Beard Clippings
Sorry for the lack of updates of again, but I've some setbacks that have kept me from being able to work as much as I would like. I recently found a small litter of kittens (3 of them, about a month old) that were abandoned by their mother in my cottage. I decided to take them in and have been raising them for just under a month now. The first two weeks were very stressful, as they were weak and malnourished and had to make sure they were going through all the motions they should be. Thankfully they all pulled through, and though they still take a lot of my time and energy, I have been able to pull out some work here and there!

Some studies

[Image: 6gfrjc.jpg]

[Image: 263ilop.jpg]

[Image: 1zq8rwz.jpg]

[Image: 23llcsp.jpg]

[Image: 330zo5x.jpg]

Some personal work

Update on the previous WIP
[Image: 20ic74x.jpg]

Satan Sketch, not happy with this one
[Image: 16h10nq.jpg]

Colour sketch using the other studies
[Image: 2wqu6ub.jpg]

Revisiting an old piece to try to do what something closer to what I had in mind at the time, still in progress
[Image: 9lkd4k.jpg]

And the "Modern Wizard" challenge here. i never got to enter it because the plan was to return from the cottage and finish it up the day before it was due, but that didn't happen! I really like the result though. Just wish I could have finished it earlier
[Image: 2lwag07.jpg]

I like the shapes comprising that character in the last one.

woww good job on the modern wizard! love it
Thanks guys!

More studies

[Image: 2ns5mkn.jpg]

[Image: 9kxvzl.jpg]

The last 2 weeks have been focusing more on personal work/applying from imagination

Probably going to do a bunch of eyeball studies soon, really not happy with how they tend to turn out. Some awkward anatomy going on here
[Image: 2mq6idw.jpg]

My stuff for the Necromancer CHOW

[Image: 2m60k61.jpg]
[Image: vpfdpy.jpg]
[Image: x6abh1.jpg]
[Image: 1060v9k.jpg]
[Image: 3vs5k.jpg]

Also tryna get more comfortable with perspective, so I'm going back to basics and working through it step by step, trying to avoid makin it too stiff. WIP:

[Image: 102tvns.jpg]

Penetrator Man... Made me wanna play Demons Souls so bad. But I got rid f my PS3. Shame End hadn't finishe the last DS walk-through.
(11-05-2014, 04:51 AM)Caisne Wrote: Penetrator Man... Made me wanna play Demons Souls so bad. But I got rid f my PS3. Shame End hadn't finishe the last DS walk-through.

A shame indeed! I hope he gets around to it someday, but hes got so much other stuff to do atm :/

Hey really nice SB man. I loved your CHOW entry, had tonnes of character! Great to see the exploration of design that went into it.

The improvement since page one is insane! keep it up , its inspiring to see :)
(11-05-2014, 10:41 AM)CoreyH Wrote: Hey really nice SB man. I loved your CHOW entry, had tonnes of character! Great to see the exploration of design that went into it.

Thanks I appreciate it :) I tend to be lazy when it comes to design and iteration so I pushed myself in both respects. I still think I could have done more but I managed my time a bit poorly unfortunately. Also I actually voted for your entry! Really loved the direction you took it, especially with the colours and mood. Drifted from the typical green/black that's so standard for necromancers

(11-05-2014, 11:12 AM)BenFlores Wrote: The improvement since page one is insane! keep it up , its inspiring to see :)

Thanks and glad its inspiring, but keep in mind the stuff from the first page/post is ~2 years old, despite the date of the post! Theres a lot of garbage in between the gaps that I don't always post, especially if it's in a traditional medium. The fact my sb is only 4 pages at the moment makes it seem like I improve really fast but I don't really. 2014 has been particularly productive and I think I've made the biggest progression since then, but there was a long period of stagnation at the beginning

Some eye studies I said I would do. Somewhere between 30-40 minutes each, but I wasnt timing them so I could be wrong. Just what it felt like

[Image: ekoqia.jpg]

A longer study. Was going to focus on the eyes/features like the last ones but I liked the photo too much and spent more time, and did the rest of the head obviously!
[Image: 29eorp1.jpg]

And the application. Playing around with colour palettes. Pretty meh, but maybe Ive been staring at it for too long.
[Image: 12360ye.jpg]


[Image: 2gxlg5h.jpg]
[Image: 2mh9o8.jpg]
[Image: 11kv2he.jpg]


[Image: 5mmw6h.jpg]

[Image: 15f0p3t.jpg]

[Image: 1f6mb.jpg]

Tackling some weaknesses! The last one is from imagination. Also, I decided to revisit my T-rex wizard done earlier this year (march?), and after watching dave's tutorial.

