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Hi guys,

Just found this forum and it's awesome!, I'm working as animator and I like to drawing after I go back from work. I'm gonna try to post some of my daily painting/sketching and I need a lot of critics to keep improving. Thanks !

[Image: kset.jpg]

[Image: BadBehavior.jpg]

[Image: 15-09-11.jpg]

[Image: jessica.jpg]

[Image: tiffany2.jpg]

[Image: 2-22-12s.jpg]

[Image: white_rabbit_by_fuakhue-d4ll0bw.jpg]
Very good sketches, amazing portraits. Keep the good job. :)

Real nice start. Keep posting!

great work! I love that Environmental piece.
@Kleston Marques : thank you kleston, your works is good too
@Conny Nordlund : thanks conny!, I'll try to keep posting
@Trobino : I'm just learning that environmental things recently, It's really fun

Here is today's speedy, I limit the time to 2 hours.., thanks for viewing!

[Image: SP.jpg]

*Adding more speedy for today:

[Image: speedy.jpg]

[Image: zzz.jpg]

nice work man, the portraits are super sweet but the pose sketches speak out "animator" more than anything here ;)
keep at it man

nice portraits! In your environments try to keep pure white for the highlights only, it's overly used creating a washed-out look.

nice work man, your portraits are amazing, really nice use of soft edges, one thing i would say about your environments is that they need a little more definition, otherwise looking good, keep it up!

Awesome man :) I love the portraits.

Oooh, some cool stuff in here! Your value studies are already great, so I'm sure your color studies will be just as good. Also, keep it up with those gesture works, even if you have to do 10-20 mins every morning just for a warm up. They will definitely help you in the long run. Keep it up man!

@sickbrush: thanks man, you too keep it up!, nice livestream btw.
@rich4rt: yea yea that's true, I'll really keep it that in mind, thanks!
@mindwrack: thanks for dropping by, can you explain what you mean by need more definition?, thanks
@sulamoon: thanks sulamoon :)
@dennis: thanks dennis, for the pm and for the reminder!, I still skip gesture practice sometimes

And I need to dump some Farts here, been busy and unmotivated these days

[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: zzz-1.jpg]

[Image: shoot.jpg]

[Image: Test_Painting.jpg]
Whoot! Beautiful things going on with that first post, and that study up top with the vamp looking guy is ghastly!
whoaaa:D awesome stuff! i think that you can start that thing you mentioned in the pm without problems! you are not a beginner. Cheers! Looking forward for your next posts!
it's been 10 months since my last post and my works still ugly as crap, haha!. I need to do more studies, not just this 'comfort zone works'

[Image: 25oxqx4.jpg]

[Image: 1zfhfo1.jpg]

[Image: r6xml4.jpg]

[Image: 34j80fb.jpg]

[Image: 15hzr75.jpg]

[Image: 34xj9ro.jpg]

[Image: oa7ol4.jpg]

[Image: 34xgv40.jpg]

[Image: 13z4i9z.jpg]

Thanks for looking guys, would be really appreciate it if you guys could drop some critics~

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