Desirulz's Sketchbook Crituqe/Advice Wanted
Edit : Photobucket got me good so go to the last page for newest drawings.

[Image: I5nz6DH.jpg]

Hi I'm new to the forum and and i want to learn to draw in a cartoon/realistic style and become an illustrator and i have no idea where to start but i have been drawing Antho stuff and painting but i know nothing about about color and light at all. i would like some advice and maybe some good books to start and i also suck at composition but i am willing to learn i am self taught also.

With out further ado here is my art

Going to try to update daily wish me luck :D

Here is the art i have been doing

Life study

[Image: Lifestudyday2_zps85e2468f.jpg]

sketch for someone
[Image: Gummi_zpsbe33bb08.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_n1zbp2yxb81s4qo3to1_500_zpsd2999138.jpg]


[Image: MaterialStudyday3_zps1f3d85db.jpg]


[Image: practice2_zps8890685a.jpg]


[Image: everimetnsketches_zpsc34e5175.jpg]

Color test

[Image: evirmorment2_zpsef18e601.jpg]

I need to do more figure drawing practice i will post more tomorrow :)

Take sometime to play with perspective you will see big change

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@darktiste Alright i will try my best :)

Hey everyone long time no see im starting to actively post places again :) here is a few drawings/paintings I'm working on


[Image: illistartion3_zps1774d17d.jpg]

[Image: paint3_zps6cb0a104.jpg]

[Image: paint1_zps244933b0.jpg]

[Image: speedpaint2_zpse9aad7ec.jpg]

Warm ups

[Image: warmuplivestream_zpsd46afa04.jpg]

[Image: warmup5_zps36334e9e.jpg]

[Image: warnup3_zps03e52fc7.jpg]

Hope you guys like it :)

Hi there. I agree with Darktiste, you should definitely focus on perspective, it looks a bit confused in some of those pieces. Many of us here would recommend Scott Robertson's How To Draw book, which contains some very thorough information and exercises on perspective. As well as this, for a nice little start on it, I personally would also recommend Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling.

Another facet I would suggest working on is your lines in those sketches, they look a bit undefined and wobbly. You should avoid "chicken scratching" your lines and try to communicate more with less lines. Same with your painted stuff, try not to make your strokes too rough.

Anyway, pretty good stuff so far, keep posting!

Hey, to add to StardustLarva and Darktiste's suggestions-- I'd say that when you're shading, try your best to follow the direction of the forms. This is difficult to explain in text, but basically, you're going to want to show the form with your lines and the values.

A lot of your paintings/drawings thusfar lack direction-- You're just throwing your marks on the page without any deliberate thought. Think about how the forms are emerging, and where to place your line strokes. You'll get there!

Just remember to take the advice of your friendly neighbourhood artists, haha, and above all-- Keep drawing! Everyday. Your work has a lot of potential. 088


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I agree with what has been said above. Don't be in a rush to develop the fundamentals of perspective, anatomy, value, composition... These are corner stones of your work. Without a solid understanding ofthese, and sad to say they do take time to develop, your work will always seem "off". Great start, keep working hard.

@StardustLarva Thanks for the advice i actually have "How to draw" book i just haven't been serious with it but now that will change i have been working more now that i have a schedule and I'm doing more focused studies. Thanks again :)

@Bookend I always have trouble with shading but i will continue to practice as much as i can :D And thanks for the advice

@pindurski Thanks for the help and I will :)

I think something clicked in my mind today i started to be more determined and i started to see shapes and colors in pictures i never saw before, and im getting to hang of form :O i guess that is when i start to do focused studies :D

I'm starting with line to help me understand form it is helping alot :) and i finally listened to the advice for drawing with long strokes instead of scribbles but i noticed when draw from imagination i start to scribble i gotta break that habit :)

Here is what i have been working on today


[Image: studies1_zpsb2cd81de.jpg]

[Image: headimaginaton_zpse01a2bc5.jpg]

[Image: legimagination_zps7e9c4ca6.jpg]

[Image: study_zpsd729ccfc.jpg]


[Image: fun1_zps82758514.jpg]

[Image: legsimagination2_zpse8ca34cb.jpg]

that's it for now see you guys and gals tomorrow :D

here is today's work :)

Armour Study

[Image: Armourstudyday1_zps26b3372b.jpg]


[Image: ArmorAngle_zps8cbe484f.jpg]

Armour Imagination

[Image: practice_zps3cf33a05.jpg]

Drawing for someone

[Image: sketch_zps2c12a3ee.jpg]

Collab WIP Line art is not mine im doing the colors

[Image: paint_zps8341d7ce.jpg]

cya guys later :)

Hey bud, best bit of advice I can give you for right now is to work from an anatomy book on construction daily, Loomis, bridgeman, Hampton doesn't really matter whatever you've got/can get. The construction you learn from those books can be applied to pretty much everything you draw. I'm glad to see you doing some life studies, I would omit color until your feeling like your getting your values down correctly. Keep trying to be consistent - It's the biggest struggle when you start studying but you just gotta keep at it.

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Lovely work and improvements. I look forward to more from you!!

