Cal's Sketchbook
Random art I've done so far.

[Image: Death2TheTurkey_by_califfguzman.jpg]

[Image: mega_cute_by_califfguzman-d6m7t72.jpg]

[Image: secondaryeducation_by_califfguzman-d6ry9ad.jpg]

Welcome to the forums, fellow dagger!
Really like how you seem to be able to handle different drawing styles, wanna see more ;D

sweet art, full of vitality and life
the megaman one i like especially
the dbz shirt is cool too (saw it on your blog).

a training quote i saw on a guy's shirt while i was in bangkok said "TRAIN INSANE OR REMAIN THE SAME". the shirt was bright orange with powerful block caps black text that filled the whole shirt, and it was awesome. a lazy guy who looked dazed was wearing it and he was kinda meandering around the park aimlessly in, but i think he must have been doing some secret energetic chi walking disguised as aimless junk food addict walking. anyway, i googled for shirts with the text and they're all crap, but the reason i mention it is because the shirt i saw was printed in a similar font and style to the YOU DECIDE text on your design. i think you decide is a great text for your shirt design.

we await your glorious studies, as you bring your future into being! you are full of passion and love and the destruction of many pixels and pencils awaits.

"If you want liberation in this life, there is no area that you do not watch. Watch the breathing, watch the posture, watch the flow of energy, watch the texture of the mind, watch the response to objects." - Namgyal Rinpoche
Wow great stuff so far man! Like adzerak i love how yore trying to tackle different styles and not limiting yourself to one.

but on the last image i love the composition and colors but the lighting needs work (stops at the edge of the firms like rim light instead of wraping around the form and falling off) and the anatomy (no neck, extremely wide shoulders, abnormally skinny waist, short legs, etc.

Keep it up! :)

Hey Califf! Thanks for stopping by my sketchbook! I love your stuff, though you should post more! I can't quite figure out your style. Anyway, keep it up!

[Image: DoIt.jpg]

[Image: NTF_Invasion.jpg]

Thank you guys so much for all the positive words.
I will keep posting more work. Yes I am still having a lot of fun doing as much growing as possible (stylistically)

I like the pixelated effect on the skulls eyes. Makes me nostalgic for the old SNES days. Cool sketch book man.

Thanks Haze!
Dead on. Going back to the things I love

(12-03-2013, 05:29 PM)Hypnagogic_Haze Wrote: I like the pixelated effect on the skulls eyes. Makes me nostalgic for the old SNES days. Cool sketch book man.

That is the first thing that came to my mind as well.
[Image: ThunderForceLogo.jpg]
First Official Team Logo! Going for that Robocop meets Power Rangers meets silver hawks. Hopefully I nailed it.

[Image: tumblr_myc3p8fCUP1sffpxio1_500.jpg]

Aged a frame and did a long study in graphite & ink. Gave it to someone who means a lot to me and will take better care of it then I would.

Thanks Mariyan


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