thanks jonesoda!
[Image: armorystudy2.png]

^^ Saw you streaming the last one. Nice study, It came out great!
Thanks shelshock, and thanks for watching haha
here's a warmup sketch i did, had another but it mysteriously disappeared from my harddrive :|
[Image: warm%20up%20sketch.png]

[Image: rogjprgnrepgnre.png]
[Image: thumbsssss.png]
a few figure drawing studies
[Image: figurestudies.png]
terrible photostudy
[Image: anotherphotostudy.png]
experimental life drawing!
[Image: life1.png]
[Image: life2.png]
[Image: life3.png]
my studio!
[Image: life4.png]

small updatee
sargent study from today, fuck he knows colour!
[Image: Colourstudy%20day%201%20-%20master.png]

couple of unfinished studies from earlier in the week
[Image: MORESTUDY.png]
[Image: studystdt.png]

Just cruised around your sketchbook, I dig what I'm seeing. You seem to be gartering a nice understanding of cloth, color, and landscapes! If anything I'd build up your mental library in terms anatomical stuff and proportions a bit more though.

Overall? Lookin' good man <:
Thanks Einver, you're right about proportions/anatomy; working on improving that at the moment!
some stuff from the today and yesterday
still life study
[Image: Day%202%20-%20still%20life.png]
quick landscape study, i want to go to burma!
[Image: Day%202%20-%20landscape.png]
some anatomy
[Image: Anatomy%20week1.png]

forgot to upload, oil painting for my course!
[Image: Hariotte.png]

todays colour study!
i need to get faster, this was supposed to be 1hr30 but i spent longer ( i think about 2hr15) and didnt actually finish it, im hoping this will come with time, but any tips are appriciated!
[Image: colour%20study%20day%205-%20full%20body%20nude.png]

working 1000x more effectively now im following a schedule!

todays stuff
start of a landscape in oils, pretty abstract at the moment, but it will be a landscape soon!
[Image: traditional%20landscape%20start.png]
todays landscape study, I HATE BUILDINGS, why do they exist...
[Image: day%205%20-%20landscape%20study.png]
more anatomy work, getting on some more loomis
[Image: ANATOMY%20DAY%205.png]

Great work man, spot on colors!

lovely paintings here!
cheers guys,
todays studies!
im ill so not working so well ha, but here we go
quick movie study from harry potter
[Image: day%206%20movie%20study.png]

artist study of james guthrie,
just herding some geese you know
[Image: day%206%20master%20study.png]

amazing studies, dude! and your studio is inspiringly messy. =D
great stuff you got here. nothing else to say :D

thank you raman :)
todays anatomy work and portrait study
also started a couple of oil portraits today which are going well, photos soon!
[Image: anatomy%20day%207%20from%20books.png]
[Image: day%207%20portrait.png]

ugh i think being ill and in a room with white spirit is really getting to me, todays update
no study today cause i spent longer in the studio
todays anatomy, pretty bad, but im getting faster at least
[Image: day%208%20fuck%20anatomy.png]
some life drawing
[Image: life%20drawing%202.png]
some experimental life drawing, have much more but not really worth uploading
[Image: life%20drawing%20one.png]
closeup of an oil painting im working on, i think its going well but my head is scrambled so im not really sure
[Image: closeuplinn.png]
time for some personal work

had to go home for the weekend for a funeral so didnt have my tablet, did some traditional anatomy work though, have a big essay to write so not much, but heyyy
quick unfinished sargent study might finish it tomorrow
[Image: day%2010%20master%20study%20sargent.png]
[Image: anatomytrad.png]
[Image: day%2010%20anatomy.png]
some doodles
[Image: doodle.png]

I understand fully the value of and concern with getting things done in a specific time frame, but dont stress about it. One thing i keep hearing from my more experienced artists is to "let your art take the time it needs (within reason)" or "if you're thinking to much about the clock, your wasting mental energy" or something like that. HOWEVER, its a good exercise, keep doing it, you will get a lot quicker. Just remember most of the speed comes from familiarity and mastery, not cramming yourself into time constraints. Just my opinion, informed by a few others.

Great work by the way, really digging the expressive stuff juxtaposed with your "tighter" work. I'm kind of trying to play both sides myself.
Thanks Jkutz! i see what you mean but i think this applies more to personal work, im trying to get my studies faster for efficiency :P
todays unfinished still life, about 1hr45
[Image: day%2011%20stll%20life.png]
some hands
[Image: hands%20day%2011.png]


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