Danilov's Sketchbook
I will upload some drawings in chronological order to reflect my progress during the last 4 months (plus a couple of the first pencil drawings). Then I will keep updating it with WIPS and ideas as I create new concepts/tackle new studies throughout 2014.
My first drawing(s) XD

By this point I realized I loved the idea of being able to create something from nothing so much that I wanted to try learning about drawing and painting seriously. I really wanted to get into color but supplies (copic markers, quality drawing paper, black waterproof ink) were really expensive so I saved all my money and got a Wacom Bamboo small. The first software I used was Gimp and these were my first attempts at digital drawing/painting:

I really like Adi Granov's work and I was determined to make a tribute I would be proud to show him if I ever met him, the Ultrons were made (36 hours in Gimp, final size of the image is 5000px by 5000 px I'll upload a scaled version):

At this point I felt scared and frustrated of digital, so I went back to pencils and what felt more natural to me:

After two days of stressing myself out I got a message on DA from someone that I respect very much, and I felt motivated to try again but this time I accepted I was likely to fail again at drawing what I imagined (also at this point I had no idea that professionals use reference on a steady basis and to be able to draw from imagination takes years of study, so I started drawing and painting by using reference combined with adding my own twists) :

I always would turn to line drawing, as I was scared of colors, so I tried my first study which was a failure:

But I told myself I had to keep going, my heart was set on this, I felt a freedom I haven't felt before in my life, my imagination could run free:

I kept this back and forth between digital painting and clean linework as I was getting comfortable with digital painting:

Working on Mr. Wolf, on the characters was something I like to do so I made it so it didn't feel like a chore and every failure was a step forward:

At this point I was not happy with my drawing skills for the comic book. I saw artists like Mario Vasquez and James Zapata using something they called: value painting. So I thought that's amazing, no color distraction, just values to build up characters.

And working on Mr. Wolf in between

At this point I was drinking 2 redbulls a day sleeping 5-6 hours a night. I felt so tired. I had all these ideas and the frustration kept growing.
Then in November, James Zapata replied on a comment I left him saying: "stop trying, and just do it". It became my new work folder and since then I've started drawing believing I could do it.

Then I found the Breaking Art group on facebook run by John Silva and Jo Reffelia (among many other amazing concept artists):

And kept going with my own ideas breaking away from reference more and more and trying to use James Zapata's "dynamic brush technique" as I call it to see new shapes and forms:

I hope you didn't fall asleep until you reached this point. This sums up my 4 months so far into digital drawing and painting. I will keep this sketchbook updated with new stuff, perhaps once a month. Thanks for watching! And suggestions, critique is welcomed (if you can suggest a way to also correct the mistake/ or a suggestion of what art book I should read and so on, it would be amazing!:D ).

Happy painting!

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hi there i hope you keep yourself busy with tutorial if not here a suggestion

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
(01-11-2014, 11:17 PM)darktiste Wrote: hi there i hope you keep yourself busy with tutorial if not here a suggestion

Thank you Darktiste I will surely check it out, and thank you for checking out my sketchbook:)

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