Desirulz's Sketchbook Crituqe/Advice Wanted
Commission done

[Image: ObMCOXv.jpg]


[Image: g8iHQgg.jpg]

[Image: B1bMFtH.jpg]


[Image: fTq04h6.png]

[Image: 4yIXJwC.jpg]

[Image: ww0IGkS.jpg]

Hey! I think you made some great progress. I really like those environments.
My advice would be to do a lot of drawing in general. Maybe you already do something similar, but for me it really helpes to do 1-2 sketchbook pages consistently each day. Value studys might be a good idea too, they help to organize paintings better.
And as for books, I would recommend Painting with Light and Color by James Gurney. Sorry if that was already recommended!

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@tinDeer Thanks I already have the Color and Light book. Thanks for the tips.

[Image: lQBYv7n.jpg]

[Image: vRFRG91.jpg]

Haha photobucket got me good oh well you guys can see the new stuff I made I guess

[Image: i3YriLf.jpg]

[Image: I5nz6DH.jpg]

[Image: BzbqUre.jpg]


[Image: PAmDzPj.jpg]

Monsters in the mist paintings

[Image: AMdCDz1.jpg]

[Image: cjx9pcP.jpg]

[Image: oMuIYnR.jpg]

[Image: 5pCylfv.jpg]

[Image: q1COuVJ.jpg]

I am just here to tell you that even if i can't stand this type of artwork you doing(furry).

I will say don't let people like me stop you for doing what you like.Art is like taste everyone got there own.

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