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Not exactly the greatest amount of work for a day ever...

[Image: MHdvS1C.jpg]

[Image: T5AcNl8.jpg]

[Image: Pa3ETpB.jpg]

Olooriel, are you doing those from reference? A good application exercise could be redoing them from imagination, but adding some flesh to them. (^.^) Keep pushing! and good work!

To finish the day... Something I did earlier on the stream, took me a long time, and it was hard as hell. The face was total shit, by the time i got to the face I was already in a bad state of mind and body lol. Just took it off, tomorrow will be heads day then.

And a sketch of the character i wanna paint for portfolio, maybe for week 2's finished piece thing for the challenge, still not sure.
Anybody got any critiques for the pose sketch?

[Image: 21429255725_9a1bc4a8b4_z.jpg]
[Image: 21241192980_f833a3f535_z.jpg]
[url=][Image: 21418343172_d40aaf0c27_z.jpg]

Yes, these were all from reference, to get a bit of a feeling for them. Next up will be the same from imagination (today's last one is the first of those), adding on some flesh will be the step after that - I want to take it slowly and make sure I've got the basics down before I move on.

That pose looks nice! I'm not sure what he's holding, but I suppose it's a weapon - make sure the position of that and his left foot that's on that thing read well, because at the moment it looks uncomfortable to me, with all his weight resting on that foot, but he appears to be balancing with just his toes on the edge of that thing.

[Image: CHfw6xU.jpg]

[Image: fHPeAvl.jpg]

I should have time for a lot more figures tomorrow, looking forward to it!

Olooriel: Nice! Thumbs_up good constuction.

I dont really have have any crits but one thing I would say is, the first pose you drew seems off balance. It seems like the figure is just about of fall over.

I would recommend drawing plumb lines more often too see where the weight is being held. other than that, all good well done.

I did an hour of warm up 5 min gestures today. 
I chose one and started doing a value painting. meh... the values seem a little timid to me  Thinking

Hey CTrow! Those gestures looking sweet man! And the values depend a lot on lighting direction, Its too unfinished to or too early to tell that stuff, but, its looking good, Just keep going with it, finish it.

Olooriel, Keep going strong with them basics then! :)

Stuff from today. This is wearing me down quickly.. too much study, too little persona work ... fuck..

[Image: 20835058814_6017306f1b_z.jpg]
[Image: 21466305801_f7e224eee3_z.jpg]
[Image: 21466305211_fa3d1fe30d_z.jpg]

Thanks, that first figure was meant to be falling ;)

Oh, nice studies everyone! I really need to catch up with you today *sharpens pencil* :)

Hey Jeso, I think it's okay if you don't have 'personal work', as long as you apply your studies!

Also, sorry I haven't been so active lately. Lots of stressful stuff going on, haha. Grin I'll get back on it later today, I think. we'll see.


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Stuff from this morning Still life, that i wanna do daily.. so I lvl up my lighting skills. And face lamenting the shitty doodle on the side.

[Image: 20853149643_9e0c37ac93_z.jpg]
[Image: 21463234452_a54c7eb447_c.jpg]

All from imagination today. Not as many as I had hoped, but I also did some colouring practice that I'm not going to show because it was on someone else's lineart (it was helpful though).

[Image: 2IxVyfp.jpg]

[Image: iLLEDyz.jpg]

[Image: wlRjs9p.jpg]

efforts for today, bit all over the place in terms of study... oh well.

Spent too much time colouring stuff again, only did three quick manikins, and they turned out pretty bad, the hips are too far apart I think?

[Image: 37ZfGsi.jpg]

good manikins Olooriel Thumbs_up , maybe you should use these manikins and apply some anatomy to them. maybe start adding muscles to the manikins from memory to start with, note down what you struggled with and then look at referance. Apply then repeat.

Here's my efforts for today. Ive been working on a fan art painting today, but I did some crude gesture drawings, sorry about the quality  Stupid I also did a leg anatomy study.

Guys, we need to try to push things further. DO MORE! I really wanna encourage you guys to do more, the point of this challenge, is that, to challenge yourselves, and do more than you are comfortable with, or used to. That's all I'm gonna say.

So this is the batch of shit i did today. A lot of it streamed on my daily live stream.
Tomorrow is another day...
Tomorrow comes today..

[Image: 21478621956_f451194119_c.jpg]
[Image: 20883728713_d9b7cb8454_b.jpg]
[Image: 20882103014_9c6456a6f3_c.jpg]
[Image: 21504857765_fd2691bf70_c.jpg]
[Image: 21513489861_e6a5e4904a_c.jpg]
[Image: 21317035578_b5b929589b_c.jpg]

Olooriel, to be honest I dont understand the mannequins much. Those round plates on the hips makes it confusing for me, so I cant really comment on their distance from each other.
Those manikins, i dont think those are good mannequins to study. They dont really help much at all. I think, I could be wrong, but, the mannequins that WILL help for sure if you study, are these kind. I STRONGLY suggest, you practice these kind of mannequins instead, This will help you more with figure weight, structure, simplicity, and pretty much everything really.

I don't know, they're a simplified skeleton, and they can be drawn in a fluid, dynamic way, so I really like them... the tubes and boxes I've always hated to draw, they just make everything so stiff :/

Olooriel, does the drawings in the video look stiff to you? They are not. You can make them as fluid as you want, Look at how fluid and dynamic some of the ones Proko is doing are. And at the end of the day, you are gonna be drawing full figures, you wont be drawing stick figures. Also if you watch the video, the mannequins he is doing aren't only boxes and tubes specifically. It was just a suggestion though, maybe try to do both?

OH I almost forgot, dont be afraid to show us your color studies, I know you said they had some one else's line art on them, but that's okay, as long as you let us know every time you post them that its by some other artist's line art, its a valid thing.


Guys, I want to implement something withing this group. Something called the weekly review, I heard Dave Rapoza and Dan Warren talk about it in one of their streams. The weekly review consists of US coming here every  Sunday, and talk about the work we did through out the week, the short term goals we are moving towards, and if we did enough work during the week to reach those goals.

So There you go, Lets start this Sunday Sep 20 2015, By the end of the day, I'd love it if I saw you guys post your weekly review, Ill be posting mine too.

Keep Grinding! Velvet Revolvers!


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