Movie/Short Film Recommendations!

I know there's a thread that's called Movies and TV shows, but that's more of a discussion thread about whether you like the movie/show or not - and I figured I wanted a simple movie recommendation thread - because well, I really love movies, but there are so many that I haven't seen... and I mean, I'm certain you crazy Daggers have seen a ton of cool movies/short films/cool shiz on the internet... so why not recommend us some, yeah?

Movies/short films/cool clips from YouTube - you know, anything that gets the inspiration going!

Help a Dagger out? :D

I'll put down a couple from the top of my noggin that stuck with me:

*Premium Rush
*People In Motion (Documentary about parkour)
*Battle Royale
*Kung Fu Hustle (couldn't find a decent trailer. But shit, I love this movie)
*Katedra (The Cathedral)  - short film
*Sidera - opening and closing sequences - +

Edit(s): fantastic suggestions everyone <3 I'll be sure to get to these when I have the time.

Fck yes Amit, no obvious blockbuster movies here! Aaaah, this is so good because there's a number of movies I've been meaning to watch but had forgot about them... now they're here!

Oooh, Z, lookin' forward to that Ant one. Ants be so bloody interesting!

Woah, Farvus! I didn't even know Ridley's son was in the creative field. Animatrix sounds real good too. And yasssssssss love me some Fight Club <3

Kurt, hell yes I'm into weird, random humour! :D I also really enjoyed Journey to the West <3

Tristan, ohhhhh snap! Great stuff, there are movies in your list I'm ashamed of not having seen yet! appleseed, I'll be sure to check that one out first o: and Hobitt, haha I just got have Lawrence of Arabia! I _need_ to watch it o_o but yeah, I remember doing a couple of movie still studies from it and man, the composition and colour schemes really blew me away!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
I will keep editing my post to add to. So much amazing stuff i can't spam a thread piecemeal. Gonna stick with tried and true classics or really great or unique contemporary stuff. No Guardians of the Galaxy ( though I loved it) or Avengers shit here.
To start, in no particular order, names are linked to IMDB:

Akira Kurosawa. (ANYTHING) A true master
Seven Samurai
Dersu Uzala
The Hidden Fortress

Andrei Tarkovsky 
Solyaris Recognize how shit the Clooney US remake was after you watch this


Darren Aronofsky (Pretty much everything...)

Hitchcock (Ditto)

Ingmar Bergman
The Seventh Seal

Enki Bilal
Immortal (Ad Vitam) Based on the frenchman Bilal's comic series. Shit-ish CGI but the story is unique

The Coen Brothers (link goes to one of their imdb pages which has the list of movies)
Pretty much everything I have seen from them is great. 


Mamoru Oshi
Avalon:  Great short about gaming and VR

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I'm not too sure if documentaries also counts both will post the ones I found entertaining to watch:



Ants: Nature's Secret Power
Amit Dutta - Solaris is my probably is my favourite book of all sci-fi novels and I watched both movies. Sodenbergh movie had really good pick for Kelvin and Rheya (in polish version named Harey). That's exactly how I imagined them. The soundtrack was also great. However they changed to many things in the story. Tarkovsky version was way more faithful to the book but I wish it was made now with slightly bigger budget :).

Those stuck with me:

Loom 4K Short film - directed by Luke Scott (Ridley Scott's son). It's very slow paced Blade Runner style sci-fi with dense atmosphere. I recommend watching in the dark room with headphones. 

Caldera (2012) - dark but hautingly beautiful animated short about a girl trying to face mental illness. It's all about light, framing, use of color and atmospheric music.

Wanderers - This is about space exploration. It made ma again that kid that was reading in awe illustrated books about space and our solar system.

Animatrix - in my opinion some of the shorts were as good or even better than original Matrix Trilogy. I especially liked Beyond by Koji Morimoto

Leon the Professional - this move had tons of memorable scenes and likeable characters (even antagonist was fun to watch)

Fight Club - I think it's not for everone but I enjoyed it a lot. Watched several times :)
Its such a beautiful day - Don hertzfeldt - if your into weird, random humor.

The Pixar story - inspiring documentary about pixar and how CG animation started.

Journey to the west -stephen chow - i love that guy , if you like kung fu hustle youll like this movie, although its not as funny , but it has some impressive kung fu so yea.

I second Amit when it comes to "The Seventh Seal" (Det Sjunde Inseglet). One of my favorite movies.

I'm big into film history and that kind of stuff, so here are a few important films I think people should watch.

Metropolis by Fritz Lang
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Robert Wiene
Stranger on the Third Floor by Boris Ingster
Touch of Evil by Orson Welles
Strangers on a Train by Alfred Hitchcock
Battleship Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein (It's a propaganda film but still really good and interesting from a historical perspective)

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Quote:Battleship Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein (It's a propaganda film but still really good and interesting from a historical perspective)

probably one of the most important films to watch ever. from an industry perspective.
Adding a few:
Apocalypse now ( Great use of colour lighting and a lot of memorable visuals)
Taxi driver (This one is important because it shows how a camera can be subjective and be used as a point of view of the protagonist)
Triumph of the will (propoganda film,but it has great "art direction" if you will and a lot of iconic imagery, although is a bit boring)
Lawrance of arabia ( some consider this the most important film ever made and the visuals are great in this and impressive amount of people on screen)
Any noir film for the distinct lighting (Kubricks lesser known the killing;Maltese falcon etc.)

@Farvus: good point. I was a bit harsh with the Solaris comment. It wasn't a bad movie, just Tarkovsky's mood and understated but absolutely gorgeous long shots really get to me on a very existentialist spiritual level in a way Solaris just didn't. The man is a composition master.

@Tristan, love all those you mentioned. Definite classics. There's a reason that first crane shot in Touch of Evil is so famous. It is still amazing to this day.

@Hobitt, ditto, though haven't seen Triumph of the will

Speaking of Tarkovsky, his movies have been released for free online!

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The 100 years of beauty is fun to watch, and has cool hairstyles too
goes all around the world.
Here is iran.

Here is the youtube playlist

And here is the youtube channel
We used to make movie nights out of this sort of weirdness.


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There's a lot of movies here I haven't watched! A lot of good recommendations!

And here's more that I hope you guys will like! If the movie needs any selling, click on the link!

*Reservoir Dogs
*Glengarry Glen Ross
*25th Hour
*Infernal Affairs Trilogy
*Swimming with Sharks

I think this resonates a lot with most artists who are trying to make it.

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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