Danny's sketchbook
Hello, my name is Danny, I'm 20 (was 18 when I started this sb) and I'm learning to paint. If you have any questions, ask away! Also, please tell me if the images are too big. Obviously critiques are MUUUUCH appreciated.
For my first post I'm posting some things from imagination to show where I'm at right now. If you want to see older stuff, I have another sketchbook over at permanoobs
Have a wonderful day guys.

Some stuff I've been painting and drawing while doings stuff for challenges . It's kinda lame that I cant take good pictures of my pencil stuff, because that's what's really interesting for me right now, but oh well.
The Jack Skellington piece is a study.

you got some nice stuff going on here, no crtis from me atm - keep it coming!

Lurch, thanks dude, I might try to post more regularly.

It's been a while since my last post. Oh well.

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Your latest post is a great leap forward from the ones before - a greater indication of detail and texture. All of your energy though, seems to be spent on the beings and not the costume, accessories or background. Maybe try pushing your drawings a bit more towards completion - even the sporadic ones!


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RottenPocket, thank you for the reply!  I 100% agree. Next post I'm gonna try to post more polished things.

Some stuff.

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Beeep boooooooooooooooooooooooooop.

Nice work on the portraits Danny, you've got a cool painting style. I especially like the one of the girl with the blue tint on her hair. For the portrait to the right of that one you should check out some neck/shoulder anatomy and apply it to that painting, I think it'll overall make the portrait look a lot better. At the moment it's just rendered smooth so it looks slightly odd.

Your B&W environments are looking good too. I think you could push the contrast on them to make them read a bit better though. I like the way you painted the clouds on them, very painterly style. Keep it up dude

Hey there Lama bro! Thanks for the compliments and critiques! You're right about the neck problem, it's just that I kinda got tired and left it where it was even though I knew it was messed up. And about the B/W landscapes, while normally I'd agree that the value range is pretty limited, not enough, this time I wanted to practice value painting with less contrast, so that I practice my control a bit more. Adding dark shadows pops things out and it's normally essential but I wanted to try without that much range. Again, thanks for commenting!

Hello daggers, what up, how's it going?
 Anyways here's a terrible pear study. It's just so flat and it annoys me so much that I might have to go back and fix it.

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WooooooooW :-O
nymph0 haha thanks
Just 3 quick studies while watching the first season of Merlin and a teeeeeeeeerrible thing from imagination I painted for fun. 
By the way people who are reading this, are the images too big? Should I post smaller images?

Nice sketchbook Danny :). You have a rich imagination!

Your colours and values are looking pretty nice - maybe just try now and again to push a piece to a more finished state? I've found that it can be surprising what you learn from doing that now and again.

Keep up the hard work though!

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CD Sketchbook

Artloader yea I have a problem with finishing things. Gonna try though. Thanks for commenting!
Trying out a different things.

The improvement on each post is insane. Keep up the great work man; it's really paying off already :)

Side note: Nothing to worry about in terms of image sizes. They are all reasonably sized but can be a touch smaller if wanted.
Chubbycat Thanks for both the compliment and the answer to my question, man. I'll try my best to keep progressing. 

Weeelllll nothing finished yet... sorry guys, but I am working on it. Also I might post a few traditional drawings next time for a change.
 By the way I'm aware the objects in the still life look kinda distorted or warped, but it was really quick the idea being to practice reflective surfaces. Yea I know excuses, excuses.

Wow, crazy how you handled your edges, i was studying a piece of yours for a while there. You're doing a damn great job at improving, keep it up! :)
Xiemogui, thanks man that means a lot! Hope you've found something useful that you can apply or something.
Ahhhhhhh  I couldn't take good pictures of my recent pencil still lifez which I wanted to share, but I'll figure something out. Just not this post sorry.
More digital value sketching

Dude, i love the color on your stuff, specially on those warrior type guys, they give of a feeling of immense power and energy!

I like dragons, power metal and epic stuff :D

Sketchbook: http://crimsondaggers.com/forum/thread-7564.html
Deviantart: http://metashinryu.deviantart.com/

MetaShinryu Thanks bro, appreciate it! Glad they look powrful.
 Although this post might destroy my sketchbook because of the loading times, I posted a small amount of what I wanted to post traditionally so there's no other way around it. Also the reasoning behind posting the close up of the purple wizard bro is that I liked the locket more than anything else in the painting.

Made a small quick skulpt and did a study of it later. The other thing is like a rework of something I painted about two years ago. Bit less than two but whatever. It's still far from being finished and I know the pose is static but I wanted to keep it as lame as the previous one. Aside from that everything else is probably gonna go trough a lot of work.
 The old one
Anyways I'm gonna be gone for about a bit more than a week. Goin to Italy. See you later peopelzz


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