Axrel's Sketchbook
Thanks! I'm liking how the character designs are turning out as well :) That's a good suggestion! I'll try pushing one of the studies more over this weekend.
Thanks!! I'm glad you like my sketchbook! :D The top middle one is definitely my favorite too. 

Here's more work on my illustration! 

And here's a 3 week pose I finished today (technically 14 days or so). I used white and black charcoal (compressed and vine) on toned paper for this drawing. I honestly wasn't really a fan of the white charcoal- I think for my next 3 week pose I'll just use black charcoal on white paper. (also sorry that the photo quality is kinda bad!)

here's another version taken under different lighting.

SHEEZ that figure is fantastic!

Fresh Eucalyptus: SB
"The answer's in your sketchbook." Will Terrell
Ong the violet guy is getting scarier and scarier with each update, somebody stop him. Haha, but for real, nice work, the contrast looks great, just really pleasing to the eye. The head maybe could be a bit bigger, but I'm not sure about that, so be careful. The figure drawing is also very nice, I can't find anything to critique bc, you know, I suck at anatomy, but it looks all right to me. 
Oh and please post more concepts, I really enjoy them

the shading on that figure looks fantastic 
(i never really became friends to charcoal,
but love to see people doing it right it )

keep posting, i can see where its going Impressed


Great stuff on the 3 week pose!
The details are very good in the piece, the leg and her back specially.
Do you have classes at an atelier? Just curieuse ;)

The illustration is coming along nicely!

Thanks :D I think I'm pretty happy with the head size- I'll try to make some test adjustments to see how it affects the image though. I'll try to post a lot more concepts soon! I'm thinking of trying the Artstation Ancient Civilizations character concept art challenge, so I'll be posting some of that on here :)
Thank you, ya charcoal is pretty tough :) I'm constantly sharpening my compressed and vine charcoals- it helps a lot! Dull charcoal is hard to work with.
Thanks! I'm taking the full-time program at the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle currently :D

recent sketchbook pages!

here's a 3 hour pose I did yesterday after class. 

I forgot to post this earlier, but I refined my favorite thumbnails to the line art stage. I'm going to do some iterations on the design on the right next.

Some gestures from yesterday...

hallway study for new piece

and finally, here's a thumbnail study for the new 3 week pose. I'll be working in graphite on some Fabriano Artistico paper.

thx i will try that out  Thumbs_up

I like the far right character the most(but don't know the assignment thought)

and that gestures are fantastic. i really have to practice them more.

Do you know the short movie thought of you by ryan woodward? Your figures remind me so much of that <3  maybe look out for the feet a bit they are sometimes a little off. Otherwise very good *.* Gahhh i wanna go to an atelier too now haha

sweet sweet sweet SWEEt. The lines! You truly are working hard. and regarding the concepts, I really love the guy on the left, them shapes lookin awesome

Man, your are on a good level, this SB is full of awesome traditional drawings.
May I ask what do you recommend for character design?

Where are you :( I need my daily fix of your awesome drawings! <3

Sorry for being away for a while! I got pretty busy :(

I'll upload my sketchbook pages later today, but here's some stuff I've done recently. But thank you everyone! 
Yes, I do know that short film! I love the movement in it :D Haha ya, I need to be careful with the feet, I get a bit lazy sometimes. Ateliers are pretty fun! Also, so sorry for being away for so long!!
Thank you! For character designs, I usually come up with an idea and try to figure out the story and personality of the character. Then I go on to create a fairly large reference board of anything relating to the character. So, for the Desert Warlock, I found around 100 photos of cacti, desert environments and wildlife, Native American clothes, shamans, and so on. Then I'll do some studies sometimes and create several small thumbnails. After that I usually pick around 3-6 and do a more detailed version of the thumbnail. And then I keep on narrowing down the design until I come up with something I like. I usually figure out colors later, but some people start trying to find the colors from the very first step. I hope that helps!

This isn't quite done yet, since I need to finish drawing the background, but the figure is done.

Here's a 3 hour digital painting of one of my classmates from life

And this is a quick still life done with charcoal on white paper

Damn son, your lines are quality. Also nice to see some digital mixed with those atelier studies. What are you thinking of when you do those for weeks straight? Ever antsy to move onto the next subject already or is it constantly looking for improvements?

Keep it up m8.
You are back yes! Awesome as always <3


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