Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah Staying Awake
Thanks for the video, Patrick!! Awesome stuff!
For the classes I'm in, the shortest poses we get are 10 minutes so I also wanted to throw some of the construction and details on it. :O Definitely though, good gestures don't need ANY of that shit I started sitting in on figure drawing for animators last week and am going to again, they do awesome short poses and sequential stuff which is a lot of fun. All the drawings I did last week weren't good so I left them out, but since I've been studying and thinking more about gesture and pose I'm confident I can make some legible gestures this week! Thanks again for the video, I often forget about Proko as a resource. :O

@Rainbowsorknives thank you! n_n

Hey hey hey!
My finals are almost over. I haven't drawn too much because I was doing a lot of painting for my costume class. These are (some of the) costume/character designs I did this week:

[Image: iLlq8Rrl.jpg]
[Image: pVFZgJNl.jpg]
[Image: 7C9bGzxl.jpg]
[Image: ViNJO1Il.jpg]
This is Eden, more on her and her story later. :O

Extraneous extra paintings for the same class:
[Image: PUihJ5Sl.jpg?1] [Image: 2h79lwZl.jpg]

I got some nice figure drawings too which I will scan tomorrow, I just have some tiling textures to finish tonight and I'm home free! I can't wait to make more art!

Here's them figs!

[Image: iVpNKUsm.jpg] [Image: HWXofJpm.jpg] [Image: 2wgrthsm.jpg]
[Image: lrRyAw5m.jpg?1]

[Image: d3CxuUXl.jpg?1] [Image: FLTWDsTl.jpg?1] [Image: kkugEFkl.jpg] [Image: 8nbegtll.jpg?1]

I've been muuuuch happier with these drawings!! I think my teacher was a little disappointed because I didn't play as much with line weight or composition, but I think the structure, gesture, and mood is so much better in these pieces! I like the way these drawings look. The boxer model was AMAZING to draw from, he did such dynamic poses and had a cut physique. Unfortunately I'm not going to have a figure drawing class for a little while now, but I found some friends who are willing to pose for me!!! That's over a month out so I need to find something local right now though, I need to keep practicing figures.

I want to formulate some solid 3-month goals. I'll be seeing my favorite teacher again for the first time around late August, so I want to make some quantifiable progress and have great stuff to show him. My mind is kind of on a mental vacay at the moment, but Ill be thinking about what I want to accomplish and the steps to get there.

hey hey hey!

Here's some stuff:
[Image: V7sa6XLh.jpg]
Finished this Peridot painting! I was trying really hard to find moody colors to emphasize that latent anger I wanted, in addition to exercising more edge control than I usually do to pop certain forms front or back and emphasize the differences between different parts of the image. Tried to add some areas of detail!

Figure drawings from two days ago, I was dying without figure classes but I found some stuff local:
[Image: wouHDOkm.jpg] [Image: hbmq8pMm.jpg] [Image: XZbHYyWm.jpg] [Image: ulLusLtm.jpg] [Image: So5CiJam.jpg] [Image: sp8kdrDm.jpg]
5s,10s, 15s, 20.

And one sketchbook page:
[Image: fGMHLw8m.jpg]

To be honest I've been slacking and WAY off my game with drawings since school let out; I was more in a painting groove because I spent about two weeks focusing on just that, and spent forever on the Peridot one and some scraps. I'm trying to go back to the 6pg/day for sketchbook stuff with filling the pages to the edges. I have some other pages, but I'm not going to post them because I'm ALSO trying to expand out of my comfort zone and tackle more animal and environment drawing. Which is awesome! But looks like crap right now.


lovely lovely

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3465.html SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits! http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7879.html
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Trying to pull this out of uncanny valley.... this drawing really, really creeps me out now HAHAHAHA there's a lot of terrible things in this painting, like the edges, but I'm sick of looking at it so I'm done.
[Image: 7hIUZdYh.jpg]
Old: [Image: aiyackZm.jpg]

Working on touching up this one, too:
[Image: tBGTpGLh.jpg]
Changed the colors to high-key. Changed the lighting and added more motion, going to do a close-crop because I really only care for the face.

Wow everything is looking awesome ^^

As always sorry for my english :D
Great sketchbook. I like the variety.

I think you might benefit from ephasizing different types of edges beacause some paintings look a little bit too blurry. I mean the types of edges like in the example under this link: http://johnofthenorth.deviantart.com/art...-523590060
Especially stronger Firm and Hard edges here and there would be good. Maybe try painting on higher resolution so that hard edged brush really gives you more crisp look.

Got some nice clothing designs here, keep them coming.

we miss u... plz bring me a carrot or sth...

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3465.html SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits! http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7879.html
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
I'm really liking your stuff, especially your paintings. Your Steven Universe stuff has a creepiness to it that seems very original and enticing. Keep it up.

