Been a while... nice to see that the forum is not dead.

Since I have left I've have been freelancing for 3 years now, decided to start posting here again because I kind of miss forums.

Not sure if its me, but a lot of discord groups - their structure in general doesn't encourage interaction or conversation, everyone reacts with an emote and moves on and it doesn't feel like a community or its a public group with a billion members which is a mess,and the massive blacks attempt to "improve" the forum format is laughable, anyways...

I will try to upload regularly, but that's not 100% i may get busy and disappear for a while.

Link to my old SB

Here is some recent-ish personal and work stuff..

And some observational paintings:

In love Thumbs_up Joking  Tongue

Back from the dead eh? Great to see you here again! I feel like a lot of old folks are returning to the forums!

The new stuff is looking great! Amazing improvement! Keep it up and hope you continue posting!

Hey hobbit nice to see some new work what exactly did you do in term of job description?

My Sketchbook

Perfection is unmeasurable therefor it impossible to reach it.
@Who,Mariyan:   Wink
@Zorrentos: Thanks! Yea hopefully even more people will join/return.
@darktiste: Thanks I mostly do private commissions for clients and various work for small board game companies.

Painted some retro tech

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Welcome back! I'm loving these retro electronics and I really dig the matte feel of your paintings.

In terms of critiques the only suggestion I have is to also invest in studying subtle value transitions. Smaller, reasonably lit subjects we see up close like people and their heads will have a lot of these. The ability to detect and depict wide array of those small value transitions is fairly useful for concept artists (which I presume you are). It helps making things look solid, which in turn helps a lot in casting lights from imagination.

Keep up the good work!

Hi there, Hobbit! Nice sketchbook! You've mentioned you do private commisions for clients and some board game works. How did you find these clients and work as a concept artist in general?

@Dimensional-knight  Thanks,true small values do make a big difference.
@One-two Thanks, I look everywhere really board game forums ,deviantart, company emails , any place that has an address and people contact me as well.

Nothing special today another fallout cover, I do like how these old games look-very solid

What a nice "where is your power armor?" poster. Like the style and brush work. Looking for more "That suit is going to come out of your pay, and you will remain in this mans army until you are 510 years old"  Thumbs_up

Some really stunning work here. My personal favorite is the one with the goblins, love the theme and composition and it has some great gesture and detail work. Great job!


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