Seppo Sketchbook :)
Hello everyone, I am watching John Silva streams lately ( really recommend ). There were that topic about crimson daggers, so I've decided to start my sketchbook. Here are some recent works. Hope u enjoy this thread. 
[Image: dragonslayer_small_crimson.jpg]
[Image: Lady4_crimson.jpg]
[Image: Aniol_crimson.jpg]
[Image: Untitled_2_crimson.jpg]
Today value studies from life. I will edit it later and add more :)
[Image: Still_Life_Study_10_12_2015_crimson.jpg]
[Image: Still_Life_Study_10_12_2015_2_crimson.jpg]
[Image: Eye_Study_10_12_2015_crimson.jpg]
Really love the first two characters!

What kind of studies are you doing, apart from eyes? Would love to see some gestures :)
Looking forward to it, cheers!

Well I dont fell comfortable with gestures yet. Here are few out of 50 I've done today so far. In my opinion they are best looking from those 50s. Plus master study
[Image: gesturescrimson.jpg]
[Image: masterstudy_11_12_2015.jpg]
Looking pretty good in my opinion! They got power and tension, I'd suggest though to try to use less marks? I don't know if that makes sense, but maybe it helps to get those shapes right with less strokes.

Work in progress. Amumu based  fanart (League of legends character)

[Image: Amumu_fanart2.jpg]
Here is update: 
[Image: 227.jpg]
Amummu fanart done.
[Image: adult_amummu_by_rofter-d9k4ubn.png]
New work in progress. Have done some gestures lately, but well they are awfull :D Sooooo, here is new piece :P
[Image: forest.jpg]
The Amumu fanart is amazing! For the gestures I'd recommend trying to stay away from the "hairy" type of line (which you've almost done tbh). Your last background looks great, maybe try pushing the values a bit more? Great work so far though, I'm super inspired to go work on my own stuff! Cheerio~

Forest final.
[Image: forest_by_rofter-d9kw8c5.png]
[Image: 206dc476a989598cfae1820851d879277a256b44.png]
Hey seppoday! I follow John Silva as well, but recently mute him to focus as he recommended :)
Awesome stuff, are you going to finish the last sketch or it's a wip? For now it looks more like a part of a comic when next step is seeing what the dog and people are looking at. If it's an illustration I would rather show it.

I am going to finish it :) Here is one of the concepts I did for above picture
[Image: 8f82cf6204c1b3f340fa18d6c2b914a84f2cb894.png]
Kinda finished this one[Image: cd31ebe77b4c979cf09f0885cdc629a9d8047ac0.png]
New piece "Smoke wizard"
[Image: dba8c1ab43dcae6654e13c1949d17b15a78ea30a.png]

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