Starring smrrfette and mannyhaatz! It's us just trying to do the damn thing.

There will be blood. (there won't be blood)

This thread will be a conglomerate of many things in the beginning. Hopefully, we will become more streamlined in terms of routine as we progress. As we LVL UP and PROGRESS, I said. Feel free to stop by and lend some advice!

smrrfette's dA

mannyhaatz' dA

lmao yes!


This thread is about pushing ourselves to the limit with any kind of challenge we assign ourselves at random times. We start "small" - finishing pieces to absolute completion from generators and such, until we eventually move up to competing in CHoW, but most importantly - Bloodsports. After certain increments, we may switch from generated design briefs, etc to a CHoW/EoW (or something similar, w/e) to note any weaknesses or improvements and strive to get better.

We'll be posting wips, sketches, studies and anything pertaining to the assigned challenges in this thread (including the finished piece :3). Individual studies not to do with said challenges will remain in our sketchbook thread alone. Although if we both decide that instead of a challenge we would like to study a specific thing together e.g. hands, then that'll go in this thread as well. Finished pieces will also be posted in the finished pieces/critiques thread in hopes of receiving any crits.

Anyways, that's the gist of the DANGER SQUAD Th_113_

Any comments are welcome :3

1st objective:

Use the character generator and create a 100% finished piece of the generated char. Sweat and blood must be put into this piece. Due Monday.
- Task assigned by Mannyhaatz

ref gallery setup for future studies and such and wip:

Yeaaaah, everything smrrfette said, but x10 :P (i love 'the mask')

Here is some exploration in my generated character via skehtchins

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^ Nice onnneeeee. haha yes, The Mask = one of my earliest inspirations :3

Couple more studies I managed to get in before murdering some hay:

Also, I think it'd be nice to post the generated profile here. For control purposes o: idk

Character Name-Lawanda Shunji

Character Archetype:
Character Type-Villain
Archetype-Honorable Villain
Role-Corrupt Warrior/Soldier Type

Physical Traits:
Body Type- Thin/Fragile
Skin Tone-Light Moderate/60%-70%
Face Type-Round Type
Hair Color-Blond Variation
Hair Style-Coiled Type
Hair Length-Short
Eyebrow Shape-Curved
Eye Shape-Oriental Eyes
Eye Color-Brown
Ear Shape-Very Small
Nose Shape-Nubian Nose
Lip Shape-Very Fleshed
Skin Variants-None
Facial Hair-None

Clothing Era-Ancient Roman Fashion/Clothing
Clothing Type-Fur Type

Neck- None
Left Arm-None
Right Arm-None
Left Hand-None
Right Hand-None
Left Leg-Leg Band
Right Leg-None
Left Foot-None
Right Foot-Anklet

Weaponry-Blunted Type

Cool choice for your blunt weapon!

I have a 3-4hr window after work to study and sketch out ideas. So whatever I decide to focus on has to be REALLY SPECIFIC. So here is a little sketch I did at work (so I can flesh it out tomorrow) and a more explored version of my character.

Character Name- Cedric Mizutani

Character Archetype:
Character Type- Hero
Archetype- Hot Shot Hero
Role- Comedic Performer Type
Gender- Male
Zodiac/Element- Sagittarius/Fire
Powers- None

Physical Traits:
Body Type- Undefined/Moderate
Height- Moderate/6ft+
Skin Tone- Light/40%-50%
Face Type- Square Type
Hair Color- Brown Variation
Hair Style- Curly Type
Hair Length- Moderate
Eyebrow Shape- Angled
Eye Shape- Hooded Eyes
Eye Color- Blue
Ear Shape- Large
Nose Shape- Turned up Nose
Lip Shape- Very Fleshed
Skin Variants- None
Facial Hair- None

Clothing Era- Traditional Turkish Fashion/Clothing
Clothing Type- Heavy Wear Type

Hair- Fascinator
Head- None
Neck- None
Left Arm- None
Right Arm- None
Left Hand- Rings
Right Hand- None
Left Leg- None
Right Leg- None
Left Foot- None
Right Foot- None

Weaponry- Launching Type

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Keeping fingers crossed for u, people. Good luck!

For motivation:


It's a somewhat solitary existence, a bit like a lighthouse keeper throwing a beam out into the darkness, in faith that this action might help someone unseen.

BombMy Sketchbook (critique welcome)Bomb
kerm, you legend!
Thanks for the support <3

more stuffs, staying away from it for a couple of hours methinks. So many juicy problems faced ... and a butt-tonne to come.
Must reset!

Ok, now I will have Cuban Pete in my head all the day ! :D
Great start guys, can't wait to see the final ! (I've planed to do that too, the character generator is an awesome tool, but I can't find the time ! D: ...poor time managing meh :( )

Pardon my english.
These characters sure help with design sense and costumes and stuffffffffff and sheeeeeit!

Sorry for the lack of studies, I study the style guide before I begin each day so I can essentially apply what I observed onto my character. It helps me, especially since I don't necessarily have time to do a focused set of studies along with working on this biiish. (oh, and sorry for not posting the style sheet too. I'll upload it with my final image.)

A load of WIPS, thus far.

Attached Files Image(s)

Here is the final dude and images i looked at during the creation of this guy.

Attached Files Image(s)

Finally, it's complete:

Higher res here on my dA

Alright, time to fall in on myself and froth at the mouth c:

*High fives Mannyhaatz for mission complete!*

That's what the hell I'm talking about; great job smrrfette!


i failed the side quest though ): we almost had that 100% completion rating haha

Hell yeeeeeessss!! Right back at you Man! Oh right, forgot about the secondary objective :'( poop. Oh well haha, we'll work side quests into the bigger picture... some day, idk haha

So, I got dibs on our 2nd project right? Mwehheheh
*rubs hands together maniacally*

Alright, gonna think about it!

Btw, what time is it wherever you're at?

Yessssss, I'm excited for what you are plotting! It is almost 11pm over here...Gradually approaching the shit hours of the night...

Hahahaha and damn what a funny time difference o_o when you posted that, I was coming up to 4pm. Though definitely manageable!

Well, by the time you wake up, I'll have the next project will be up for sure :) ... and by the time you see it, I'd probably be asleep o_° lol

Anyways, gotta get back to it and make it triiiickkyy >:D o/

Objective 2:

Create a male or female portrait/bust. Can be any genre. But the focus is taking the head and hands (especially) to a finished render.

With an emphasis on both the head and hands - you must compose the character's hands well within the painting.

Example: http://dahlig.deviantart.com/art/The-Oracle-50266146

Due: 12 Dec 2013
(so I hope to see some juicy studies and wips in the upcoming days ;) )

Time 2nd objective set: Thurs, 28 Nov 2013, 7:48PM

Now THIS is a challenge, in every sense of the word! The studies will be aplenty; juicy, tangy, citrus flavored studies.

Feels good to study with a purpose, with a goal in mind.


Yeah it is HAHA :D

I know what you mean, I love this feeling!

Here's an amazing resource I found, hopefully it helps

Good luck to you too Man! Lets kick some aaaaaasssss!! 088

Mmk, objective 2 initiated :3

rough ideations, refs, still researching though

gonna go sketch in my sketchbook & listen to music to help develop on my current idea.


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