shout box not working
The shout box isnt loading. I can only see the archive. Im using Firefox with windows 7.

Happening to anyone else? Have you tried a different browser? It seems to work for me on firefox.
I haven't tried it on another browser but it does the same thing on my android phone. It was doing it off and on . I could reload the page and it would come back but it's not working even when I reload now. I'll see if it comes back again when I get off work.

Do you have the shoutbox collapsed/minimized? Try to click on the black bar with archive and see if it expands it. Or is it a different problem altogether?
ooooh that did it haha! Thanks Dennis.

When I type in shoutbox and press enter... nothing happens. Also firefox tells me this place is not secure. Should I be concerned?
that also has happened to me a few times. no idea why.


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