Pandamonio Sketchbook
I started to watch the tutorials from schoolism and the first I did watch was "Drawing Fundamentals with Thomas Fluharty". And I'm making the exercise of drawing a frog and put some values. To be honest I'm getting some difficulties about making the fingers of the frog but i thing I can get it.
I'm here to ask your opinion and get some advises.

[Image: 71RuUHgsenY5aPbLiQNATcA-YoTiWDbC-5-K_TfCQfo]
should fix (image)attachment that are broken and update this post

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
One of the firsts attempts to make a portrait so I chose my one of my favorite characters from game of thrones. It is not ended, but I would like to have critics about this painting. I'm having a bit of difficulties with the values.
[Image: dance2_by_setzer89-d792i4e.jpg]

Cump Panda Toothless
More progression
[Image: dance_by_setzer89-d79l7gx.jpg]

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