Not-So-Weekly VLB - 12: Water (The Elements Part 1)
Visual Library Building 12: The Elements, Part 1: Water

I have no dedication -____________-

Alright, this week the visual library building will be based the first of the elements I have chosen. Water. Eventually part 2 etc will be on fire, earth, wind, ice, heart and captain planet.

Water makes its way into a large number of illustrations, probably one of the most depicted element in some way (It's a fact, don't look it up). Rivers, creeks, waterfalls, tears, water mages, elementals, tea, coffee, beer, blood, puddles. Doesn't matter what form it takes, it will still hold some or most of the same properties.

So this week, do some sketches, some quick paintings/studies of water and try and apply it in your paintings. Post your studies and even the application if you want, in this thread.

Thanks for joining and I will try and get into a regular pattern again.

And the boring stuff I will include with every post so that new comers don't have to go searching:
- Each week I will come up with a topic, it can be anything from boots to machinery.
- Find some images to study, but don't just copy them, maybe do some technical drawings, take written notes (I'm not asking you to write an essay, just things worth noting), some specific detail and generally just get a better idea about a topic.
- I think I'm going to put a new one up each Monday (NB: My time, Sunday for the western world.)
- It's not a competition, its really just about sharing knowledge, one person may pick up an interesting detail or a keen observation than another person may have missed. Just building the number of visual cues that can be extrapolated to design something interesting and new when necessary.
- One last thing, the drawings do NOT have to be pretty finished renderings. A quick sketch of a building façade with details marked and notes will have just as much use as a beautifully rendered copy of a photograph. The point is the content and thought behind it, not how well you can render.

Nice topic. Could be taken into many directions!
Here's what came to my mind which could be studied:

- refraction (water in glass)
- waves
- underwater scenery
- waterfall
- light breaking through water (pattern/underwater)
- rain
- puddles
- lakes
- rivers
- water dripping, running down surfaces
- (ice, boiling, steam)

What I've got so far, might do some more...

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Every feedback is appreciated!

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