The 10000 Hour Rule - Art Edition - 7626/10,000
Very nice line drawings man.

rookie - No worries man. Yeah I measure across sometimes to check stuff. It's definitely worth trying to train your eye though. :)

Corey - Means a lot man, cheers, love your stuff. It's definitely worth a go. Working on something so specific has made it so much easier to see where I'm going wrong. :)

Ursula - Thank you :)

So, been away from home over the weekend, back now though, with a few things..

As always, self portraits (not sure how much these are helping, but I'm treating them as speed studies now. And I said I'd do 100, so I'm gonna do 100 god dammit. So, yeah...)
[Image: file-36.jpg]
[Image: file-37.jpg]
[Image: file-38.jpg]
[Image: file-39.jpg]
I cannot apologise enough for this one. Not sure what happened, just wasn't concentrating i think. :/ Ho hum. Next time.
[Image: file-41.jpg]
[Image: file-40.jpg]

Thumbnailing an idea I have sitting in the back of my head.
[Image: file-47.jpg]
[Image: file-48.jpg]

And some studies
[Image: file-43.jpg]
[Image: file-44.jpg]

[Image: file-45.jpg]
[Image: file-46.jpg]

Plus started this before the weekend, might try and finish it tomorrow. Basically trying to draw my room as if I was sat up in the top corner, looking down. Bit of a challenge, good fun though.
[Image: file-42.jpg]

Oh, and can't forget! Sunk another couple of hours into this little guy :)

So, today...

[Image: file-55.jpg]

Self Portrait
[Image: file-56.jpg]

Studies, trying to speed up a bit.
[Image: file-51.jpg]
[Image: file-52.jpg]
[Image: file-49.jpg]
[Image: file-50.jpg]
[Image: file-53.jpg]

Bit of a longer one
[Image: file-54.jpg]

And some character design, this would be the character to go with the thumbnails a bit above.
[Image: file-57.jpg]

cool i like thpse studies alot
Great progress so far Jake! Excellent studies and the animation's/character designs are pretty dang good too.

Cool stuff, it's insanely hard to accurately capture a persons features with a line drawing in my opinion!

There is an insane amount of variety in here. It's awesome. I see a ton of growth here from the first page.

Keep it up man!

Oh wow. Love how hard you work. This animation sketch make me laugh. Keep it up! xd

XIC - Cheers man.

Dennis - Thank you. Getting somewhere, back to colouring stuff now. This is where it gets super hard again ;)

Simon - Yeah I know what you mean, they can definitely take a while if you aim for accuracy. Don't have quite as much to play with as you do with value or colour. Definitely a good excercise though (worked for me anyway)

Arthur - Cheers man, appreciate it

Ramalooke - Glad you liked it. All done now :).

Sooooo, Kinda a weird update today. My focused work has been kinda scarce. Took the weekend off, and spent Friday finishing my animation off. Then been at work today. Managed to squeeze a bit in though. Back to using colours now. The line stuff helped, but it's not a long term fix really. So, here goes.

The animation as a gif. If you wanna see the video, with sound, its online here I'd love to know what you guys think :).

Other stuff from before the weekend...

Couple of self portraits
[Image: file-58.jpg][Image: file-59.jpg]

Then this is today's
[Image: file-62.jpg]
Struggling big time

[Image: file-60.jpg]

[Image: file-61.jpg]


Good studies Jake, keep it up!

On those color studies, try to zoom out really far in photoshop and compare your study to the original photo to see if it's working in terms of value. Also, notice how soft some of the features on the girls face are; once you lay in the hard brush strokes which should be close enough to the original in terms of value, then go in with a soft brush and blend-in/soften up some areas that need it.

I mean you did only have 2 hours, but try to spend somewhere around 5-8 hours just once in a while so you can get everything down. But, it's cool to do some quick studies too just to see how quickly you can get the values down right.

Cheers Dennis. Big help. I tried it a bit today, but been at work, so only got a little done. I think on thursday, as I've got a day off, I'm just going to get up, and try and smash a long study. Put as many hours into it as I can, try and get it spot on.

Also, think I'm gonna spend a week or so with just value, after the line drawing stuff kinda worked.
We'll see..

so yeah, today.

[Image: file-63.jpg]

[Image: file-64.jpg]

Got some sketchbook stuff to scan, but right now I'm just gonna pass out. Up at 5.30 again tomorrow for work.

So, stuff from yesterday
WIP of my bedroom
[Image: file-65.jpg]
Value Self Portrait
[Image: file-66.jpg]
And some Sketchbook stuff. Wanna get back into doing more of this..
[Image: file-67.jpg]
[Image: file-68.jpg]
[Image: file-69.jpg]

Today.. Been working on this for the most part. 7 hours so far

[Image: file-71.jpg]
[Image: file-72.jpg]

And today's self portrait.
[Image: file-70.jpg]

asian man, so so good !
Oh wow, really seeing the jump in progression in your last few posts! Keep up the good work :D

JerryAtric - Cheers man.

Laura_H - Thank you. Imma try ;).

Soooo, last coupla days...

Self Portraits
Nasty, tried to do a fast one, like 45 mins.. Didn't go so well.
[Image: file-83.jpg]

[Image: file-75.jpg]

[Image: file-76.jpg]

Finally finished this blokey. 12.5 hours I think. Learnt a ton. Huge help. Cheers everyone who said I should do this. Definitely put it off for too long.
[Image: file-80.jpg]

Then some posemaniacs
[Image: file-81.jpg]
[Image: file-82.jpg]

And some sketches....
[Image: file-77.jpg]
[Image: file-78.jpg]
[Image: file-79.jpg]

That's all for now :)


Been at work the last couple of days. With the early starts, I'm only getting a couple of hours done on personal work each day. I'd like to be doing more.. But it's something.

So, last 2 days. Gonna keep working on value for the next couple of days.
Self Portraits
(needed to make them more interesting somehow)
[Image: file-85.jpg]

[Image: file-86.jpg]

And this imagination sketch. Sucks ass. God I wish there were more hours in a day..
[Image: file-87.jpg]

cool sb, really like the line art studies on this page!

Great strides Jake!
My only comment would be that everything is maybe too controlled at this point. I understand your desire to be on top of things and keep them in check but from time to time try to loosen up a bit. Let your lines flow, draw longer strokes, let your hand roam around a bit more.

keep up!

Great progress man! A small thing about your self portraits, they all range in very dark values, take a lesson from the study you did of the man in the briefs and look how much more value range it has. Light it up!


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