thanks AJCC
quick update for today, had a quick painting battle, the theme was 'scarred landscape'
so here is mine;
[Image: 2012-03-18%2006.52.16%20pm.png]
unfortunately i lost my sketchbook in the louvre so i can't update with anything i did in paris! :( lost all of my life drawings too which sucks, but hey, it was still hugely inspirational
my orange has finally gone mouldy so im going to paint it again

my orange is finally gone off so i painted it again, ill though so haven't been extremely productive
[Image: mouldy%20orange.png]
might do another when it's even more gone off

sumo study for bloodsports 8 (doing fat wizard)
still having troubles with faces
[Image: Sumo%20Study.png]

That scarred landscape is lookin good man.
oops havent been updating in a while, so here goes!
thanks dennis!

first up are some photos i took in the louvre, unfortunately i only had my fisheye lens on me but HEY
these are all paintings by Rubens in the Marie de' Medici cycle, it's a series of paintings which were commissioned by the french royal family,
they were seriously the best paintings i've ever seen haha, the photos don't do them justice

[Image: DFt3w.jpg]
[Image: cN4By.jpg]
[Image: AogbF.jpg]
[Image: ftZYT.jpg]

also a photo i took in the paris catacombs, didn't get as many as i hoped down there because it was so dark, and they did not allow flash
[Image: on1iC.png]

next up an oil version of one of my previous pieces, not really finished but i doubt ill do much more to it, i need to get better photos of my work :p
[Image: fq78W.png]

finally a couple of quick environment speeds, not sure if ill take em any further
[Image: kZ3Uf.png]
[Image: Bla5l.png]

[Image: TotemResized.png]

Good stuff here! I like that last painting, but I think you should make the focal point (the center of the explosion in the crater) a bit lighter, making it glow more, just my opinion ^^;

Thanks isra, i think you're right, maybe ill touch it up later!
for now some character design, definitely my weak point, was a challenge!
[Image: shaman.png]

You've got some nice environments and landscapes from what I see, but your character design definitely is lacking in comparison. The proportions of the man above are pretty messed up, his hand almost reaches his knee :P I'd maybe study proportions a bit before diving too much into character design

Thanks for sharing those pics! You're coming along nicely, your brushwork could use a little variation in size and shape, but your value are really coming along nicely.

Forrest is right about those proportions. The whole lower half needs to be extended quite a bit. I did a quick transform to give you an idea. Also, watch the transition on that beard. It feels very pasted on atm.

hey guys, thanks for the feedback, it helps!
here is a revised version, tried to fix the proportions by extending his lower body, shorting his arms slightly and making his head a bit smaller
also added some textures!
[Image: shaman3.png]

just a very quick study of a photo i took in nepal
around 30 mins
more later!
[Image: nepal%20study.png]

finished something!
been working on it a while, and i think it's gotten to the point where i'mg murdering it by working any more on it
so here we are
[Image: Foundry-resize.png]

very quick studys from the film 'Up' for an upcoming piece, trying not to get caught up in details
[Image: UP%20studys.png]

Beautiful landscapes man!
thanks dennis!
ok ok updates
blade runner study for upcoming bloodsports
[Image: BladeRunnerStudy.png]
another extremely quick ridley scott study
[Image: ridleyscottstudy1.png]
2 hour painting battle
[Image: paintbattledust.png]
meh some random environment doodle
[Image: fat%20wizard%201.png]
nepal study!
[Image: nepal%20study%202.png]

i've been a bit busy helping put together an exhibition my class and i are doing, but here are a few things i've been working on!
first of all bloodsports 10, molly millions
there isn't any chance of me finishing for the deadline because i've been busy, but i am planning on finishing it within the next week hopefully, so here is some of the work i've been doing for it;
comp sketches
[Image: millioncomp1.png]
[Image: millioncomp2.png]
another quick blade runner study
[Image: bladerunner3.png]
some head sketches, probably going to go for the third or fourth
[Image: molly%20millions%20head%20studys.png]
some other stuff i've been working on;
quick 30 minute lasso tool sketch
[Image: lassobattle.png]
some semi-abstract oil landscapes, sorry for bad photos
[Image: Landscape1.png]
[Image: Landscape2.png]
[Image: Landscape3.png]
[Image: TZ8WF.png]
have a few more traditional pieces to upload too!

some creature work! pretty happy with how this came out, but more so because i managed to complete it in a day :p
[Image: froglul.png]

Hi there, i haven't posted in a while but i've been doing stuff! first of all i was in asia for 3 months over the summer which was pretty incredible and inspiring, now that i've started uni again i'm goign to start an intense work schedule and do lots of studies. here is some of the stuff i've done since i've been back from asia.
[Image: Finish.png]
[Image: trad.png]
[Image: 2012-10-03%2007.55.12%20pm.png]
[Image: boobs.png]
[Image: 2012-10-09%2006.12.52%20pm.png]
[Image: armor%20study1.png]

Welcome back :) Your environments are awesome, & this last guy looks great to. keep at it Man.

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