The 10000 Hour Rule - Art Edition - 7626/10,000
Been a while. I started a Graphic Design job last week, and did some temp work this weekend, so I've been kinda rushed off my feet. Got bits done here and there though. Here goes.

Sketchbook dump
Mostly imagination stuff.

[Image: 060841b1.jpg]
[Image: 3d269cb3.jpg]
[Image: 8ad9163e.jpg]
[Image: 10bd243d.jpg]
[Image: c9547f33.jpg][Image: b4caeb83.jpg]
[Image: 0f992c17.jpg]
[Image: 57cac823.jpg]
[Image: fdaf3417.jpg]
[Image: 48a7c87e.jpg]
[Image: efff821b.jpg]
[Image: 3feabec2.jpg][Image: 9138c1e0.jpg]
[Image: d5b74410.jpg]

Self Portraits
[Image: 1e4ef60a.jpg]
[Image: a4d7b82b.jpg]
[Image: 0bafd248.jpg]
[Image: 4aaeb9d9.jpg]
[Image: e0a73171.jpg]

[Image: 6c772da0.jpg]
[Image: 728abfcb.jpg]
[Image: b82603cc.jpg]

And I got this far with the lawnmower thing before deciding I hated it
[Image: 34cef616.jpg]

So I recomped it
[Image: f5a9b4e3.jpg]

That's all


So, I seem to have got out of the habit of actually posting. Sorry internet. Here goes...

[Image: 72590cd6.jpg][Image: 84ec94ad.jpg]

Self Portraits (still daily - just about)
[Image: 6d34d142.jpg]
[Image: e4b09718.jpg]
[Image: 09f741d4.jpg][Image: c403d8cf.jpg]
[Image: a1d9cc75.jpg]

And some progress on the lawnmower thingy. I really have no idea what I'm doing. Terrified of illustrations. Just feel like I'm fumbling around randomly hoping something works. Once I've finished this I'm gonna do some plain character design I think. I over reached this time.
[Image: 69c5034e.jpg]

Figured I'd chuck in a detail shot, because the image is massive
I made a kid look like a goblin...
[Image: d8865650.jpg]

LOL, you need to finish this lawnmower one, the small kid trying to hold on haha.
otherwise, looks like your doing a lot of hard work, nice job man, definitely gonna have some improvement.

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Jonesoda - Haha, I'm gonna try. Keep chugging along with it at least. Cheers man.

More stuff.

Sketchbook doodles, mostly from the commute to work, in the car.

[Image: b1ccd729.jpg]

[Image: 8c5372a3.jpg]

[Image: d2b58eea.jpg]

Self Portraits

[Image: 3eff8fd9.jpg]

[Image: f4dfbbef.jpg]

[Image: f9bb68da.jpg]

Study. Wanted to look at how hair works in the sun. And trying to go from greyscale to colour again. Think it's probably more accurate, but it looks worse. Who knows?
[Image: 3d47d28e.jpg]

[Image: c35065b0.jpg]

And the current state of this:
[Image: dff7a3ff.jpg]

Done a load of posemaniacs, but tbh.. fuck uploading those from now on though. You'll have to take my word that they exist.
So, sketchbook stuff
[Image: e38ecaf8.jpg]

Self Portraits
[Image: b46e319f.jpg]

[Image: ccdee4e7.jpg]

Hedge Study
[Image: 2ecae55c.jpg]

And what I think is going to be the final version of this. Time to move on I think. Love to know what you guys think. Hopefully whatever I do next will suck less.

[Image: 67dd3a6c.jpg]

Study From this morning
[Image: 919d25e1.jpg]
[Image: 678dbcf1.jpg]

Then adding stuff from imagination to the study
[Image: cdef47e6.jpg]

Realised I had no idea what wings look like. (thanks Wolken)
[Image: 6fcb9010.jpg]

And today's self portrait, only lit with the light from my laptop. Kinda fun.
[Image: aba5f661.jpg]

Today, been at work so not a lot. Going away on thursday, and gotta pack, so figured I'd post now.


[Image: 29012787.jpg]

good stuff - and i wouldn't mind to see you doing a second approach to the dragon pic...

Hey Jake good to see you doin some loomis here and there. Your portraits are gettin a ton better! Keep workin!

Wolkenfels - Cheers man. Did a little bit more on it. Gonna move on now though. Don't want to stick on anything for too long, I just feel like I'm bullshitting everything lol.

