Alright people, here's the finals thread for the 2nd Crimson Arena challenge.

Post both finals and all studies done for the challenge as your entry.

Finals are due April 18th 11:59 PM GMT

Should've explored some more designs.The more I look at it the stupider it gets.

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Don't feel so bad about it Rindoukan. I reckon it looks pretty cool. If you are really unhappy with it, just put it aside look forward and smash out an even better one next time!

Also thanks Forrestimel for organising the competition

Here is my entry

[Image: RE6u07N.jpg]
[Image: YVmjEqB.jpg]

Hm... Its probably very playful... I didnt really wanted to go with a "normal" knights armor... Hope it still fits in the challange.

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Edit (20/4, way after due date): I forgot a couple of pieces that go with this, linked here and here. I didn't want to add them in to the images I already had uploaded on time, discount them if need be, but I just wanted all the images together in one place.

Looking good so far guys.

Sorry for the weird order of the pics, I may uplaod and those them on my own website and insert them into the post later..

Had some problems with this one -_- my computer froze mid save and corrupted the file, so had to work from an earlier version so there are some parts that should be more detailed, that aren't :( But I really enjoyed this challenge so I think I will continue to work on it later
/end excuses.

I chose the Queen of Stormhaven (thought it said raven, hence the feathers and bird motif's everywhere >.<) as a cavalry charger.
I layered the armor using layers on photoshop so that you can see how they all fit together, which helped a lot for making sure everything actually works.

Came up with a story behind the character (won't type it because no one really cares, lets be honest), which really helped to keep the motivation up and come up with designs. I highly recommend doing this if anyone doesn't already. Getting a model to pose exactly like you want the finished piece also helps heaps with the head, a problem I always have with concept art is getting the head to sit on the body properly..

*ends delirious cold and flu tablet induced rant*

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Good work everyone so far! Rindoukan, I know what you mean. I'm not sure if that feeling wouldn't have come anyway, no matter how many designs you had explored, after working on it four hours. Jaik, sorry to hear about the file x_x But still looks marvellous!! I'm impressed! :)

study: poses & looking at some basic armor

study: rendering armor, specifically dark one & ornamentation

Process: From some early color experiments I knew I wanted to go with a black, red, gold color scheme. While I liked the rounded designs like 7, I decided to go for something a bit more intimidating (more spikey) because I felt that it fits her personality better. Tried out other color variations as well, but still liked the initial one best.

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Here is my entry. I really dislike mine in many ways and love the other entries so far. I think usually I'm really guilty of boob armor and I pushed this the other way totally, but it may not be apparent to everyone unless they've seen previous stuff of mine, so only by comparison unfortunately. In my mind I think that in the future tech and materials are advanced enough to be super strong and light so bulk is not needed and to provide the most advanced suit you would need light weight, protection, on maneuverability. So form fitting would be suitable for this. However I feel that if you have to explain something then it's probably wrong, or maybe I just feel guilty I don't know???????? Here it is anyway, you be the judge. I also thought of adding a chest shield like the others have but that would have just been plagiarism.

The rebels seek a new world where human and space goo can coexist.

[Image: CA2Final_zpsd667c0c3.png]


[Image: studies_zps23cf997c.jpg]

Design Process

[Image: IMG_0166_zpsc97e56ca.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0167_zps8f5096e7.jpg]

[Image: aaaaaaaaaaaaa_zps474d4a6b.png]

Dammit, I wish I spent more time on this XD and did more studies
oh well ...

some material studies would have helped (doh ...)

It's really been a fun challange :D and I'm really impressed by everyone who competed, hope to see you guys in more arenas :D

Thanks Vansty & Forrest for making the competition :D.

So many cool entry's. And I especially like Jacob's retro-future style he's got going on there, that was a really original concept.

Here's my entry. The final could have been more polished but time kind of ran out, since I probably started a bit late on the final. the more I look at it the more problems I'm seeing.
But still, I pushed myself to try and exceed my own limits and felt I learned a lot creating it, which is the main thing I think.


*yawns* I'm in need of some sleep I think..

Wooo everyone did such an awesome job! Thanks to Forrest, Vansty and Anna :) I did the queen of Stormhaven one

[Image: dfiHo7A.jpg]
[Image: FXKgWAu.jpg]

I feel like a dumb-dumb for not posting in the WiP thread. But here's what I cooked up behind the curtains of mystery!

Awesome job everyone! Feels like this was a helpful challenge for us all :D

Sorry guys, couldn't make it in time. Hope you still enjoy my lady though. Unfortunately she turned out not very futuristic (didn't do much exploration due to time lack).

I really enjoy all the entries, that is for sure. Looking forward to the next CA! (with hopefully better time management D:)

Great entries everyone! We will try to get the livestream judging done within the next few days, when we do stream I'll post it in here and on the crimson daggers facebook page so check back periodically :)

Here's my entry, although it's about a whole day late ha, but whatevs it was fun :P

[Image: 2df7c46fdff2b89f2d01cab8c31e5139.png]

[Image: 0802460405f035eb0839607182a7510c.png]

Late as a Mother*******!

Hey guys, er i cant afford internet so i steal my neighbors wifi...
boy did that fuck me over come the deadline for this.

Trying something different from the usual character archetype im used to seeing in this genre, it was fun and very challenging.

Many thanks for the ideas and challenges to keep the motivation going you guys rock!!!!!!!!!



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So i posted on the wrong thread. Feeling pretty stupid right now. Anyway, here's my entry:

Streaming the judging --> >>STREAM<<

Hey Forrest^^

I missed the last one but, am looking forward to the next...... I finally signed up so, I guess I feel ready Insane, ecstatic

...note to myself.....WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE?????Mean smile
Oh man, I'm so sorry I missed the stream. I've been waiting for it for days and just when I had to make a 3 day trip it happened XD ... damn.

Thank you Depingo, Forrest and Stiles for the advice, I really appreciate everything immensely and I AM ashamed that I didn't do the studies ( I thought I'd have some time to do those material studies, but it didn't happen ) I know, I know excuses, excuses ...
With what you guys told me I'll hopefully improve it.

Can't wait for the next one :D I really enjoyed doing this and everyone was just freaking amazing ^^

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