Nowio pretends to can draw

Finally I caved in and made an account here! Nice studies here, keep them coming. Concerning anatomy, do you only do these photo studies or are you studying with a book along the way? Of course I'm only speaking of personal experience, but once I got a better understanding of the basic forms that build the body I understood poses etc. better. It also helps me a ton at life drawing. I'm curious about how you'll develop the last idea further, I already like the change from the first to the more dramatic version.


matkaminski Thanks for the compliment! But to be true I think my lines in the 90sek gesture are way too vague... yes as a whole they can read as a figure and have some energy to them but the gestures have little to no structure to them and as you said you can see it in the more rendered ones even more. Gonna learn more about the human body and how it's build :)

Cyprinus Hey! Yeah, you're finally here, too!
Thank you, gonna do more of these and also use Loomis' books and also look up other anatomy references, my sketches look way too unstructured and rough..:/ Want to change that! :D

Was super tired today so as good as nothing show... :(
But I promise tomorrow will be better! ;)

Just threw in some silhouettes and lines... probably gonna play more with it tomorrow until I am satisfied... or just go straight to values or even color

Latest doodles and sketches :)

Also something awesome happened! I went to the first live drawing session in the year and it was great! :D

Heey nowio. Awesome stuff ;) Keep this anatomy going it will benefit your work sooner than you think ;) Keep pushing ;3

@Ramalooke Thanks you! :D I will definitely work more on my anatomy! Right now I mostly go and try do find the right lines and I want to be more confident in that topic so more anatomy studies are on the way! ;)

These are a couple of last sketches I did :D

And I tried myself at a selfportrait... which turned quide okay but I found out that I know as good as nothing about facial anatomy and colors! :D

Don't down yourself, this is actually a pretty valiant attempt.

From photo or mirror?

Also, try and use an even bigger brush to start off with. It might sound funny, but try and use long, confident strokes to block in and you'll end up with a cleaner finished product right out of the gate. Try doing a few portrait studies or at the very least some good skin tone studies. Try sampling a few photos so that you can at least get a sort of color range of skin tone (even if you have to make color palettes from the samples).

Either way good job and keep it up :)

There is usually more on my blog...

Hey we missed you at lifedrawing! :P

I don't think that you know nothing about colours or facial anatomy. I think it's a pretty good attempt! (: Colours are really hard to get I think, they seem a bit light and dull to me here. Like matkaminski said, studies will help a ton, so keep at it!


@Matkaminski Thank you so much for the kind words! But to be true I just guessed and copied what was there and at the end I didn't remember what the hell I did or learnded... Need to be more cautious in the next studies! I will definitelly do more portrait studies and thanks for the tip using big strokes, will try this out! :D

@Cyprinus Sorry that I wasn't there, I was in Hannover helping a friend with a photoshooting and presentation of her costume. It was alot of fun to get into the costume, posing etc. Hope to do this again one day! :D
I will do more studies and try to learn, I think my biggest concern is still getting the colors down, So probably I will try to do mostly color studies in the following weeks.

Aaaand here are the sketches I did in the last days, I was out to Hannover and did a great photoshooting. I was to play Paris from Romeo and Julia but the whole scenario played in Spain in Venetian Era. The costume was hillarious and the shooting was alot of fun and jokes, too. But it was quite exhausting. But now I am rested and full of energy for more studies and drawings! :D

Tried to add some breast plates to the original design, result: it sucks! :D

Some portrait study from photo

And finaly some perspective study, thinking about to getting back to these, too! ;D

See how much better those studies look now that you're approaching them with less scratchy paint swishes.

These are a big step up. Keep that up! :)

There is usually more on my blog...

@MatKaminski Still trying figuring things out but thanks for the heads up! :)

... alright, time to show some stuff :D

Feeling that I don't draw and study enough... I sometimes catch myself just lying there for an hour without reason or start surfing on facebook or other sites for some awesome art without actually drawing anything... D: That needs to change! I have set some personal challenges for february and am looking forward to have these accomplished!

Tried myself at Loomis and as you can see I quite failed right at the basics... Which tells me that I may can copy some things but as it goes into construct things from my head I need alot more to learn! Also more sketches form imagination, colored and in values would be good even if they may suck at first :D

These are the drawings from the live drawing class yesterday. I actually do like some of these! Also had some thoughts that I either need a better setup to take photos from the drawings or get myself a scanner...
As for my current finances I'll prbably have to go with the first, we'll see how that works out! :)

A portrait I did from imagination to see how good my values are. Noticed many things I dislike and also need to work more on my strokes, and anatomy and light... aaaargh!!! >.<

Sorry for the lack of updates... life is happening. I am in a situation where I have to switch internships so I can continue my education and then go to college. So basically I need a new job. A good thing that I can't use any of the work I did in my last job for my portfolio -.-
Anyway I try to stay positive that I will find a place in time :)

However I've managed to squeeze some drawings out. Basically what I've noticed since I left the ad-agency I did my internship in is that my creativity and ideas kinda exploded, I want explore more that to do meaningful stuff...

