Jesu sketchbook
please help me be better
[Image: attaOaG.jpg]
[Image: GM0Tsb4.jpg]
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nobody help me?
At first i think you should practice your line quality. Try to make your lines more fluid ( play with brush dynamics in program where you drawing). At second it is a little bit strange for me that you started from hands - one of the most challenging to draw part of human body. What i recommend, is to start learning how to draw human figure from gesture drawing (very important thing to learn), and then move to anatomy of torso, head, legs, hands and feet... ( i love how M. Hampton explaine this things also i would recommend to buy his book) One more important thing is learn basic shapes like cubes, cylinders, cones and ect (which i see you started) You should draw hundreds of them (don't think about value at this stage. Focus on perspective! Find some books about this (don't know what to recommend, maybe some academic stuff...) And also check this class, which opened a few weeks ago: Make all assigments and read Tul's instructions) Good luck!)
p.s. sorry if my English is not correct in some places, I'm still feel not pretty comfortable using this language ^_^

Hey there, I agree with Nikt, linequality is important, also keep the hard edges hard and solid.
I thing this video series by Shaddy Safady will be of great help to you, he compares making pen strokes with swordslashing and is all around a cool fella.

Dont worry, we all make mistakes at the start, but you will get better, if you keep pushing yourself and studying thing that you have difficulty with.


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