sinksin's sketches
Hello! I'm sinksin. I'm an amateur from Canada.

Starting off with a couple of heads from reference:

Nice portraits! Have you tried's head drawing tool?
Also you should try after drawing someone from reference, draw the same person from memory. I've been doing it recently and its a really good way to challenge yourself. It helps if you make notes about the persons features to make it easier to remember. Keep it up!

Thanks a lot for the tip! I hadn't been to pixelovely for a while and was surprised to see that they had heads there too. Did some 5mins from there today:

A couple from imagination:

Drawing from memory is hard! Having trouble with noses and mouths especially; have to study those.


Nice studies!

If you want to know more about drawing heads and human anatomy I strongly recommend Loomis and Hampton. Those explained the rules really well and they are very helpful. :)
Hre are some pics from Loomis:

+ some other study sheet

I hope that helps :)

Thanks for the study pics! Loomis is great and I keep going back to his books. I actually learned how to construct heads from Stan Prokopenko's excellent videos, where he covers the Loomis method.

Here's some mouths from today, need to do more...

Hogarth studies + more head sketches


I suggest you take things slower and learn first how to construct a head first.Prokopenko is showing that in those videos but you should really just practice head constructions without defined eyes or mouth even after photos but just pointing the right position of them.
In your drawings the sphere is not even close to a sphere.
Copy some head constuctions and measurements from loomis,proko,michael hampton then practice them before jumping into portraits.Make some skull studies and then study each face feature one by one constructing them just like the head.
Pay attention to the volumes,size and the planes of each thing.
And one last thing..Hogarth is the least i would recommend for anatomy because his style is very deformed and not true to reality.
Good luck.


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