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My head is a mess, so I'm trying AT LEAST to finish all the assignments for the Sam Nielson's Lighting for Story and Concept Art course. Starting over again using another drawing ;p here my approach was the "coloring book" one. Next one will be "values first" method.

I'm happier now

Underlighting process + some crap in air


Aaaaannnddd finally the last one. Emergent process this time. Kinda eh

The straight up sketch version of the Red Cardinal? is pretty cool all by itself. I do like the blue/red version of it as well. The last one kind of lost all color due to the sunset environment background lighting/mood. I do feel you also lost a bit of that grainy painterly brush feel you had going in some areas like with the sketch/blue/b&w versions like on the tree branches and outlines. Overall some nice work.

@Dennis Thanks a lot for your feedback! Yeah, in the last one I thought to paint it as a white bird, but I feel I failed miserably =P

This time I'd like to show you guys some thumbnail ideas I've been thinking for a portfolio piece. Not sure if it's working, though. The theme is something like "sneaky woman who wants something it was stolen/hidden/etc", maybe in a egyptian setting. I dunno, whaddya think?

Hey there! It's been awhile, huh

I've been doing some stuff here and there, like a portrait series made primarily for my instagram. Here's the last ones:

This is older e incomplete, but I'd like to share it anyway

Started this today and I'm kinda optimistic. Still not sure who I'll put in the scene though

Those constructional studies are definitely going to push your work on a further level keep it up :) The bird looks cool. Did you like the course by Sam Nielson, would you recommend it? :)

@neopatogen Thanks a lot! I'm really glad to read this, hehe! And yes, I love Nielson's approach to teach! Straight to the point, wonderful examples of his work, generally pretty easy to follow.... he really knows the subject. I recommend both of his courses, but "Lighting for Story and Concept Art" is special to me <3 need finish it

Some progress!

Still don't know who include, lol

Here we go again

Just finished this shit, hurray! Now let's do the week 2's

I really like the cut out thumbs assignment. They always look so easy to do, but are so damn difficult in the end :P good job with those!
@AngeliquevdMee totally agree! it took me ~4 days to finish it because of this =P sometimes it's really painful, hahaha

Tried to do some originals this time. Didn't like it much, hopefully I'll get better after Sulamoon's mentorship <3 january I'll fight yooouuu

"First" time I do a serious concept art for an illustration, more specifically to a promotional card game art. But since it's a fake job proposed by a facebook group, I think it's okay to share it here :P now I'm waiting for the 'mr. client' feedback to proceed in the project.

Dude, that was really REALLY tough. Here's the final:

Stuff I did to Sulicious, I mean, Sulamoon's mentorship. Yep, I love her, hehehe <3

Last thing I did. Painful as fuck tho ಠ_ಠ
Final sketch, silhouettes, color comps, and lighting/mood

Moar stuff to Sulão's mentorship!

Some WIP I have to finish this week >_>


Exploring some clothing design to my newest illustration


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