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I'm kind of nervous about posting because I still consider myself a basic beginner. However, I won't improve as much as I want to unless I get past this fear and put myself out there. So, here is some stuff I've done over the past few weeks. Mostly just gesture and hand studies. Any feedback and critiques are appreciated.

Basic Beginner or not, you seem to at least have a foot in the right direction. Are you in art school, or just self-studying?

There is an immense wealth of knowledge on the web for free, and practice is all that is required.

Keep it up, post often, and you'll improve.


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Thanks for the reply. I'm self study right now. I'm at a two year college going to transfer to a four year and I don't have any studio classes at the moment so I'm on my own until spring semester.
Been working on learning better facial structure and perspective.

Hey heartsworn, no need to worry about posting, remember we've all got to start somewhere! I was really nervous to post as well when I was just starting to really study. I'm glad I got over it though because I wouldn't have gotten to where I am now (which isn't very far yet, a lot further then I was though!)

The drawings in the new post are looking good. Not much to say at the moment otherwise, just keep at it, and keep us updated!

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You're doing good for a self proclaimed basic beginner. I already see you improving a lot. You should try to work on improving your line confidence. Try to do gestures with one well thought out sweeping line instead of slowly scratching at the line until you find it. Some times it helps to hold your hand just over the paper without making contact and do a couple practice strokes before committing to drawing it. Also dont move your wrist when doing it. Use your shoulder and elbow to draw to get more control. Moving the wrist and fingers to draw is only good for doing really, really small details. Good work and keep drawing!

Hello dropping my youtube playlist to help you find interesting drawing tutorial

To improve line confidence a exercise to pratice before drawing:

My playlist:

have a nice day

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Two composition studies done for conceptart.org. I need to work on more accurate values, edges, and shapes.

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