Those costume designs for Eden are gorgeous, (especially the second from the top) I made a little squee noise when I saw them haha. You have lovely drawings in your sketch pages - I used to have that frustration with page randomness too until I realised the joy of composition.

i agree with Farvus too, that some sharper edges in your paintings would give them form and a bit of delicious variety.

Keep up the good work :D

Wow!! Your guys's comments really mean a lot to me, I logged on for the first time maybe a couple weeks ago and saw all your support and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ;A; Sorry I've been AWOL!


Yes, absolutely. I agree completely, it's something I also noticed and I've been trying to better but I def need to continue working on emphasizing sharper lines. Lots of attention to this in drawings to come!

Thank you!

Here u go <3<

Ahh thanks so much, I appreciate it. I love creepy/weird/sexy vibes, I try and get it in my work. c:

Oh man thank you so much!!!! ;v; I appreciate that a lot, I think hearing that people like my designs is my favorite, since that's what I want to do.


I've been up to a bit since my last post. I've been pretty busy working a full time job in a call center, I got some decent commissions from my coworkers though. c: I populated the whole office with sketches HAHA it was like, a hot trend to have me do art for them. Sweet deal.

I finished two books on perspective: Perspective Made Easy (I highly recommend this one) and Perspective! For Comic Book Artists (eh.) I understand perspective much better now and how to allude to it! Reading more on it has helped me clarify some issues I've had, like maintaining eye level (or even deciding it ahead of time, purposefully) and turning things in space, etc.
I did a lot of perspective drills, like putting boxes in a single eyeline, some houses, various constructed objects in space. They all look pretty gross and I literally throw them away so I don't have anything here. I'm definitely much clearer on how to approach drafting environments. My compositional sense isn't strong enough right now to make good layouts though, which makes practicing environments aggravating and I have been holding off while I learn more about composition/design.
I also did tons of ellipses, on boxes and what not. As a drafting exercise, I have also been doing hundreds of squares and circles to practice maintaining proportions free-hand. I have finished 700/1000 of those circles in squares. I perceive better how circles turn into ellipses as they recede in space.

For drafting exercises, I've really wanted to increase how well I can indicate volume in space, especially with added detail. I set out to do 50 drawings of complex shoes, I'm at 18 at the moment; as well as 50 tires so I can get details like tread rolling across relatively simple forms to help describe them. I'm only at 3/50 tires LOL that crap is hard. =v=;;;

For anatomy, I completed Bridgman's Constructive Anatomy and copied every drawing in the book that I legibly understood. I understand arms, hands, and legs much better now, though I'm still working on fixing my natural inclinations with anatomy. I intend to also go through The Human Machine (Bridgman) and Figure Drawing for All It's Worth (Loomis) in due time, as well as re-visiting Constructive Anatomy periodically in the coming two years as I find it's solidity for imaginative applications extremely useful; I'm sure I say this a lot, but I really want to master human anatomy!
I also have been working on doing 100 skull drawings. My document says I'm at 50 but I'm not sure that's accurate, I might have lost some information. =v=;; Oh well! I'm somewhere over the hump. Using skulls also to practice rendering/drafting/anatomy, quick BS anything-goes sketches.

For design, I'm reading Creative Illustration by Loomis; awesome book. I'm trying to find some solid ideals to grab onto with design, because I'm a really analytical type of thinker. It's helping out already, I'm not very far in the book though. I'm also trying to go through Albrecht Durer's The Just Shaping of Letters so I can enhance my proportional sensitivity. In the last couple of days only, I've begun to feel a real magnetic pull for design choices, shapes, composition/etc. so I'm really excited to push forward and embrace more solid design choices!

I went to a couple workshops; Composition with Marshall Vandruff (which also helped me begin to think more about design, little to show for it now though lmao); Light & Color with Nathan Fowkes; and a lecture/demo with Kim Jung Gi. Awesome stuff. They think how I expected they do, they were awesome lectures though that really pumped me up!! I'm happy I got to go to these lectures before I move away from the entertainment design hub.


I honestly don't have a lot to show. Almost everything I draw is stuff I throw away, and I'm trying to work hard to push forward to a much better level so I feel like almost everything is crap! But here's a small dump of what I've been up to:

[Image: 7kPVQNfl.jpg]

[Image: gWKbwjvl.jpg]
[Image: XzWUTy4l.jpg]

[Image: jMwGOPAl.jpg]
[Image: dH7NsjIl.jpg]
[Image: NMoN89sl.jpg]

Imaginative art:
[Image: 6Zg8b2Yl.jpg]
[Image: XUkeVWMl.jpg]
[Image: 4lGLlLXl.jpg][Image: eJ4dbazl.jpg]

