Marjorie's sketches
Gorgeous paintings Marj! Really liking some of the color palettes you used.

Thanks guys <3

heres something I did for a client from rough sketches concept sketches, composition and scribbles to the final

I start with faces to nail down the over all look/ attitude of the character. it helps me to figure out how she'd carry herself and over all posture. also I letter and number everything so my client can pick out from it or mix 'n match.

[Image: GdWx5l7.jpg]

[Image: CzlbhsT.jpg]

same for goes for the other characters too

[Image: q7b1JSt.jpg]

[Image: xPivJWp.jpg]

[Image: hogWhCd.jpg]

rough comp sketch

[Image: oW4Hgq0.jpg]

got feedback and with that did a refined with a bit of value.
also did a rough color comp.

[Image: k0s77db.jpg]

[Image: 4GrpPB8.jpg]

and got more feedback from there and went to final

[Image: KJgK2KRh.jpg]

*note I used a lot of movie stills (Alien and Bladerunner) for ref for the mood and lighting.


Thanks for showing the inns and outs of illustration process, who did you do this for?

Great progress so far, have you thought about studying perspective? I think that would take your work to the next level.
That is a really good advice! I would suggest the same thing for everyone who hasn't worked on that yet. Perspective is kind of fundamental I think.

That last image has got everything else though - I like the composition, it tells a story, has lots of detail and it makes my eyes jump around the objects and the characters in a loop. I think everything is nicely spread - you have a foreground, a middle and a background creating a nice depth. Your imagination is working awesomely which is the most important bit imo, you just need to keep perspective in mind to make it all work and look professional.

Also using Alien and Blade Runner reference - you get a lot of points for that! lol

That last piece is really cool! Can you name for whom it was?

As for crits I'd say the same, do more perspective studies. Then your edges look kinda "fluffy"... Doesn't look right for the hard-surface materials like metal etc. it gives it an unfinished/sketchy look.

And as Se7enLives said: extra points for Alien and Blade Runner refs <3

Digging that last painting! Particularly that crab thing and the glowy fox, neat designs.

Hey, thanks guys! I really appreciate the feedback and honesty <3
I'm gonna be hitting the books hard for perspective for sure.

and heres some stuff from the streams

[Image: OTv0AGy.jpg]

[Image: 3djrv3o.jpg]

[Image: p7gtSI9.jpg]

[Image: ZXNdhDs.jpg]

Awwwwwwww shhhhhhhhiiiitttttt! those last perspective drawings are phenomenal  Shock 

You are really hitting the art sweet spot and progressing soooo fast its nuts!

Thanks, IrishWhiskey!
Though, I haven't been posting everything I'm doing- so it might seem i'm progressing fast (doesn't feel that way to me) but it isn't everything that i'm doing everyday.

I have a physical sketchbook with studies going and doing some oil stuff also.
maybe once I've filled my (irl) sketchbook I should scan it in and post it here.
it'd be a fuck ton and i dunno if you guys would wanna scroll through all that.

ok enough of my yammering on.

these are from the last few days

[Image: tlzJd6S.jpg]

[Image: E0ZsjRN.jpg]

[Image: ORDUhsG.jpg]

[Image: 2ilLPow.jpg]

[Image: UIlTujH.jpg]

[Image: 6wsiujJ.jpg]

Nice, I like all the planning you did for that latest illustration. One thing I notice in some of your stuff is that I can sometimes see the "layers" too much. I think this is largely an issue with edges, maybe start losing some more edges and blending things into each other would help. other then that its all looking good to me. :)

Great studies!
Did you ever tried merging the shapes more? I mean trying to grasp a majority of the pose (not necessary the outline, but the gesture) with one or two lines? The less the better. It's super fun! Also it does wonders in nailing down the dynamic of the pose very fast and naturally.
Although I can see you do that pretty good already ;)

[Image: rUfiMf1.png]
I would love to see your sketchbook if you can post it. I love the glowy fox and the hermit crab. Keep up the good work!

That's why I missed the forumz. It's good to see good old traditional ilustration instead of bashed foggy environments. Love your stuff <3

that personal piece in post 199 is great stuff (this )

"If you want liberation in this life, there is no area that you do not watch. Watch the breathing, watch the posture, watch the flow of energy, watch the texture of the mind, watch the response to objects." - Namgyal Rinpoche
The figure drawings are looking good! It's nice seeing people study Bridgman.
If you ever feel like taking the subject of figure drawing more seriously, I run a newly started anatomy group called The Crimson Cadavers. Feel free to drop by. We're working on collecting valuable resources for students and the thread is made as an extension of our own sketchbooks, making it easier to get feedback and discuss this particular subject.

Discord - JetJaguar#8954
woah. Just woah. These are all fantastic. I love the studies you are doing for these illustrations and those perspective studies will definitely pay of. I guess it depends on how you work, but have you tried using less perspective lines? Personally I find too many lines constricting and really makes my drawings stiff, dont know whether you have the same problem.

Anyway, keep up the great work and thanks for stopping by my sketchbook :)

HEy Marjorie :)

how´s it going :)

First really cool sketchbook. I really like  your attitude and your "will power" in your sketchbook.

Are you still practice gesture daily? Maybe not only draw in Photoshop. Maybe try to go to a live drawing class once every two weeks minimum. If you already do than just keep it up.

There is definitely a really good progression in your stuff.


whoa you went full back to the basic basics :O


Thanks for stoppin by my sketchbook you guys I really appreciate it :)
I'm gonna try and reply to all you guys (its gonna take a bit)

in the meantime- Heres some scans from one of my 2013~2014 sketchbook(s) theres i think hundred-something pages so its gonna be a bit to scan it all.
So, I think for now i'm gonna post a chunk at a time.

[Image: zBWx9zrh.jpg]

[Image: zPS1cHvh.jpg]

[Image: 9TNdhxZh.jpg]

[Image: AbJo50rh.jpg]

[Image: K9LifEph.jpg]

[Image: Y7ItpW9h.jpg]

[Image: BaP9vOdh.jpg]

[Image: gprjB4Fh.jpg]

[Image: z18ekqsh.jpg]

[Image: eXG6PnNh.jpg]

[Image: M252El7h.jpg]

[Image: zsD3xA4h.jpg]

[Image: A3TkIs7h.jpg]

[Image: oPMuQOth.jpg]


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