Beard Clippings
A colour study

[Image: ztw0es.jpg]

Some more design-y things

[Image: fb2f8.jpg]

Pretty much been spending all day at school finishing up projects for the last two and a half weeks, but its almost over now so i can get back to doing more work

Heres a colour study, started last night finished today <3 and hair that doesnt suck for once : D

[Image: zwgh1v.jpg]

wow great studies, that last one is fantastic- the hair def doesnt suck (hair level up?) :D

Train, gain, or stay the same.
Hey thanks for stoppin by!

Ya Ive always had issues with hair, first just with rendering it and then, when i started doing colour work, with the colours :<

But i'm seeing improvements so yay !

Its so nice having time and getting back in the groove

Applying some knowledge from studies and videos ive watched

[Image: qpjlz6.jpg]

Same here

[Image: 21oei1.jpg]

Aaaaand I've decided to take part in a challenge! Draw 1000 heads! Not gonna count all the other portraits and heads ive done so i can do 1000 more. Thinking I will do around 3 a day, rotating between 2 from imagination 1 from photo, then 2 from photo one from imagination just to keep it interesting! Heres the first few

[Image: s5b8r9.jpg]
[Image: 2ep7ey8.jpg]
[Image: 25zgwld.jpg]

And finally a master study

[Image: 2yn3wx3.jpg]

So i got carried away on one of my daily heads, which set me back a bit. I'm pretty darn satisfied with it though, and to boot it was from memory after a study. Now sitting at 6/1000 :D

So I started with a study of a reference image
[Image: z6g09.jpg]

Then I did another painting soon after that, using it as inspiration for something new, working (almost) entirely from memory. I had to peak for the nose a bit but that was about it
[Image: qoxedx.jpg]

and I had done a quick one earlier that day to kick things off
[Image: 157kodj.jpg]

Been somewhat busy the last little while, and took a short break on account of some chest pains which Im hoping are caused by bad posture while working. Anyways heres some some work I managed to do regardless

A scruffy mountain study. Did this because I need to work on subtelty in colour change and value, and the ref was perfect imo. I didnt get around to softening/breaking the outer edges of the mountains, so it looks a bit cut-out atm

[Image: 333wv2u.jpg]

A not so great head. Need to study more male heads but good reference is so hard to find for them!
[Image: wqvabk.jpg]

And a material and anatomy study (both unfinished but the important information was observed)
[Image: ips12v.jpg]
[Image: 2nurinn.jpg]

You have improved loads since starting this thread, especially at seeing colour and values.

A handy source for heads (that is sadly no longer updated, but it has a decent archive to start with) is if you are still struggling to get hold of refs for heads. Quite varied and decent quality.

That 1000 head challenge sounds like a good idea. Maybe if you get tired of searching for portrait ref use the head ref images.

@Hypnagogic_Haze Yea its great, I'm only about 10 in and I'm already seeing improvements. And I\ll give that a try once I need some more ref!

@Clockodile Thanks man, I appreciate. I checked out that tumblr, it was fuckin fantastic! Pretty much doubled the size of my male ref folder lol. Also got some nice female ones as well, thanks for sharing that

Silly hat man
[Image: 35k7djo.jpg]

Quick Photo study
[Image: 2n9m55l.jpg]

Applying some of that knowledge in a slightly different angle. Not very satisfied with this but I must move on!
[Image: 2yo4v8p.jpg]

And a sketch I got carried away with. Was originally just the two walls, a stream and some foggy trees, but I felt like expanding on it. So i decided to play around with storytelling a bit, and also get more involved in this colour palette since it was out of my comfort zone colour wise. Again not super pleased with this but I figure its best to move on.

[Image: 2ikxxr6.jpg]

Didn't get much done today cause I had a bunch of errands to attend to, but will get back to it asap

Finished a Waterhouse study tonight. Decided to not try to match the rendering but rather do a quick study and gather some notes. Sorry for the terrible handwriting, cant write for shit on a tablet lol

[Image: 332csaw.jpg]

Also another head in progress! I think I'm going to go back to basics (ie skulls). Realized what i struggle with in early stages of drawing is really just structure, so doin some skulls and feature placement in different perspectives ought to help

[Image: zkoeqb.jpg]

your colorsense is very strong developed. Everything is getting better!
@construccion Thanks man, my favourite part about painting is colours so try really hard to be accurate or to make them pleasing.

Hey daggers Im back! Havent update in a while, but I have been working pretty steadily over the last little while, just been neglecting my sb a little

More heads!
[Image: 2gy6ico.jpg]
[Image: 2qwh6d4.jpg]

Landscape using info from previous studies
[Image: 2rot1sx.jpg]

Some perspective and trying out presentation styles
[Image: 2ywbdef.jpg]
[Image: 11qtzy0.jpg]
[Image: 2hz4nk0.jpg]

Wanted to enter the Bloodsport 6 reborn challenge but unfortunately missed the deadline and still havent finished. My idea was to have a hunter going after some sort of ice giant, with wings to fly on/off of it!
[Image: 2ngz86q.jpg]
[Image: 2ywwjyr.jpg]

A leather study for a piece im doing atm
[Image: 1zqeu4p.jpg]

Aaand a painting I spent the last few days working on. It was my submission for Studio MDHR's art contest, using their character cuphead in a piece of art. I had a lot of fun doing it and im reallllyyyyy happy with the result. Probably one of my favourite paintings so far!

