No gain without pain.
Hi! I'm beginner and this Sketchbook will show my progress. In past I tried to improve my skill, but I failed very soon. After year i gonna start again. Here is Sketchbook that shows my progress from 1 April to 14 Aprill 2014. Enjoy 047

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Not enough. Yeah... Here is wip of next pic and doodles

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Hey welcome! you know, this stuff is like running or going to the gym, you have to endure it until it becomes fun. :)

So far, i would recommend you to hammer the basics like there is no tomorrow.
I checked your CA sb and it looks like you are already trying with loomis, i say to keep studying it.
I started watching tutorials from xia taptara and daarken (just search them on youtube if you are interested) and studying classic paintings helps a lot too.
Now that you are on conceptart, go search for Algenpfleger or Miles Jonhston sketchbooks, i imagine those should still be there, you will basically see all they did to become awesome.

Hello! Thank you for checking.

I thought a very lot about what all of these guys doing on their sketchbooks. What definitely help u a lot. What is better to avoid.. And I came to the conclusion that studying without creating - bullshit. I'm sorry but it's my own truth. A lot of people doing stuff like "100 self portraits" "regular photo studiyng" "tons of master studies"and that does not bring to good artistic skills without creating. Now my process looks like this "If i see some problems with light in my last picture, I' gonna fix it" or "Maan... what's wrong with her face. I'm gonna fix it with some references in a next paintings". About Hannes, Dave, Miles, Noah etc. I read it and analyze it many times. And i'm gonna say - studying without creating not improve you because "art process is intuition, and requires asking questions to urselfes first to really achieve an understanding". Actually i mean that creating will improve me better than studying. Of course I will studying some basic stuff but later when i really need it. Thank you.

Sorry for my bad english (I study it :D Russia have a shit english program in schools)

Last pic that i did. Not happy with it.

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Hey Welcome to the site man, also youre english is'nt that bad(i've seen much worse from people who actually do speak it as theyre main language XD.)

About the studying without creating thing, it's defineitly true to some extent, I went through a long period where I pretty much did nothing but study's and I did improve but I sorta burned myself out on art from it for a while plus now that i'm actually trying to draw from imagination again, 'm finding it hard to think up ideas to draw(albiet I think i'm getting much better at that again.)
However the opposite is obviously true as well, you're ideas would grow alot but you're drawing skills would probbly stagnate(I've seen this in my friend's work as he does'nt do studys for whatever reason).
Quite frankly I think when it comes to studying vs imagination there's no one size fits all, some seem to learn more quickly from doing quick studys and lots of imagination drawing and some the opposite(I think i'm the latter). Just need to make sure you don't go to either extremes I think.

Anyway, as for crits so far I think you need to learn more how to draw structure, so far youre ideas are cool but they look pretty flat. For that look into hampton for anatomy, I think he does a much better job then Loomis at explaining how to draw the figure in 3d and he explains how to build up the figure and parts of it from a gesture(plus he explains a very good way to do gesture drawing.

Also I would reccomend watching the form vids on ctrl paint, and drawing some objects around it .

Doing some gesture drawings would also help unstiffen your poses alot as well I think, I always use this site, has the biggest variety of poses and most of them are great quality

Anyway good start and keep it up man :D.


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