Here's mine o/, highly inspired by Alexandre Zedig's work (if you don't know him check it out http://zedig.cghub.com/)

I don't think it's a portfolio piece, but I learned somethings from it.
That's it for me I guess o/

You're a legend Matheus ^ !! Great work, really kicked my butt when I saw your piece (I was like "oh shit! There's meant to be some sort of creature in this objective o_O" it's even worse, 'cause I presented us with this challenge haha)

After starting over 3 times, I'm kiiiind of happy with this. Kind of. Only because it took about 8hrs as opposed to the other DS objectives I've completed.

Inspired by real life events - the Pope released two Dove's in the Vatican as a gesture of peace... but moments later they were attacked by a crow and a seagull lol. Talk about a metaphor.
if I started this earlier, I would have made some changes in regards to concept so that it would be more illustration-based. But hey, still learning.


Mm. I'll be better next time.
AND ON TIME LOL. Or may the God of Hellfire smite me with his fiery metal buttocks.

-Siiiigh- sorry guys for the lateness. But I'm finished now!

Wonderful job guys! You two....ooooooohhhhhh you two make the body feel good. Such powerful assets to the DANGER SQUAAAAAD!

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