Getting dirty; sketched out some thumbnails. It was a grueling process, (figuring out what to draw and deciding which drawing to pick) but I've finally decided with number 8.

I might do a tighter sketch so my research and studies are more deliberate. BUT HEY: I might not.

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Couple more things:

Idea changeee!

Still can't believe how much that last piece took out of me...
Only now starting to dig deeper with this one :/ come on gal!

Anyways, gonna do some photo studies of faces now, hands tomorrow, followed by a couple of material studies and then get down and then tango.

Couple more studiesssss

Come on Man, where are you? D:

I've been studying how to accurately draw the profile of a dude's face, focusing on the lengthening of the front part of the neck (under the chin) and the pinching of the nape of the neck as the head turns upward. Vice versa for when the head turns downward. The subject of my painting is looking down in a profile view, something I wasn't 100% comfortable with, hence my the subject of my studies.

I HATE DAMN HANDS. I took a "So, WTF Do You REAAALLLY Know About Hands?" test and failed miserably. (I hate studying without first, testing my own knowledge of a subject. Why study when you aren't aware of your weaknesses? Studying blindly s a waste of time, and time is something I don't have) So, I decided to draw some hands from my dumb brain and some dumb shit found its way onto the page.

Also sketched a blown up, really loose sketch of my thumbnail.

Tomorrow is going to be a hand day, more than likely studying from bridgeman.

I said, tomorrow is going to be a hand day, more than likely studying from bridgeman, I said.

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Nice! You're making me wish I did more studies before I dived into it...
Notice how I haven't touched the hands yet? >_> haha

May do some more hand studies before I get my arse handed to me as I begin painting them :/

Here are some colour experiments and a current wip, need a break - gonna sketch about and then get back into it

Hahaha! I'm trying to make up for the last challenge by studying a bit more in this one. It would be too easy to just find a specific pose or hand gesture and just study that...but I wouldn't be learning anything; it wouldn't benefit me in the long run.

Yeah, fuck those hands. I don't blame you.

"Draw the hand as one unit first. Then separate out the fingers." I took that piece of advice and raaan with it: my entire study session stemmed from my own hand as reference while thinking of that tip I read online. It helped tonnns.

Smrrfette, your color experiments are so fricking awesome. GOd.

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Study of JACK-MAN

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Line drawing of the dude. All I have to do is play with some colors and renderrrr...this will be a very enlightening 7 days.

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Here are the base colors for the line dude. Now he's color dude.

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Great stuff Man, you're working your ass off for this one -- so inspiiiriiiing!

You've certainly earned that rest :D

Update 2)

Thinking I'm 50% done... or a bit more, we'll see.

I have a bunch of xmas things I need to work on, so if I can't finish this before the 12th... well then shitballs! :/
haha, I probably will though

Anothuh updatuh

I'm so happy I have sunday and tuesday off; two full days to work on this image before the deadline. In the meantime, I have to optimize my time after work, which usually gives me 4-5 hours to render this BISHHHH.

Well THANKS DUDE, you leave me no choice but to work hard; your work inspires me to push myself! Ever since I cut out random browsing online, according to my calculations, I am now 5723.59% more efficient.

Is the xmas stuff for your friends COOOL?

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Another Update

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I hit a wall, trying so hard to continue pushing this until thursday. But as of now, I think it is physically impossible for me at my current level to render it any further, simply because I don't know how lol

BUT! I will keep trying, keep pushing. My next and last update will be Thursday.

I don't know about you smrrfette, but this parnership has pulled something out of me that I didn't even know existed haha

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FUCK IT I'M DONE. There's nothing else do HOWEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR, with each passing day, I will probably see something different or off. So it's better to just call it done now. Time to move on (sorry for the spam posts)

Final Image:

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Congrats Man! I see a lot improvement in this one. Awesome <:

But yeah I'm calling this one "done" too.
(It's not 100% done, but I'm calling it - have wayyy too much to complete before xmas :/)

I also hit a bunch of walls while working on objective 2... and yet, I didn't spend anywhere near as much time on this than objective 1 o_o

But shit, I learned a tonne!

I think we should give ourselves a bit of time before objective trois :3 , maybe after xmas or the New Year's ... or at least do studies/a smaller assignment or something? Idk
maybe I'm just saying this 'cause my brain is still sizzlin' haha

Also: *HIGH FAIVES* objective 2 completed(-ish)!!

I think your piece is truer to the challenge; it's cool how you showed the pressure of the fingers on her face. Very cool!

Yeah, I read that you were working on some stuff for your friends and family! PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! :P

If you want a break, we can wait until New Years before we start our next objective. It will be difficult to divide time amongst the challenges and family; neither would have our full attention.

Consider this a filler arc hahaha season 2 will start next year c:

OR, like you mentioned, we can do smaller segments of studies, shorter challenges. It doesn't bother me which one we choose.

HIGH FIVE! *clap*

Thanks Man! Though - I know I could've done a lot better with it and blah blah blah :P

HAHA yeah I'm finally able to get started on 'em! One of them is going to be some kind of Red Dead Redemption fanart-ish piece and the other a Steel Panther thing, ugh xD - catering to my friends interests! Oh as well as 2 tattoo designs, which is awesomeeee!

As for studies and stuffs, Idk - I guess I'm gonna be focussing on still-lifes and anatomy studies 'til the end of the year ('specially landmarks, drapery anddddd heads).

Man, I'm so happy we started this study group up - it has helped me immensely and hopefully you feel the same way about yourself! Setting ourselves challenges like this is going to help us out so much in the future - meeting deadlines and improving our skills (though we're already improving on them now :3)

So yeah, lets keep it up at usual!

YESSS! you guys rock the town!!! FEAR THE DANGER SQUAD


[Image: GogoYubariGiggle.gif]

We're back.

We are currently deciding on a topic and then round 3 begins...
with... 3 DANGER'S to beware of:

1. Mannyhaatz
2. smrrfette
and proudly introducing,
3. M.Calza

We as 3 are apart of an elite squadron.
One that does not falter against the perils within the "human state of mind" - we are each our own State
Of mind.
We look Fear in the eye... before taking Him hostage.
We are DANGER. Beware, DANGER.

Objective 3:
The piece needs to include a person of some sort, a creature of some sort and should include a background. All three elements should tie together in unity. Fan-art is accepted.

Deadline: 29 01 2014
Can submit before deadline.


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