Sickbrush - [Massive Update pg. 8]
I heart your sketches, and the personality you bring through your work. Keep it up :)

thank you guys! here's this weekend's harvest:
[Image: weekeeennnnddddddd_sS.jpg]

livestream poop [literally]
3 hours
[Image: kind_of_the_landscape-1.jpg]

boo, stream
[Image: sickbrush_color_drafts_27_03_2012.jpg]

[Image: sic_yard_1.jpg]
[Image: sic_yard_wip.jpg]
[Image: wtf_4_am.jpg]

Love the direction of your colours lately sickzor =)

Architecture stuff looking sweet as ever!

hehe thanks tootsie =)
stream delivery. 3 hours and a half. it's probably super messed up but i'm to tired to see now.
[Image: sickbrush_spidey_050411_v2_texpass_small.jpg]

[Image: sickbrush_easter_2012.jpg]

Hahaha, I didnt do anything special for the easter, bah. Is that creature inside the egg of chocolate? : p

I'm back with an update. and i'll try to write some things about what went on with these images.

I had to work on 2 images, a sci-fi environment and a character. I really can't disclose anything about the project or client so i would really appreciate it if you didn't ask too much. I will try letting you in on the process a little.

I'll start with the environment. At first i did a round of sketches, trying to get it a big more clear in my mind. Usually i start with drafts like these, then i discuss with the client and we narrow them down and shift them to fit the briefing. Here are the initial drafts:
[Image: sickbrush_plant_1.jpg]
[Image: sickbrush_plant_2.jpg]
[Image: sickbrush_plant_3.jpg]
[Image: sickbrush_plant_4.jpg]

At this point my power plant was still too anchored in the present day, it needed to become more sci-fi and more energetic. It was also pretty static and it definitely needed a bit more work. I took the feedback and incorporated it into this next step:
[Image: sickbrush_plant_5.jpg]

Now things were starting to look a bit better so i took the last round of feedback and started working on the final. Here it is:
[Image: sickbrush_plant_6.jpg]

On the side, i was working on the character. It had to fit a warrior spirit with a nomadic side so just as for the environment, i started with some rough drafts to try and get my ideas fleshed out:
[Image: sickbrush_nomad_warrior_1.jpg]
[Image: sickbrush_nomad_warrior_2.jpg]
[Image: sickbrush_nomad_warrior_3.jpg]

At this point, things were kind of ok, some drafts were better than others, some of the guys looked too light, others looked too heavy. You can see a version having a red circle, we decided that was to be the main option we would work with. After a round of feedback i narrowed it down to these guys:
[Image: sickbrush_nomad_warrior_4.jpg]
[Image: sickbrush_nomad_warrior_5.jpg]
[Image: sickbrush_nomad_warrior_6.jpg]

After a new round of feedback we decided the first guy still looked the most solid while the other two had some concept flaws that were difficult to work around. They were just not expressing the proper image and weren't well aligned with the briefing so we narrowed it down to the first guy and i started working on the final. Here it is:
[Image: sickbrush_nomad_warrior_7.jpg]

It feels good seeing them done, there are of course many things that could have been done better, especially for the environment but i feel i've learned immensely by doing these and i hope all i've assimilated will turn into better future results.

I'm thankful i had the opportunity to do this and i'm thankful to the people who supported me along the way, either with a crit bash, a warm coffee or just a nice word.

Thank you.

that last character is awesome, love the post on the right you nailed it

thx man
[Image: sickbrush_lokis_card.jpg]
[Image: sickbrush_twist_park_05_05_12.jpg]
[Image: sickbrush_generic_imagery_05_05_12.jpg]

You've gotten so good <3 That process was great, thanks for sharing
lol... holy shit man! how did you step it up that much in 3 pages?!?

whatever you did to drastically improve your environments,characters in environments, and just crafting a image that actually looks like a "scene" i need to do that.

speaking of, what did you do? ; (

hey guys, thanks very much!
and uhm Mesmer, i don't know man haha just..painted?

[Image: beautiful_em.jpg]
[Image: in_my_shoes_.jpg]
[Image: love_the_way_youu.jpg]

thank you for this Brent..
[Image: 69nw2h.gif]

That gif... straight out of Binding of Isaac game. Awesome.

Love this studies man :)

Cinematic stuff, Sicksies! I love the tree one, magic, and all the large scale enviros, wicked, keep postin :)

thank you guys! here's a study from this morning's coffee

[Image: not_affraid_.jpg]

[Image: sickbrush_rrh_05_012s.jpg]

great stuff man, the girl in the living room is really nice!


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