Laureline's one
Hi guys,
like plenty of people having the willingness to work hard I am here now
I'll post my last finished work here in purpose to start a new portfolio ever
I guess.
I don't know what to say except I am thirsty of improving everything.

Those last one are portraits which is not exactly my non-comfort zone.
I guess I am making small steps to reach illustration work and also work
on different process that I am not used to like making more scene and
action on my picture as well as that kind of picture " telling picture " telling a story or something like that.
I hope to be more regular in my work to improve all the time but kinda
difficult for me, that was I share ... to push me to feed my post by new
works and finally go somewhere else than portrait

Feel free to share you thought as well as comment or critics.

[Image: tumblr_n4zeoyJobX1qh47dfo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_n545np416M1qh47dfo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_n58yaiJK0s1qh47dfo1_1280.jpg]

I would say keep the middle one and continue to render top and bottom one don't put anything that is sketchbook looking in there.Also it helpful to define the target you want to reach with that portfolio.If you only put portrait in there you might send a message that you do nothing else.

My Sketchbook
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Nice portraits! Do you have a sketchbook thread? You will get a lot more helpful feed back if people can see a larger sample of your current skills. It can be hard to show work that you're not proud of but thats something you'll have to get over if you want useful advice from others.

Nice work ! Very accurate the second one !
beautiful work

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Ha, thanks guys for all your replies .
Sketchbook thread I don't have for the moment but I was about to do one.
After I try to move on with portraits ... try to build some illustration from those skills, but I suck in compo and landscape and I reckon it is just a matter of practice and time : but I want to let you know that I'm trying.
And finally , to answer to darktiste " keep the middle one and continue to render top and bottom one don't put anything that is sketchbook looking " for me all of them should be in a sketchbook thread if I would listen to me but at one point I think I need to understand when it is supposed to concider finish and why.
Is it suppose to be considered finished only if the audience decide to consider it as finished ? or is it because I consider it as finished for myself ? or even another supposition: is it finish for a technical reason ? and in that case it correspond to what " rules" ?
In a way I think it's all about subjectivity especially in art direction.
So I just tried to put artworks I considered as " finish " in this thread because I know I did everything I wanted in it and will not go further on those pieces.

Once again, thank you and sorry of not knowing if it's supposed to be finish or not and according to what criteria but really thanks you for your advice :)
One more ... I really cannot help it.
"Hundred Eyes"-Marco Polo
I tried to focus more on lights and textures .

[Image: tumblr_nhkwfjuVna1qh47dfo2_r1_1280.png]
Really nice portraits. Would definitely love to see a sketchbook thread from you. Keep it up.


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