My Sketches
Hello Guys,

My name is Gilbert Jansen, an Indonesian who attended the 1st Bali Illustration Workshop event,
and willing to start my sketch dumpster here :p

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Welcome to the daggers, Gilbert!
Oh nice, I'm sure you've been learning heaps ~

These gestures are looking good; would like to see moreeeee pls :D

Yea! what she said :D

love those gestures! great flow and movement!

Hello Guys,
i tried to do the practices every single day, but well .. i am failed ..
will try harder !!

Thank you so much for your visits
Here are the others updates :)

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It's always possible to find time to draw every single day ;)
Even if it's in 5-10min increments over every couple of hours or so on a "busy day" - in the end, that could still amount to 1hr of drawing! Gotta make every minute count ~

If you forget to bring your sketchbook with you as you travel or whatever, just observe things around you. Really pay attention to how light interacts with different surfaces, etc!
Make notes in a notebook, a magazine, a flyer, a receipt, your hand or arm if you have to!

Anything you can use to jot down a new discovery in your observations.

Unless of course - you have a great memory and attention span lol. In which case, you lucky thing haha.
But once you have observed something from nature and picked up on something interesting, try to apply it when you have the time!

Observation and thinking is key! And time management.

Keep it up, these figures are looking swell - I know you have it in you! Just keep going Gilbert!!

Thanks Steph,

i will keep reminding myself to do that :)
i spent 2 hours to make the last doodle

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more doodle

try to do something different (again)
rendering (again)
real photo from mjranum deviantart, he has good samples for practice there :)

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done, and continuing practice again

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i train my self to make a good line and value, train my brain and muscle to be comfort with it,
doing the gesture from (this site helps a lot)

got new assignment to do someone's face

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its been very long time since i post my practice results, now i will post to redeem my lazyness :p

this is step by step of recent work i did, a lot of revisions needed
i guess i need more and more fundamentals practices

skin tone practice


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