Dennis - Cheers man, yeah, loomis is definitely helping :)

So, I went on holiday.. Not a huge amount to show from there. Got a few self portraits done though.
[Image: 468a2eac.jpg]
[Image: 0d25fbe5.jpg]
[Image: 7a837070.jpg]
[Image: df407873.jpg]
[Image: 2a45c5c8.jpg]

Some sketchbook stuff since then
[Image: 1a67a8eb.jpg]
[Image: 7e1a3bea.jpg]

Some Loomis
[Image: 75c03c0d.jpg]

Took this as far as I'm gonna I think
[Image: 0baa7afb.jpg]

Bee Study
[Image: 99f86eea.jpg]

And started this, this afternoon. Fun :)
[Image: 2b2011a7.jpg]


[Image: file.jpg]

Some more work on this blokey
[Image: file-1.jpg]

Self Portrait #43
[Image: file-2.jpg]

Decided I'm going to focus on line drawing the rest of this month now. Bored of getting half way through a painting and realising the drawing was fucked.

So, a line drawing study, which kinda got out of hand
[Image: file-4.jpg]
[Image: file-5.jpg]
[Image: file-6.jpg]

And a Self P
[Image: file-3.jpg]

Any line work tips would be appreciated greatly

More line work. Gonna stick with it for the rest of the month now I think.

So without further ado...
Smiley Bale
[Image: file-7.jpg]
[Image: file-8.jpg]

Self Portrait
[Image: file-11.jpg]

Drinking and realising I pull a "serious" face when doing self portraits... oops.
[Image: file-12.jpg]

And another study
[Image: file-9.jpg]
[Image: file-10.jpg]

Not sure if these are gonna help. But they sure are fun. Love line work.


Sooooo, stuff from today and yesterday

Self Portraits
[Image: file-13.jpg]
[Image: file-14.jpg]

Loomis Stuff
[Image: file-22.jpg]

[Image: file-17.jpg]

Trying to imagine a walk, based on the study. Kinda fun, think I learnt some stuff at least.
[Image: file-19.jpg]
[Image: file-18.jpg]

Had to draw this. I mean, come on, look at it... fuckin' adorable.
[Image: file-21.jpg]
[Image: file-20.jpg]

And some blokey in a cowboy hat from DA
[Image: file-15.jpg]
[Image: file-16.jpg]

That's all for now

Woa, not sure what happened but these latest line drawings are amazing. Crazy improvement :O keep it up.

Wow Jake, you're line drawing is sooo good, keep it up! : D

Dennis - Cheers man, it's all studies atm. Hopefully it'll translate over. Means a lot though, shall do ;).

Isra - Haha, I dno about that. I'll get there ;).

So, dead couple of days. Was out most of Sunday, and back at work today. Long day, means not a lot of work done. But, keeping up with the self portraits.

[Image: file-25.jpg]

And here (Ouch my neck)
[Image: file-26.jpg]

And a load of eyes, kinda fun :)
[Image: file-27.jpg]


So, spent a huge chunk of today animating this:

It's nothing, but I've never done frame by frame animation before. And it's a time sync. More to come.

Character doodle before the animation. Loose basis for the animated dude.
[Image: file-35.jpg]

[Image: file-32.jpg]

[Image: file-29.jpg]

[Image: file-30.jpg]

[Image: file-31.jpg]

Self Portraits. Hit 50 last night. :)

[Image: file-28.jpg]

Gonna try and cut down the time I spend on these for a while. Need to get faster. This one was 30 mins
[Image: file-33.jpg]

And been working on this dude today. Just a bit of a doodle.
[Image: file-34.jpg]

Oooh cool, so much stuff. Your portraits getting better with each post, keep it up.

Hey there jake! thanks for commenting on my SB. it literally seems everyone here is running on pro level 100. well at least everyone that has commented on my sketchbook! Your studies are insanely accurate! I suppose they would be when you are using measuring, but whenever I try that process my drawings suck moreso than if I just judge distances with my eye, probably down to my method? It is definitely something I must practice, as measuring helps with learning proportions and spacing
Really hard work G, very inspiring! keep it up :D

btw, create a link to your sketchbook in your signature!

Jake, you're going at a fantastic rate, I can see some much improvement just as I scroll down. Changing over to doing just line work was a great idea, I think I may need to do the same. Keep posting!

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