a deep dark hole
I think the kind of weird anonymity / facade of art forums is something I've been missing a lot since the old days when manley the megalomaniac destroyed the concept art dot org user base.

Seems that everywhere is a portfolio webspace now. I think it's important to experiment to grow...I used to do a lot and they'd just sit on my hard drive...but somehow eventually I stopped making sketches anymore or doing studies...and then there was this slide deep down into darkness. If all you do is client work you'll become an insane person.

post work sketching

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post work poops

I love the blown out backlighting you're doing. Very moody, very nice.
I agree about art forums, I love this kind of setup because like you I need to screw around a lot or I don't enjoy the art -- and there's something really disheartening about making stuff that's never going to be seen.

I'm excited to see you post more. Welcome to CD!

Ooo I really like your style. Is there somewhere I could see more of your art? Definitely a good idea not to fall into that hole of just doing work all the time. Hope to keep seeing more of your stuff here!


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