[Image: fn4xhc.jpg]
[Image: 6xrfj5.jpg]
[Image: 8xv3g2.jpg]
[Image: fu4d8l.jpg]

[Image: 2nqzjme.jpg]

I love the T-rex wizard man! Maybe that tongue needs some of that green rim light on the underside?

Love the feet studies, nice colours there!
The t-rex wizard is pretty cool too. I agree with Hypnagogic_Haze that the tongue needs some green rim light. And you could as well add some reflections to the hat and the right side of his body because there is green light too.
I like how you've added green reflection on his neck though.
Also, maybe try adding some subsurface scattering on the skin connecting the jaws i.e. make it a bit more saturated I think.
I hope I didn't say anything wrong.
Keep up the good work!
Thanks guys, appreciate it!

I had actually tried putting the light on his tongue when I was almost finished and it looked weird so I took it out, but I tried it again yesterday and it looked ok oddly enough. And maggie, where exactly do you mean when you talk about the subsurface scattering? I can't imagine it showing up on a t-rex's thick skin but maybe i'm missing something

so here's the T-rex with the small changes. Also some short landscape thumbnails and a portrait, experimenting a bit with colours and texturesShock

[Image: 53kbxh.jpg]

[Image: 2zgx2tz.jpg]
[Image: 2cieno8.jpg]
[Image: zu16h0.jpg]

[Image: 2mahec.jpg]

It looks better to me now!
About the subsurface scattering I meant the triangle in the corner of his mouth - the stretched pink skin that connects his jaws. However, I'm not a master and I may be wrong! I was giving a suggestion :)
I like the mountains, nice atmosphere.
Nice colors in your pieces and some really handy advices about color hidden in this sketchbook :)
Keep it up mate.


And I'm still iffy about the subsurface scattering. I don;t think it would really show up in this situation but thanks for the feedback!

Some more work. Not had too much time lately, between house work and arm pains again >.< But I'm taking active steps to reduce arm pain this time, instead of just waiting for it to go away.

Form and design studies. Instead of copying the ref, I tried to use it as reference to create the forms from a different angle than what was in it.
[Image: 33f6hiq.jpg]

Some loose pose sketches for the Marskman CHOW. I want to focus on the pose and the action of the character in this one rather than just the design. Dynamic poses are very challenging for me, so here are some from imagination to see what I can do.

[Image: 2iucly9.jpg]

Landscape sketches
[Image: dxzksz.jpg]
[Image: 2s6vj8g.jpg]

[Image: wb6zrk.jpg]

And decided to take this one further. it's also on my deviantart if you want better res
[Image: 2vw9ogh.jpg]

[Image: e8qtsz.jpg]

Lastly a sketch

[Image: 282nn5s.jpg]

Head plane study from memory. Realized I suck at heads, really, so back to basics!

[Image: 2njlcso.jpg]

first three loosely after loomis, the rest from imagination. Going for quantity over polish with this batch

[Image: 23h3t75.jpg]
[Image: 33usf8p.jpg]

Some basic shape renderings

[Image: 2rw8br9.jpg]
[Image: 34nijb9.jpg]

And the marksman chow which I missed the deadline for. I tried jumping out my comfort zone in pretty much every respect (colour palette, composition, action, sci fi etc) And I learned a lot but ultimately it failed


[Image: 2hd3a6h.jpg]

[Image: 16h3nr9.jpg]

My copy of how to render finally arrived, So i'll be working through some of the exercises in there. Also some more heads and bodies from imagination, a grayscale sketch, a master study focusing on colours, and an application of the study from memory. Also did some demos in another thread about ambient lighting, thought I might post em here as well if anyone happens to meander around these parts

[Image: a4py0o.jpg]

[Image: 15eycs1.jpg]

[Image: sxkgli.jpg]

[Image: ab3sxj.jpg]

[Image: dpzva9.jpg]

[Image: kbrjg2.jpg]

[Image: 2wc2ky1.jpg]

[Image: 71saqv.jpg]


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