bad. I guess I save stuff now so I can look back five years from now and see what I was doing.

The two with runners are sketches of ideas for a flyer/tshirt maybe.

Ended the week with a couple gestures and tried to paint a little bit

Some practice combining shapes, loomis and gesture


I did a lot more gesture drawing than what I'm posting, but this is a good representation of what my work is looking like.

Wow, you go some nice stuff here, just keep working on your anatomy and be sure to look at this site right here for some good instructions on drawing and digital painting.
It will come in handy and I recommend watching every video and do every assignment he gives out, it will help in the long run.
Hey :) Nice progress you have here. I see lots and lots of hard work and fun. JUst keep up like this. You are doing great : )
Do you have idea of what do you want to paint one day, what do you like?

Hi, Thanks Guys - I actually bought the perspective videos from CtrlPaint. I haven't really watched and studied from them yet. I dread perspective, so was trying a little at a time. Now I think I'll go full force on placing figures and objects in perspective as I do more work on figure drawing. First by finishing the loomis books. I do need to start going through all the free videos Matt has put out and do more anatomy.

The first artists that inspired me were some awesome watercolor painters, Charles Reid, Joseph Zbukvic and Alvaro Castagnet. Then in the concept art world I really like Richard Anderson's style. Also I remember the first time I was looking at Sparth's paintings I thought WTF, Just give up now. And I sorta did for a few years.

But... Right now I have paintings from Pablo Uchida as my desktop wallpaper.

I'm a SciFi geek, but I like to work on all kinds of subjects. Animals are fun to draw. Cars, people, cityscapes, castles, landscapes.
I did my first few watercolors this week. Terrible.

More scribbles. started doing some drawing with a charcoal pencil. A watercolor. a face WIP


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