Improve or be annihilated! dhArt Sketchbook.
Hello and welcome to my new Sketchbook. :)

My name is Dennis. Im 25 years old and live in Sweden. I started drawing digitally at the ripe old age of 23 after a lifetime of sketching shitty anime/hentai on paper, partying, and playing video games all night. This forum is really bursting with skilled people, And I would love to become one of you! Blushing

Atm, I got nothing but time in my life, so im really pushing myself atm to become better. You can check out some of my old and newer art here:


Older CA sketchbook from 2011ish:

Newer CA sketchbook 2011 - present day:

Here is my old Crimson daggers sketchbook btw. Im REALLY SORRY for not using it, but I forgot my password and dont have acess to that email anymore. Plz dont ban me:

Ok, so heres some art I did today:

Studies and sketches to apply them:

[Image: 9922f8c4_o.jpeg]

[Image: d375747b_o.jpeg]

[Image: ec47fcfc_o.jpeg]

[Image: 524db11c_o.jpeg]

[Image: b75370ab_o.jpeg]

[Image: 57acaeae_o.jpeg]

[Image: 4f40e57a_o.jpeg]

2 sketches from imagination to relax before bed:

[Image: 3bdeeeca_o.jpeg]

[Image: 3fd5af65_o.jpeg]

WIP bloodsport 2 - Swamp elder. Crits plz! In love

[Image: d75f794e_o.jpeg]

Thats todays stuff. More tomorrow! Cya :)
Stuff from today.

Studies and finished swamp elder: Party

Kinda lazy day. Was tired, so I watched a movie in the evening.

Heres some stuff:


Stuff from imagination to apply studies:

More tomorrow!

Nice work!

On the swamp elder, try and think about how lighting affects the environment as a whole. It looks like you are lighting each object individually and with the same intensity without any regard for its relative position to all of the sources of illumination in the scene. Keep going!

Just a little bit of stuff today, but better then nothing I guess. I took some time today to read some artbooks and similar on color. Gonna focus on color this week and see how it goes. Also gonna finish my thumbs for bloodsport 3.

Heres a study and some sketches.

Nice, I'm loving the arm studies, makes me really want to draw some, haha.

Are you using a square brush? Because it looks so similar to my own!
I use good ol round brush 3-5 pixels wide :)

Heres some stuff from today: Light studies. Used a guide for the light, but all faces are from imagination:

Edit: Resized the pics. Sry.


Mostly experminted today. Did some perspective stuff, but its to rough to show. Here's some char stuff and enviroment thumbs as well as some pose studies Blushing

Nice stuff man! Those lighting studies are paying off, imo. Keep doing those for now. Also, they remind me of Saitama from One-punch Man for some reason(same sort of expression, and he's bald).

I also like the anatomy studies; especially how you're doing both stuff from observation and imagination.

Thanks Nexuun! The observation then memory method is the most effective way IMO. I wish I had done it like that when I started ...

Here's 3 sketches from today. I have mostly worked on my Bloodsport 3 thumbnails and character design, but I'll show that on a later stage.

Didn't update yesterday. Was just too tired to save everything and upload and all.

Here is bloodsport 3 stuff. Im doing a lot of planning and preliminary sketching before I start painting this time. Not sure yet how everythings gonna look ...

Barbarian stuff and the bases I did:

Elf stuff:

Valkyrie Stuff:

Wizard stuff. Really not sure how hes gonna look haha:


I love how this is going! Your faces, while correct, are very similar to each other, so you might want to study different facial features and how they combine.
Those grayscale landscapes are just awesome. Keep that up, it's looking great!

BTW: Lol, I couldn't help, but to notice we have the same background. It's difficult to make it when you start so late, right? It could be worse, though.
Keep working, let's make it before 27 Insane, ecstatic

Im just gonna pretend I never stopped updating. Still working hard every day to improve. Here are a few rly recent things:

Rognoll: Thanks! And yes, it's a very frustrating and hard process to start this late. Family/relatives who thinks you've gone mad, no support, and of course, everyone is younger. Some even start 10+ years earlier and by now absolutely crush me in terms of skill.

BUT! It's now or never! You gotta keep fighting. Atleast it's a better time waste then video games or going to the club imo ...

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Some other things. Test pages for comic book project. Been busy with skillbuilding and havn't rly felt like updating any of my internet accounts Sad:

i´m glad i discovered this SB :D
Super nice stuff, the portrait of that brunette girl a few posts earlier is awesome, and i really like this comic project too. The girl has a cool hairstyle.
The expressions are nice, but the character figures look a bit stiff and blocky. Keep doing gesture studies, anatomy, etc. Looks like you already know what needs to be done so, good luck and keep working!

Thanks Eduardo! It's an honor to have you visit my sketchbook! As for the crits, Im working on it every day with daily gesture studies.

Here's some other stuff, all WIP:

Stuff from today.

WIP Outlast fanart:

Sketchbook page:

30 min speedpaint, theme was "Survival Gear".

Some other random character shit (for secret project) that I havnt posted. Made in the last week or so.

Couple a 30 min speedpaints and a movie still study:

dude, nice amount of work ! as you're starting your serious journey, you should put the right mindset directly ( i feel like i've wasted a few years not " thinking " the right way !) so think really hars about what you're doing ! anatomy wise, i think it's cool to learn the shapes of the muscles, but you should be more focused by the simplification of the big volumes ! also try to put as much theory as possible right now, read one new thing and apply it ! make everything sink into your mind, take some time to digest the theory ! anyway, keep it up !

Hey Dennis, I can see you have many cool ideas that are bursting to come out!

I read your comic, cool stuff :D - my only crit with your characters is that they look a little stiff at times, but that's an easy thing to work on - just need to start pushing out lots of gestures, maybe make it your morning warm-up e.g. draw 100 gestures from and really try to understand why the body contorts the way it does to account for weight distribution, etc.

Some advice that helped me a lot with drawing gestures and people is - imagine yourself in such a pose; where would you feel tension and energy shooting out (i.e. line of action). If you still can't *feel* the pose, get up and replicate the pose yourself. ^ ^

Also, I believe what kikindaface said couldn't be any more true ~ once I *switched* on thinking in a curious, always questioning type of mindframe, I've come to understand a lot more about the fundamentals and I'm starting to find different ways to apply this understanding through simple observation.

So yes! Keep it up, Dennis! Lovin' that Outlast fanart... even though he's such a scary son of a... uuughh *cringe* c:

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all

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