Some sketches from imagination, also knight is inspired from Dave

Trying some darker stuff, kinda like it so maybe gonna explore it more later

And did some manga sketches. Surprisingly I liked it quite a bit, definitely will play with it :D

For the darker stuff... wins for inspiration.

Anyway... just keep on plugging away, it's looking nice so far.

Try and do more anatomy studies perhaps? On top of doing these longer ones. Pick a style maybe and see if you can apply it to your studies.

There is usually more on my blog...

@matkaminski Thanks for the tip this guy is great!;)

Here is a portrait study from yesterday

And some random doodles, exploring form and value. Also tried to step away from big contrasts.... turns out not as easy but it was fun :D

Portrait study is looking good.

I would recommend to pick good landmarks and try to line things up more. For example, the nose is a bit higher up in the original. To check these you can actually use the rulers in Photoshop.

There is usually more on my blog...

@matkaminski Thanks Mat :D sounds like a good idea, until now I only used the rulers in PS as perspective points for the perspective studies, gotta try it

A random girl from imagination. Tried to push it so far I could but got frustrated as I noticed that I was mostly guessing what goes where... Then trying to push things the way it seemed right and light things accordingly. Won't mention the hair here >.<
Need to do more studies of facial anatomy to gain more confidence for drawing faces D:

Some sketches of hands from photos. Was quite fun but I am thinking to do these on paper as it would be more comfortable... on the other hand it would also be benefitial to practice it on the tablet

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long absence, live to busy and I couldn't keep up with some things...

Now I am back and gonna try to stay active! :D
My most recent investment was a scanner and I already love this thingie. It also makes it easier to put traditional sketches and studies up. There are some bad news, too. My tablet died a week ago, I sent it to Wacom and now hoping thet it gets fixed quickly.
As for now it seems like all the way traditional!

Now these are from the live drawing session last week. I enjoyed it quite alot as it was the first opportunity to draw outside my room but still I think my studies look bad D:

And some random sketches

And a picture I am currently working at. It is a Dishonored fan art of Daud and the empress. Had to put it on hold due to my briken tablet but hope I can pick up working on it soon. Any critiques and tips are very welcome! :)

Your anatomy has started to improve in these recent few posts, keep up the studies!

A couple of thing stick out to me though. In the latter several sketches there seems to be a bit of a avoidance for drawing both hands fully on the characters, or drawing hands in poses - it could be coincidence (I see a few gestured hands further up, and though it is still in an early stage, I like the gesture of the hands in the Dishonoured piece), but if you are feeling particularly uncomfortable with hands, I suggest having a go at studies.

The other thing I was going to mention was the uncertain, kind of rushed-looking lines - mainly in your crosshatching right now, where it gets a bit 'scribbly' in places. Comparing the recent post to your early ones, it is definitely improving though, so just continue to keep an eye on it. The paintings look much better now in this respect actually.

Hope your tablet gets fixed soon!

Yay Nowio, nice that you're posting again! Keep the sketches coming!

I wanted to suggest the same as clockodile actually, about taking more time for your hatching. I also think it looks a bit rushed here and there. I'd also suggest having a look at the anatomy of your profiles again, the ears seem to be placed a little too low, and have a look at how an eye looks in a profile. Especially in the profile of the woman below the boxer it's a bit too long. I can also see your improvement though so keep on pushing!

Totally digging the Dishonored Fanart already, and I'm really curious to see you work more on it as soon as you get your tablet back!


@clockodile Thanks! :D And yeah, I don't particulary like to take the time to draw hands, or anything in that matter as you noticed in my hatching. It get's too scribly and mindless... have to figure out how to work against that... But I'll give my best!

@Cyprinus I will try to take my time and put more thought in my strokes. And yeah I noticed that I am not very confident at drawing faces, think that I'll have to do some studies on it :)

A couple sketches I did, not really studies but I'll put something up later!

And while my tablet is in repairs I do some thumbnail of what I could draw whet I get it back :)

Did a quick sketch of one of the thumbs and concluded that my skills suck... so yeah back to basics!

So for now I'll focus mainly on heads and facial anatomy with the help of Loomis :)


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