I don't think any of this is great. I've been learning a whole lot, though. One of the biggest humps I got over was a crippling fear of failure though HAHA I've been working on it for a while, even posting all my crappy sketchbook pages before, but I was never really over it. I've been making tons of crappy art, in public, all the time; I'll take credit for it, even. "Yeah, I made that page of poorly composed ellipses!" I'm more okay than ever with just sitting down and doing the work, which is allowing me to begin to move forward and work on slowing down and trying to make the correct, informed choices. Right now mentally I'm trying to work on discipline, making sure to sit down and do the drawings and finish them well instead of checking out and getting frustrated.a
I am happy with the composition choices on Wonder Woman, though! Even if it's a single figure on a blank background, I think it has good flow, focal points, harmonies and contrasts. c:

I have one painting in the works for a side project, it doesn't have any hands though LOL so I don't want to post it until it does, that'll come up sooner or later.

absolutly love the boxing studies and the streching chick ,i think you're getting in the right mindset , i also found recently i wasnt making as much progress as i should because i wasnt trying things out of my confort zone or afraid to fuk up a painting , this mentality to just do it is really positive to work more and get better . Keep going ; )
eyhheheh you're drawings are solid!! <3 your anatomy is really solid too, if you wanna push it further get hogarthe's book and start focusing in on those little muscles and stuff it'll help. Try to learn like the bones in the leg or calves or arms and elbows. Also look at how the neck attatches to the head, i had the same issue for a long time and still kinda do where i just make the neck a tube, but there are muscles in it and it has density and volumes that are quite complex.

Oh this girl's hand's backwards hehe

But no wonder your coworkers want tha draws, your stuff is so fun and the lines are very charming :)

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-3465.html SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits! http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7879.html
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
thanks! I appreciate it n___n

AGH yeah, you're totally right. Thank you for mentioning that, I've been trying to work on the neck for a while but I always end up with some ugly amorphic tube instead of anatomy e_e;; I started reading Deadpool, and while the muscles are hideously over rendered (this is my first time reading a superhero comic) I think it's helping me to visualize how to fit everything in! Because you said that, I think I really need to work going overzealous on some muscular anatomy studies; I'd like to get a more adult-y and refined look into my work, and as much as I love subtlety going overboard on scraps would probably be good.

Also yeah, HAHA oh my god, you wouldn't believe how often I do backwards hands. Wonder woman had one too, until a friend pointed it out. Whoops;

I'm just here to drop in a painting WIP because I'm feeling kinda discouraged today.
[Image: gW83xH4l.jpg]
I might scrap this. I kind of hate it. It's nice to know that if nothing else, at least I can draw dudes better this year than last lmao.

[Image: SPtvm3Z.jpg]

Here's a paint sketch of Lapis Lazuli. I'm loving this paintbrush in Krita :O

I love the painting style! My darling Lapis...

[Image: tumblr_inline_nq56jqsA8Y1tpivvu_500.gif]

Very classical style, I like it a lot. But the facial anatomy seems a little off, the eye on the right one could be moved to the left some, and the shape of the head on the left seems a little off and could be more rounded at the top.

I love your paintings, keep 'em coming!

Aah, lovely lovely painting style. You seem to really get down to values! How does one do that I wonder? Ah well, I guess I need a lot more practice.

Keep at it! Your work's lovely and it can only get lovelier. Thumbs_up


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ZombieChinchilla -
Thank you! AHAHA and yeah, you're TOTALLY right. I need to stop ignoring obvious proportional flaws like that, because I really want to do more accurate, "feely" work. Thank you for pointing it out, in my doodles lately I've been much more careful about it! c:

Bookend -
Ahh thank you! Ahahahhaa yeah I "get down" to most basic art principles, TBH. I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but there's definitely some tips I could give you depending on what specifically you want. :O There are different things I think about in regard to tonal breakup over the page, or simply rendering in general.


Got two things tonight!
[Image: ELrE4Xkl.jpg]
Some unfinished orc chicks I was dabbling on for a while.

[Image: lb2FZvAl.jpg]
And a self portrait. c:

I'm actually really proud of the progress I'm making! I'm hitting a lot of the points I've been trying to focus on. I can make bodies fit in space better. I can even compare different heights in space! I need to work a little more on maintaining eyeline, that's been an issue. >O< (I should get on environments, in general.)
But hugely, my proportional sensitivity is WAY greater!!! I always try to draw even from life and photos in a way that it is to the degree I understand putting in forms/rendering, with the aid of the detail of life. I try not to draw in a way like copying shapes/angles so I wouldn't be able to do it at all later, since that's a big problem I had with drawing before starting college.
Anyway, I've always had just these awful proportions, they've really been bothering me lately. Facial and head-to-body ratios akin to teenagers, no matter who I was drawing. I think that looks really gross. I remember last summer was the first time I actually drew a face that looked like an actual person instead of a super cartoon character (from reference) so I'm pretty stoked about how my self portrait turned out today! I always draw straight ahead, and there were no proportional issues from the get-go. c:


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