[Image: 2n7qs2g.jpg]

Boy, you have kept busy. :)

Interesting idea for the Bloodsports challenge, the ability to fly up onto it sounds freaking sweet. (Totally opens up opportunities for some crazy camera angles in any illustrations too, haha.) Also good job on the effective use of the colour studies in your landscape! The focus of the read is a bit ambiguous to me, as that sun-drenched cliff face is so gorgeous it kind of overwhelms the lizard on the rock. There is a nice contrast pushing him forwards though - maybe making him bigger or pushing the saturation would help him stand out more?

Anyhow, great update, keep it up!

Dude, you are getting some serious improvement. Your paintings are turning out quite nice. Keep it up!

Help me learn, dude! My Sketchbook
@clockodile I totally agree with you about the lizard thing. I wanted to experiment a bit with a "reverse" read, where the lizard isn't the main focus/1st read. I was thinking of how animals can often seem mysterious and played down in the place they live in, like when you see something rustling in a bush or a deer in the distance. You usually don't see the animal before the environment right? I don't know, it was a bit experimental. 20/20 hindsight says it wasnt the best way of showing that but from a conventional standpoint I agree completely! I might revisit it soon to see where it can go, though

Also I think im gonna take the bloodsport thing further. I had started to refine one of the designs but honestly Im not that happy with the hunter designs atm.

@PacaTatuCotiaNao Thanks man! I took a peak at your SB and you got some great work there too. Those master studies are sliiick

Back with some studiess

So i saw something that Anthony jones did, that i sort of used to do in the back of my mind, but seeing him do it inspired me to do it consciously. Basically its just to test yourself every once in a while, seeing where you're at and what you need to improve on, and then focus on that for a while. I know it sounds basic and most of you folks prolly already do this, but I thought id share anyways!

So here was my self evaluation, which I was surprised with. I had a pretty easy time doing most of those (about 30-60 mins each). Theres still some awkwardness in some of them but i feel ive come a good way.
[Image: wipr7m.jpg]

I noticed i needed to work on limbs, so i set out to do some quick studies, these ones 15-30 minutes, and the last one 60 or so

[Image: 2w4cuax.jpg]
[Image: 9jhdef.jpg]
[Image: jzwjev.jpg]
[Image: wrz8de.jpg]
[Image: j08x34.jpg]

And then from imagination

45-60 min
[Image: 2zi0ak3.jpg]

15 min
[Image: k9gu4l.jpg]

60~ min. Could have fixed a lot in the head but im gonna leave it for now
[Image: 2ic410w.jpg]

Cant even begin to say how much fun that was and how much i LEARNED! Doing many short studies where faithfulness to the picture isnt the goal is soooo great. Definitely continuing with this in the future

Derpy sketch,
[Image: 1fv91v.jpg]

I also have couple more head/colour studies, 15/1000 @[email protected] Maybe i should do some speedies of heads next time lol:D
[Image: 257dkhz.jpg]

[Image: vpgeaa.jpg]

Not much atm, been watching some tutorials, working on some more finished pieces and having some really odd off days that I havent had in a while.

Heres a robit

[Image: 2k0znq.jpg]

Some failed anatomy sketches. Aint no shame in em :D
[Image: 2lwk9p5.jpg]

[Image: 254xbuh.jpg]

decided to try a new style to expand mah maind!

[Image: 5b340j.jpg]

Also found this in my picture folder and thought of maybe taking some of them further, any thoughts?
[Image: 2js28m.jpg]
[Image: mcyuma.jpg]

Awesome to see all this experimentation, I absolutely agree that it helps build mental flexibility.

Interesting shapes on your vehicle thumbs, some of them are looking like they have a bit of armour influence? I'm seeing a bit of repetition with the extremely acute triangle shapes on both pages - I don't know if you are aware of it or not but I thought it would be worth pointing out. Whether you want to break out of the habit, or totally go with it, make it work in 3D drawings, and push it further as stylistic signature is an open choice. Anyhow, the shapes are pretty clear looking in these side views, and perhaps the next challenge would be to get them to work in more 3D-looking views - pull out the 1 point perspective or even try a bit of 2 point. Some of them already show a bit of 1 point perspective in the top page with the overlapping shapes, so you might find trying out one of them easier to start with, especially if you draw small.

@Clockodile Thanks for the feedback. I really love armour so theres definitely (likely subconsciously) influence from there. The shapes are just so pretty ;-;. Maybe it would be interesting to them a page or two of them around that idea, in a more conscious way

I didn't really notice the trend of the sharp angles though, I mean I do them somewhat voluntarily but didnt really think it would "stand out", not in a bad way but you know. Maybe that will become my signature! Its kinda cool that something is already appearin that way. And yea I misphrased the question earlier, I meant to ask if any of them seemed worthwhile, design wise, to pursue in a more 3d form! Im leaning towards the first three personally

Some studies. Not much atm cause Im wrapping up something which I think will make a good portfolio piece

Needa get back doing hand studies! Was so rusty at these it was almost embarassing.

[Image: nbbwph.jpg]

More heads! 18/1000
[Image: 29fqcms.jpg]
[Image: 156yafm.jpg]

Also dont remember if I ever shared this, but heres a head from imagination from before I started doing heads in a more consistent and studious manner, for comparisons sake and to see my progress thus far
[Image: 33ffia9.jpg]

Dont often show wip, but heres one of a film study that Im doing strictly for fun and to see if i can alter the colours to make it slightly more interesting

[Image: 2enal3s.jpg]

And I had forgotten why i dont do gestures on my tablet anymore! Some of these felt like I had never drawn in my life before. Didnt end up finishing the 1 hr session cause I just hated the workflow on a tablet
[Image: n2y104.jpg]


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