Chan's sketchbook
Hi there

I'm always bad at writing these things but hopefully this sketchbook will get me motivated and I think it'll be pretty neat to log my improvement over time

any critiques welcome and thanks for checking in :)

Firstly here's a couple of studies I did of figures from, I'm not too keen on some of the poses that come up in the timed sketches, some of the are pretty unusual but it's a pretty good resource nonetheless:

Here's some actual life drawing I did at my local class. This is more of what I'm used to, but I'm still seeing lots of room for improvement, I just don't know how.. Sorry about that camera quality:

I also tried life drawing with my Surface Pro 3 which I recently brought, it was really weird doing something live with Photoshop but it was a pretty cool experience, even though it turned out kinda funny  :P

Here a still life of my old Wacom pen and a red dot sight from my airsoft rifle, the line work for the two main objects were done freehand, I used the line tool for everything else

John Singer Sargent study

It was a pretty slow day today, here are some characters that I drew from imagination.

I want to eventually get really competent with drawing people from imagination, but the faces that I draw tend to come out really similar to each other.

I don't know where I was going with the outfit design either (I might have made her shoulders a bit wide, maybe), just winging it for now.

Hey man. Welcome!

It looks like you didn't start drawing right now. I think you already have some good knowledge.
I don't know much to say. Maybe grab some anaotmy books to study muscles, gestures and stuff.

Nice start :)

Hey iamorim, I really appreciate it man.

There are so many things that I've yet to try, like landscapes for example. I've just been sticking to my comfort zone which is portraits, and they're still no where near how i'd like them to be. I've only recently started doing still lives and master studies and I feel like I'm finally learning, and now i need to apply those studies to draw from imagination more.

I recently brought one of Dave Rapoza's tutorials on Gumroad and he had an extra video that really resonated with me and prompted me to change the way I approached my studying. I'm really shit at articulating things in text so here's a link to that same video that Dave kindly uploaded on youtube:

Anyways, thanks for checking my sketchbook :)

Here's some work I did recently:

Another Sargent study:

Hand studies from 'Drawing the Head and Hands' by Andrew Loomis, I really should have done a LOT more, I will next time:

Now actually applying them by trying to draw what I've learnt from memory, this was bloody hard. Again, I should have done way more:

A still life I did, trying to speed things up this time, because I feel like I'm far too slow (now that I look at it, i feel like the bounce light is a little bit too saturated):

I want to eventually be able to visually communicate my ideas well, just doing studies for now, will definitely come up with personal pieces soon :)

That's all for now,
thanks for checking in :)

I saw that study and thought instantly about anthony jones, watch the video, very helpful.

Hey Leonard, that Anthony Jones video was really good, thanks for sharing man!
 I do find myself guilty of mindless studying quite often, I'll try to set myself more focused objectives next time

I haven't been doing much drawing at this time of year, i'll hopefully get the ball rolling again

here are some WIPs that I'll probably never finish:

A lot of good resources in here! Thanks for sharing the video. Also thank you Leonard for sharing the Anthony Jones video :)

Nice sketches mate, I think you have very solid linework and grasp of lighting/rendering, just keep going! One step at a time :)

Thanks miracoly, I'll keep trying :)

Looks like its been a few months since my last update. I haven't been doing too much drawing due to health related problems  ( pretty dumb excuse right? ) but I've recently got back into it and I'm pretty keen on keeping it up, gotta keep the ball rolling.

anyways, here are some drawing's I've been working on:

some portrait studies:


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