Ps. Thank you for swinging by my sketch book. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and all the best.. keep up the great work and Happy 2015

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I think you would improve your shading technique much faster by just drawing still life with pencil on paper. I know it doesn't sound particularly exciting but if you remove the challange of trying to draw something from imagination and the challange of using various brushes and colors in a program, it's easier to focus on essential things. Being able to do hatching in pencil while following form translates well into making brushstrokes with paint (or digital brushstrokes).

Apart from that. Good job :)

@Jonesoda thanks I will try to be consistent as much as i can

@missimoinsane Thanks glad you think i improved :)

@Farvus alright i will try that thanks for the advice

Hello everyone I got sick but now im back in action and have been working again here is what i have.

My character portrait

[Image: test2_zpsf3a0cf44.jpg]

Commission WIP

[Image: jktTgz9.jpg]

Sketches for fun

[Image: fun2_zpshuyb2yul.jpg]

Birthday present for my friend (i suck at drawing people lol)

[Image: birthday_zpsplmblcx7.jpg]

Well that is the main stuff i have been doing now i got to get back into studies :)

more stuff

Life Study

[Image: Stll%20life%20day%205_zpskrx27dpt.jpg]

WIP progress commission

[Image: Finish_zpsqjvoxr09.jpg]

For my friend

[Image: 1_zpssou9mcgw.jpg]

Hi, what I really like about your work is that you have a good balance between studies and imaginative work. I think this is really important. If you only study all the time then you don't know how to apply what you learned and if you only paint from imagination you won't improve that fast. Also I like that you fill the page and paint complete scenes including background. A lot of beginners - myself included - often have single characters floating on a white page. So keep at it. That's great!

A good way to improve your anatomy are gesture studies. I really like using They present you with a lot of different poses and show you a new image every minute (or whatever option you choose) so you really can concentrate on practicing. You might wanna give it a try! I used to do 30min-1h per day. You not only improve your anatomy, but you also learn to put down lines quickly and in the right places at first try. And it's a good warm up before you start with your usual drawings/paintings. Because by then you are all set and ready to go :)

Other then that just keep pushing!

@Tamaira thanks I'm going to try to do more gesture thanks for the advice

Gesture studies all 60s

[Image: 2_zpsimnxxwu1.jpg]

[Image: 5_zpskkohafkz.jpg]

[Image: 6_zpss8huuapq.jpg]


[Image: paint_zpsk3zglfhl.jpg]

Speed paint

[Image: paint_zpstamoeisa.jpg]

Comparing styles between human and wolf

[Image: styles_zpsltkukwaq.jpg]

Here is more stuff

Gestures All 60 seconds

[Image: gestures%205_zpsgvjliugu.jpg]

[Image: Gestures%201_zpsqvyl72nj.jpg]

[Image: gestures%203_zpsd4ahkmsd.jpg]

[Image: gestures%204_zpssqwywwvs.jpg]

[Image: gestures%202_zpsuqctrzdh.jpg]

Imagination stuff

[Image: Imagine_zpsw4arikif.jpg]

[Image: warm%20up%2011_zpsgsez2jpu.jpg]

Colored a sketch I did a few months ago

[Image: 2_zps0vya3yd0.jpg]

That is all for today cya guys later :)

Gestures all 60s

[Image: 1_zpso5zs3aru.jpg]

[Image: 2_zpspyeedpgs.jpg]

[Image: 4_zpsiilk4waf.jpg]

[Image: 5_zpsnx9nc8rv.jpg]

[Image: 6_zps2vb5bhpt.jpg]

[Image: 3_zpspoimqvgs.jpg]

[Image: Imagine%201_zpsofbmkkbn.jpg]

[Image: Imagine%202_zpshuqsqzby.jpg]


[Image: hands%201_zpszyvfw3eu.jpg]

Sketches i have been doing today

[Image: warm%20up%2013_zpsqrmt8vly.jpg]

[Image: fun_zps5qzzgqgw.jpg]

that is all today, tomorrow back to painting studies :)

here is some new stuff


[Image: warm%20up%2017_zpsapvdesqo.jpg]

[Image: warm%20up%2019_zpshwgyczxz.jpg]

[Image: bunny_zpsu8ryaomd.jpg]

[Image: FA_zpsvaun0pqh.jpg]

[Image: naegi_zpssj4dx7zf.jpg]

that is all for today :)


[Image: 1-1_zpsezuisqqc.jpg]

[Image: 1-2_zpsvvvm9von.jpg]

[Image: musle%20practice%202_zpsjw5kqwmy.jpg]

[Image: musle%20practice%201_zpsckifrypx.jpg]


[Image: sketch%20dump_zpsu640ibfu.jpg]

[Image: warm%20up%2017_zpsqhrf92oz.jpg][Image: warm%20up%2030%20FN_zpswhgt9vmi.jpg][Image: warm%20up%2020_zps2x8pdkhn.jpg]


[Image: FA_zpsrwreytno.jpg][Image: FA_zpsow27wham.jpg][Image: speed%20paint%203_zpsmr2jpih0.jpg]

That is most of the art I have been doing :)


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